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Tech: Setup, Repairs and Mods

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  1. Another Textured finish on the way
  2. MMM1 bridge adjustment - manual anywhere?
  3. Trem Bar Washers
  4. full whammy dive - should the high E drop completely?
  5. 2.0 mm on 24 fret low E string is low action?
  6. small (probably stupid) Baritone idea.
  7. trem setup
  8. er.. necks - Take 2
  9. Wasn't someone working on a CNC program to make bodies?
  10. can you help me chose strings??
  11. necks
  12. lo pro
  13. New Radius! BUT a small setup problem...
  14. The tone of different nuts-
  15. Wade this
  16. rewiring
  17. need some help with a freting out ,buzzing note in a jem7vwh
  18. in what type of store can i get lemon oil?
  19. tone knob
  20. getting a js-series guitar chromed
  21. Absolute grounding NIGHTMARE!!!
  22. Professional Setups
  23. Ibanez tool kit
  24. Old lo-pro edge still available?
  25. Switching Earvana nut for locking nut
  26. Logos
  27. Volume and tone pot noises!
  28. Does This Seem Practical?
  29. curing time for polyurethane
  30. Trs to Edge/LoPro
  31. Floyd rose question
  32. Lo-TRS II for OriginalFloyd: Fender, Schaller or smth else?
  33. Strange noises in the neck when doing whammy dives
  34. Pickup Replacement Ibanez S
  35. Major tuning and Floyd Rose problems
  36. width of a 6 string vs that of a 7 string ibanez body
  37. How can i clean my ebony fretboard?
  38. Urgent attention for a drunk 7VWH!
  39. man am I lucky!
  40. Pickguard Project in AutoCAD
  41. Edge pro Trem arm making cracky noises!
  42. Good place to repair guitar in Seattle area
  43. 7 String Palmrest
  44. Replacement options for Standard Strat Bridge
  45. G-Major and Behringer FCB1010 -- How the hell?
  46. Vicious Humming and Irritating Humbuckers!!!!
  47. Floyd Rose
  48. Strat Setup Help!
  49. Done with my finishing/swirl project...
  50. Lo pro in cosmo powder...
  51. Edge Trem and .10-.52 strings (yes...)
  52. Intonation Tool??
  53. What to use for clear coat
  54. How to do a trans black finish
  55. rich where did you learn all this?
  56. question from first time double locking trem user
  57. Wiring a EMG without the tone-control...
  58. Here's the plan
  59. fret 24 low E out of tune
  60. Q:whats the green stuff on the back of my neck
  61. Fret leveling on a new neck
  62. Truss rods and the Ibanez manuals
  63. D string refuses to intonate
  64. Swirl Color Ideas
  65. Nitro cellulose polishing?
  66. rg2120x problem
  67. Intonation - help me out please
  68. Vicious humming humbucker!
  69. question about trem
  70. custom graphic finish
  71. Daft
  72. re-finishing
  73. Will an Edge Pro fit the Edge (not Lo-Pro) mounts...
  74. nervous about jem7vwh nut bolts
  75. Green discoloration on mirrored guard?
  76. refinish
  77. Wiring Emg 707's?
  78. Eek! RG neck problem - help!
  79. Repairing clean finish chips.
  80. Resonances
  81. S/S/S in RG?
  82. My tremolo is F**ked up!!!! help!
  83. Two Questions about my guitar
  84. feel?
  85. Nut shim...Any material?
  86. plz help got serious a problam with my tremolo :(
  87. Stud set screw problem
  88. somewhere to buy a replacement nut for an RG7620
  89. Safe Proofing the plastic on Dimarzio Clip Lok Straps.
  90. snapped trem bar
  91. Zero Point trem
  92. 7DBK setup problems.
  93. What does refretting cost???
  94. knob rubbing on guitar body...
  95. Monkey grip: Does it affect sound/resonance of the body?
  96. Gold pickguard screws (sorry if this has been touched on..)
  97. using raw cold-pressed linseed oil to finish the neck?
  98. Pickguard Question...
  99. Adding a pickguard to a rearrouted guitar
  100. Need help with custom project
  101. Help with Intonation
  102. tune up, lock down, tune up again?
  103. High E string keeps going flat
  104. Will I need a new setup if I sent my neck out somewhere?
  105. How? removing a stuck on scratchplate from an acoustic...
  106. Trem posts lean toward neck??
  107. Removing bad saddle screw?
  108. What does it mean?
  109. Need help,Eggle Carving/tone/vol controls
  110. guitar/bass tech
  111. Guitar "feel"
  112. Blue Jem is Now DPP Jem
  113. Edge adjusting and tremolo springs
  114. Question about sealing my guitar body...
  115. How about this swirl...
  116. Anyone tried out this guitar company?
  117. Trem guards on Edge, ala early JEM777 models
  118. cutting an original neck to become an all access neck
  119. Cleaning new Ibanez wrenches
  120. RG550 Neck specs / dimensions
  121. Edge Bar Washers
  122. Universe Necks
  123. Anyone ever put a *large* vinyl car decal on their guitar?
  124. Setup problems with my DBK...good price for a quality setup?
  125. oops
  126. 550 teething problems!
  127. Removing grease and dirt from fretboard with benzine?
  128. Plan on making a RG style axe, some help need please guys
  129. Lo-pro edge = Edge Pro
  130. disconnect tonecontrol
  131. Need help designing a body
  132. Electronic problem
  133. converting US preamp to take Aus power?
