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Tech: Setup, Repairs and Mods

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  1. Interesting info on treble bleed circuits
  2. Edge-Zero II tremolo problem
  3. Hosco compact crowning files
  4. Can I use a 5th string saddle on the 6th string?
  5. Thickest string that fits through bridge/nut (without filing)
  6. JEM777 30th neck pocket finish crack !!!!!
  7. Something broken in this ZR bridge?
  8. Install neck aanj into square heel body
  9. Jem77p bfp action
  10. Tremol-no and Ibanez standard DL tremolo bridge
  11. Any spare parts dealer that will ship internationally?
  12. Will a Schaller Lockmeister 6 be a direct replacement for a Standard DL Tremolo
  13. Lo TRS II Trem arm replacement
  14. Is the top mount design of the locking nut increases the Flutter effect intensity of
  15. Repaint over oeogno finish question
  16. ZR Tremolo W - Ibanez S470
  17. Where to find JEM pickguard ?
  18. B and G string resonance issue RG550
  19. Rewiring your HSH configuration or adding a stacked humbucker to the middle position
  20. First Jem Question
  21. Edge Pro Stability
  22. RG570 V1-S1-V2 pickup height
  23. Floyd Rose patent
  24. Ibanez Jem BFP tremolo instability?
  25. H-S-S Pickguard, RG550?
  26. Ibanez Parts Europe
  27. LE200
  28. Boss wl20 and my S970
  29. Replacing the neck on my 1990 540s
  30. Fully set up guitar a la IbanezRules in EU?
  31. Help locating 10mm deep socket for Edge Trem
  32. Spring tension issues with edge bridge?
  33. Rounded truss rod end - is it possible to fix?
  34. Saddles heigh at Edge trem
  35. Please someone help me!
  36. RG350DX neck joint gap after neck replacement
  37. Wanted: PGM90HAM owners
  38. Edge/ Lo Pro/ Floyd Rose parts cross compatibility
  39. Gotoh ge1996t and a wizard neck
  40. Has anyone Plek'd an older JEM?
  41. Painting a Monkey Grip
  42. Who's Doing the Best Swirls Today?
  43. RGR321EX fake truss rod
  44. Need a little trem cleaning help!
  45. Hum not being bucked on PGM90
  46. Possible Edge III replacements 2020
  47. Strange rattle open E-string RG350DXZ
  48. Ibanez Pia weird issues
  49. Gibraltar Standard vs Gibraltar 2
  50. Neck bushing alternative
  51. 2019 Jem Jr Review/Mod
  52. Rg570 HB pickguard
  53. Evertune bridge as a replacement for ibanez s5470?
  54. Amp tube replacement time?
  55. Should I mod my wizard III neck?
  56. 90 RG550 (Lefty!)
