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Tech: Setup, Repairs and Mods

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  1. Clear coat still soft after 6 months
  2. Bad new G-String, Go Figure.
  3. Waterslide headstock decal finishing
  4. Alternative to Lemon Oil?
  5. light up vine of life
  6. Jem DNA Replica Neck Problems
  7. Edge III trem arm too tight!!
  8. Thinking of building another strat...
  9. Edge zero II downtuning
  10. Maple fretboard after-clean finishing options: Tung oil vs Carnauba Wax
  11. Parting out - what to do with neck plate?
  12. Finger sweat's pH and sticky fretboard thoughts... (weird)
  13. 2nd attempt for Sunset Swirl
  14. How to fix streaked finish?
  15. Strip 'n Dip, or Clear it. Warning...... Ugly RG within.....
  16. RG Pickguard PUPS cavities difference. Info needed
  17. My FIRST Neck Build :D
  18. Attn: Rodzo
  19. Will TRS 101 fit to loTRS cavity without any difficult woodwork ?
  20. Where to buy spare parts for early Gotoh Magnum Lock tuners?
  21. First project, starting to build guitar bodies. *Tele content
  22. Lame or acceptable?
  23. New body for dud Jem
  24. Anyone seen or heard of.....
  25. Finishing Question - Cutting/Buffing/Polishing
  26. PICS Edge LoPro and neck setup questions S540 '93 is this right?
  27. Refinish Project - Need Ibanez Swoosh Decal
  28. Buzzing *at* nut on RG1527????
  29. World's Ugliest Swirl?
  30. My swirl project- silly problem
  31. Another lo-trs ii thread
  32. Edge Zero type bridge users, finally a block upgrade!
  33. How to get smoke smell off of guitar case
  34. Cleaning arm oil off an RGT220 HSOL
  35. can someone comment on my Jem FP issue
  36. Edge lo pro out of tune issue
  37. drop d string size question
  38. Ibanez RG350m question, bridge replacement
  39. Replacement nut for Gibson LP
  40. dimensions Universe pickguard
  41. String gauge vs tremolo question
  42. Question about 2k clear coat.
  43. RG560 restoration (aka hackjob)
  44. my lead's distressingly loose in the jack
  45. Lo - Trs I Situation
  46. My lo pro seems to stick? (youtube example)
  47. Summer Project
  48. Pickguard on Jem Dbk
  49. Edge pro with OFR studs possible?
  50. FR Special question
  51. Ergodyne help and advice please.
  52. How To Remove Super Glue From Finish?
  53. Weights and neck dimensions of various guitars
  54. Dimarzio vs Dimarzio IBZ Wiring Color Codes
  55. Looking for the guy I bought my Jem from around around 2003-04 from this site..
  56. Help! My Jems 20th fret B string won't bend!
  57. Nut spinning off end of truss rod
  58. Edge Zero II Saddle Vibration
  59. Neck Pocket issues
  60. Clear Coating questions
  61. Which generic trem arm for Edge?
  62. High pitched sound from D string on 2nd fret
  63. Getting mounting rings off?
  64. split-problem with new BKP's on my 827
  65. Pulling Trem Anchors?
  66. Opinions!
  67. Hate to Ask This: Frett Buzz Question
  68. fret buzz
  69. RG550 Wizard Neck Question
  70. Basswood repair question
  71. My RB Jem has neckitus
  72. OMG a mounting stud on my UV is wiggling... Can this be fixed?
  73. Question about low tunings