  134. 8-string parts???
  135. Looking for colored plastic inlay material
  136. White pearloid scratch for jem 555 wh
  137. Chrome vinyl film a viable finish?
  138. Finally done with my vine inlay
  139. How do i fix this on my JEM?
  140. My new project: assembling a true super Strat (the Ibastrat)
  141. Any good Clear Paint for my Alumina pickguard???
  142. Possible Way To Lock Floyd Rose Posts
  143. Know where to get a 17" radius neck sanding block?
  144. Jem7v floating Trem Tension
  145. Elementary restringing question (I hope)
  146. Burrs on knife edge??
  147. What glue to use for graphic and fabric top guitar projects?
  148. Where can I buy a LoPro Edge?
  149. eek, snapping strings like that was its job
  150. Mesa 50/50 problems. Just tubes?
  151. Getting a cheap strat, can i change the neck profile?!?
  152. Jem7v problem
  153. Not to be redundant...
  155. Why does tuning go sharp insted of flat?
  156. Bridge on RG 3120 pulling up....again
  157. Custom paint job?
  158. Tightening Tuners
  159. 1's, 2's and 3's on the back of Lo-Pro saddles
  160. Loose Truss Nut (REALLY need help here guys)
  161. RG 7420 bridge
  162. Found a tremelo cleaning tutorial...
  163. Identify my Bridge please
  164. Project: RG-IDOL
  165. Correct way to clean Maple fretboard...Can I get the skinny?
  166. How do you make the fretboard feel slippery?
  167. Chrome paint on Jem10 pick ups
  168. Any advice on how to route the slot for the stem of a vine?
  169. How to adjust Edge Pro II
  170. refinishing my saber
  171. Is the LoPro Edge easily swappable with the Edge?
  172. more questions (fretting about fret buzz)
  173. What kind of material cloth should wipe my guitar with?
  174. Show me how to "Swirl" a paintjob.
  175. Help to repair a "snapped" neck.
  176. [b]Gotoh/Wilkinson VS100 trem: your opinions[/b]
  177. For those among us who build guitars...
  178. 620x setup - need help
  179. about jem neck
  180. setup question (frets sound dead)
  181. RG550 Pickguard?? Different sizes ?!? WTF?
  182. Cheapo frankenstrat
  183. DBK pickguard is wasted.....can a replacement be found??
  184. Nuts?
  185. questions Id like answers to
  186. Swirling truss rod cover + pickup switch knob...
  187. Faded RW Fret Board
  188. locking nut making weird cracking noise
  189. Edge Pro and Edge..
  190. Intonation on my FP
  191. Callaham Guitars Vintage Strat Bridge Installed
  192. glue on JEM. HELP ME
  193. Reputable guitar tech Baltimore area?
  194. jem truss rod question?
  195. Wierd Lo-Pro Edge 7 problem... big problem!
  196. content of Lo-pro edge...
  197. How to eliminate hum?
  198. EVO and RG750
  199. Pics of Abalone tree of life on maple board anyone?
  200. question about neck bow, and bending strings.
  201. Ibanez RG-3120 Setup Question (new to site)
  202. Lo-Pro Maintenance
  203. mid boost clapton strat
  204. Customizing an RG-7 (ideas + pics are welcome)
  205. compound radius for fingerboard and frets?
  206. how do the ibanez piezos sound?
  207. Can I place a single coil in the neck position of an RG?
  208. Lo-TRS Mod
  209. question for swirlers
  210. Jointer problems: unequal measurement from end to end
  211. Mandolin tuning help
  212. UK / European based Luthier supplies
  213. Jem7vwh wow or lfo like syndrome!
  214. Ibanez RG inlay questions
  215. armholder-trouble (jem555)
  216. Knob problems....
  217. best way to LOWER a fret?
  218. 2-Q's: 14-string bridge and gold plating
  219. Creaking neck and Tuning instability
  220. Half-Scalloped RG 570 QSTB
  221. ooooooh fate you are a bihatch
  222. Restringd my RG. Now problems with the bridge, its fu**d
  224. Graduated fret technique for lower action. Anyone try this?
  225. Some shots of my finished 520 NM.
  226. Question about Intonation, and Rich.
  227. Edge Pro and The Key
  228. Dying string
  229. My first try at inlaying a neck What do you think???
  230. Non-Radius'd Nut and Lo-Pro...
  231. Pickguard adventures for an RG7
  232. V8 not F-Spaced? Wierd...
  233. Need Help Finding a Company online!!
  234. 2 Questions about Ibanez Neck Logo, and Clear finish.
  235. Acrylic 2k (Auto/car paint) on a guitar?
  236. Jem/Js necks: quartersawn?
  237. Worst modification you ever seen...
  238. Where to get Sticky Tape Pickguard Adhesivie stuff
  239. mahogany neck for an electric guitar? Is this ok?
  240. Finish for basswood body
  241. Dudes! I need help...
  242. flame maple top on basswood?
  243. Stripped trem bar socket
  244. Free: TRS to Lo-Pro/Edge convertion for tutorial
  245. Neck question
  246. Question about Pickup's
  247. How does Basswood look with a Tung oil finish?
  248. Ibanez Back Stop.
  249. can you fill in a Pickup cavity on an RG570?
  250. PRS blower push pull?????