  74. RG20th RFR major fret buzz issues
  75. lock nut for ibanez s920 help please
  76. Need help with action on 1987 RG 550
  77. Best way to clean tarnish on Edge Pro Cosmo Black
  78. Ibanez RG550 crack from nut screws
  79. 7 String Floyd Rose special
  80. Ibanez Logo
  81. Thank you for the tip Mr. Nordegg ;)
  82. Question about third string on ibanez edge
  83. Will Dimarzio Vol Tone pots fit Ibanez knobs ??
  84. Goldo Backbox/Arming Adjuster Questions
  85. jem seafoam green trem arm tightening
  86. Weird metal plate at nut (nut buzz)
  87. Ep1112 switch for EGEN18?!?
  88. Hosco Fret File. Which one?
  89. Replacement Body 91 RG570
  90. JS7000(?) build
  91. Changing vol/tone/switcher/tunerhead knobs
  92. any fails on monkey grips
  93. Terrible Feedback
  94. Sanding pickup route
  95. need advice on lo-trs 1 stud repair
  96. To grain fill, or not to grain fill...
  97. Cleaning a maple fretboard on an SK777
  98. Set neck Ibanez us rg 20
  99. Will edge zero zr2 tremolo fit on ibanez jem?
  100. Installing RMC pickups on an Aira Pro II magna series
  101. This is exactly how not to swirl.
  102. Do you put your guitars back into the case after playing/take the strap off?
  103. RG350EXZ first fret noise
  104. SA260 massive fret buzz...
  105. Edge Pro bridge problem: About that ring inside the tremolo hole
  106. RG1550 neck pocket.
  107. What is the best way to cut a custom pickguard?
  108. Lo Pro Edge - Bent Fine Tuner... Fixable?
  109. Power rocker trem help please.
  110. Questions - Installing Trem Stud Inserts
  111. My Jem FP restoration
  112. FU Tone tremstoppers
  113. Low pro drop in to OF route and Studs?
  114. Rediculous Problem
  115. Ibanez Tuner Disassembly Question?
  116. new swirl. awesome bmc
  117. Edge Pro locking studs
  118. Fender VS S on string tension tuned to pitch? Why?
  119. Refinishing Question(s)
  120. Easy Fret Bender for Dunlop Pre-Cut Fretwire
  121. new swirls and a purple ice masterpiece.
  122. Best floyd rose trem for staying in tune
  123. Blaze kind of sound pickups for my Jem?
  124. Custom RG Project
  125. Wizard/Super wizard on RG321
  126. What height action on S series?
  127. what sort of neck plate and screws for an Jem FP
  128. Muted open string
  129. Bridge anchor crack...fixable?
  130. Respray ideas
  131. Plans
  132. Anyone have jem neck dimensional plans?
  133. LNG Jem Paint.....
  134. RG1570 Suddenly Fretting Out on 21st Fret of High E String
  135. YOUTUBE----Ibanez Edge BIG BLOCK- Before and AFTER
  136. Guitar tech in the UK
  137. Help with Kid's Mini Guitar Setup
  138. Trem arm Real deal or not
  139. Swirl project
  140. AANJ screws
  141. Buzz in tuner
  142. Fixed replacement for Lo Pro Edge?
  143. frankie with a few twists
  144. warped necks
  145. Edge zero 1 vs 2 vs 3
  146. Ibanez rg 550 (2002)- problem with sound
  147. Tremolo Angle Question
  148. im quitting swirling for a business
  149. Good advice for detailing Jem BSB ?
  150. Messed up locking studs
  151. tuning problem: neck shift or truss rod?
  152. Which Ibanez tremolo?
  153. more powdercoating (tunomatic)full..
  154. Will a D-Tuna work on an original Edge trem?
  155. Speaker Grille Cleaning
  156. FrankenRG - Lightweight Chambered Tune-O-Matic Version
  157. Fret Erasers.....
  158. How can I save an autograph?
  159. Locking Nut for Jem BSB
  160. Hello- please help
  161. Good setup chap in Canberra?
  162. IBANEZ RG2020, Lo Pro Edge setup.
  163. original edge saddle heights
  164. Swirler recommendations
  165. Edge Zero II INTONATION FAIL!
  166. RG7420: Can I swap Lo TRS 7 with a Lo Pro Edge 7 or Edge Pro 7?
  167. Custom S370DX build
  168. Jem7V rear cavity blues.
  169. powdercoated trem and knobs
  170. Lo Pro Edge substitute?
  171. question about adjusting the action on an Edge Zero II (with ZPS3)
  172. Broken neck repair on a '90 550PN
  173. Ibanez Luthiers
  174. Ibanez Backstop
  175. Questions: S420, DiMarzio/electronics upgrades
  176. One High Saddle on Edge Trem
  177. homemade paint booth
  178. I need help regarding new PUs on my RGA42
  179. Ibanez RG 1451 Prestige - poor action?
  180. Gotoh Bridge into a 2003 JEM555
  181. Cosmo Vs Black....
  182. Edge Pro II Trem Arm Part #?
  183. Which tremolo will fit my Jem-inspired build?
  184. Ibanez Headstock Decal
  185. Shipping guitars in cold weather.
  186. RG370B refinish and mod project
  187. String tension and how to convert stringsize? question
  188. Ibanez Official Replacement Necks?
  189. Metallic or White pearl decals for ebony neck?
  190. Trem seems too high
  191. Taking strings off jem 7vwh?
  192. JEM7VWH action high need help
  193. Pro Line PL2550 String Alignment & Pickup Ring Questions
  194. Looking for pickup rings s5470
  195. How to tune the ZR Tremolo?
  196. Locking nut alignment problem
  197. tuners hard to turn rg1570
  198. Edge III replace with Edge Zero?
  199. screws for a edge pro?
  200. spring claw angle?
  201. DY (desert sun yellow) RAL code?
  202. Pickup winder in the making
  203. Maple fretboard's finish comming of, yelp!
  204. Floyd rose
  205. edge zero 2 routing template
  206. Anyone Interested in Powdercoated (coloured!!!) Bridges?
  207. New! DNA HxH UV Swirl Project! Body, Headstock and Neck Swirled!
  208. ZR2 trem buzz/rattle/resonance/vibration issue solved?
  209. Heat Method for a Loose Trem Bar - Question
  210. ABM katana floyd rose tremolos
  211. how much of a truss rod adjustment do i need to make to my guitar?
  212. Floyd rose height - bass/treble heights - difference?
  213. Mike's Custom Gr/LNG Universe from Green Dot UV
  214. Guitar refinishing
  215. RG570 to Jem Project
  216. Detailing 1991 Ibanez Jem BFP
  217. Sebastian's DNA Jem Swirl Guitar!
  218. Ibanez 'swoosh' neck logo jpg?
  219. Any successful clearcoats over Magic Marble paints out there?
  220. RG Refinish project (with Video)
  221. question about a fret that's not seated right
  222. A quick little Saturday Case Project
  223. Nut Height
  224. String Tree Height?
  225. swirling tips
  226. Loose Edge Pro tremolo
  227. Custom brass and titanium blocks for Edge and Lo Pro Edge - any interest?
  228. Project ES .357
  229. Just laid down my first coat of paint on my LNG clone
  230. RG350ex project
  231. should I worry?
  232. Lo-TRSII to Lo-Pro; Project complete!!!
  233. Ibanez Lo-Trs I Replacements?
  234. Guitar refinish?
  235. Drilling pilot holes in the neck heel
  236. Ibanez S470SOL Setup
  237. Marshall DSL 100h set up help!!!
  238. Locking Studs for 92 RG570??
  239. FOOTSWITCH cord,what kind?
  240. Low pro trem drop into a floyd route?
  241. Why this guitar? Keep the body or replace it?
  242. Intonation on a rg570
  243. Bridge replacement for Cort M600
  244. Shameless plea for help
  245. how do you get back that natural wood feel on an Ibanez neck?
  246. Struggling to get decent action on S470
  247. Have u wired a Motherbucker b4?
  248. Ibanez Neckthrough Swirl Xiphos 7 String PAW Xenoverse
  249. My Camo Army style 540Pii
  250. Covering an RG in fabric practice run (on a Tele guniea pig)