  57. Pictures of dismantled Wizard 3 necks/advice on serious neck modification.
  58. Routing an S body for a lo-pro edge
  59. ESP Arming Adjuster won't stay in tune
  60. Edge zero ii +zps3fe worth it? Or to simply to stick to the good ol' Edge/lo-pro/OFR
  61. Retuning locking trem
  62. Stripped set screw in stud lock
  63. Trem bar or Tremolo replacement
  64. Stripped screw hole in neck for Top Lok III, conversion to bolt-through nut??
  65. Can the IBANEZ EJK1000 Intonation Adjuster be used on a Original Floyd Rose?
  66. Road Flare Red color match in Australia
  67. RG 750 Stud broke and surprise to change it.
  68. Rg570 pickguard
  69. Gotoh replacing Edge
  70. Edge LoPro 1 string too low???
  71. Problem with Ibanez tight-tune tailpiece, probably bent due to tension
  72. RG Neck?
  73. RG body with a floyd?
  74. tune down 1/2 step on js1000
  75. Knife Edge Question
  76. DiMarzio twin blade pickup covers
  77. S5570 Lo-Pro gets KGC Brass Block
  78. How about this for a mod? Head removal!
  79. Treble Bleed (331 Capacitor)
  80. Bridge lifting GRG170DX
  81. Width of pyramid inlay?
  82. Kahler spyder replacement???
  83. Replacing a Lo-Pro Edge with a Floyd Rose using the old studs and inserts
  84. Troubleshooting UV777bk
  85. RG 505 - What should i do with this guitar?
  86. Most convenient tremolo stopper mechanism? (ON/OFF kind of)
  87. Early non-recessed Edge trem setup
  88. Seattle area guitar tech for Ibanez Edge tremelo
  89. Edge Zero 'Resting Angle'
  90. Edge zero II - What does the locking stud bolt do?
  91. RG 120 trem arm - need to order new one
  92. Truss rod tool size and locking tuner hole size
  93. help with my string height
  94. Stock RG1550 pickguard will fit a 92 RG550?
  95. Help me choose pickup colors, etc for my 92 RG550 in Candy Apple Red.
  96. Original strap button
  97. Roasted Maple Necks - Whats the skinny?
  98. MIJ RG470 OFR trem swap
  99. new setup or not
  100. Sharp fret ends
  101. Edge Lo-Pro Trem Arm Holder Snapped Right Off!
  102. Standard DL Tremolo replacement
  103. Drop in Edge-Zero II replacement?
  104. Natural mahogany body finish
  105. Different knife edge angles?
  106. JEM-505 Original Edge Tilted?
  107. Ibanez Edge Pro 3 not "jumping" enough
  108. Where to buy early Jem pickguards
  109. Ibanez Lo-Pro Edge - 1990s vs modern replacement
  110. Low B string too close to fretboard edge on my RG1027PBF?
  111. Truss Rod Jammed. (Too tight to turn)
  112. Prestige Fret Edge Treatment? Fret Sprout/ Cleanup?
  113. JEM decals?
  114. green gunk in fret cracks
  115. 1986 RG420BK ... change the pot.
  116. top curvature on AFS-77T?
  117. Bobbin Toppers and
  118. SZ320 Bridge Alignment
  119. RG 550 - which parts do i need to buy?
  120. Jem Nut Clamps
  121. Thanks to you guys
  122. Edge III to Floyd Rose Special
  123. Ibanez JEM 7V bridge is rusting
  124. Neck question?
  125. Jem Jr Floyd Mod
  126. Setup - neck relief question
  127. Locking nut doesn't lock the strings.Help needed.
  128. RG550: original pick guard ground plabe
  129. Edge Zero II - changing springs
  130. Jem Jr Replacement Plastics
  131. EX Neck on RG body?
  132. Ibanez Parts...
  133. Talman replacement tuners
  134. When did the Edge/Lo-pro Edge drop the "Licensed Under Floyd Rose Patents"?
  135. SA160 GFS Pro pups & Kwikplug upgrade
  136. Pickup shielding unnecessary for modern pickups?
  137. Ground wire to body/paint in 2000 160SA
  138. JEMJR Mods - Don't try this at home
  139. Ibanez RG - Entwistle HDN vs Darkstar/Darkstar ND
  140. Replacement neck for 1991 rg550
  141. Edge III low in the cavity?
  142. Action Strings JS
  143. Block height of Gotoh Floyd Rose as Lo TRS II replacement
  144. RG Prestige - Flaw in headstock
  145. Tuning
  146. JS24p nut height adjustment
  147. Blocking edge trem and lowering middle pickup?
  148. Help, Lo pro 1994 in 7v offset!!!
  149. 6105 Frets - Enlighten me
  150. Upgrading My Floating Bridge
  151. How to multiradius fret dress a fixed radius fretboard (satch tech style)?
  152. New 2le2-a anchor install.
  153. Question: how to clean the back of guitar neck
  154. Bridge Breaks Strings?
  155. Factory set up for Ibanez RS430 RoadstarII
  156. Ibanez RG1527 bridge setup help
  157. Js1000 bridge
  158. Locking studs on new Jem 7v’s
  159. Ibanez RG neck blank size
  160. Edge trem arm holder nut- tighten??
  161. Amount of spraymax 2k clear high gloss needed for ash guitar swirl?
  162. hate my inlays
  163. Fine tuners on Edge Pro: Tuning problem
  164. Few questions about the Edge trem Studs and Locking bolts
  165. Searching for replacement screws
  166. Lefty RG 566 prestige, Neck and action adjustment
  167. Trying to ID / find proper neck replacement for unknown Ibanez guitar
  168. Jem woody high E string slipping off fretboard
  169. JEM FPB Replacement Trem
  170. Ibanez Edge original Bridge height adjustment
  171. '87 RG550 Edge Trem Stud Locks, What am I looking at?
  172. Brand new RG550 intonation issue
  173. 1980 Ibanez artist as200
  174. Nut file recommendations
  175. Should I upgrade my Trem? (Edge Zero II) If so, why?
  176. Ibanez JEM7V Bridge Cleaning Issue
  177. PR1660 Pro Rock'r saddle
  178. Ibanez JEM7VWH Repair Assistance
  179. Tech didn't know about lock studs
  180. Template, CAD or ilustrator file
  181. Lo TRS II -> Gotoh GE1996T block height
  182. Tremolo claw screws
  183. Edge zero 2 noob mistakes.
  184. Locking nut with 7.25" radius?
  185. Help: A Beloved RG2027X With Chewed-Up Knife Edges
  186. RT450 Project guitar
  187. Swapping RG necks?
  188. Knobs On RG2228
  189. Old JEM7VWH in need of repair before I sell it - need opinions
  190. Stacked/Noise Cancelling PUP in Middle on RG550?
  191. Pro rock r bridge
  192. Help me understand some recent Ibanez trem history
  193. Removing vital silver finish from RG2570
  194. can the neck on this Gio be repaired? It has a couple of dead spots
  195. GAX70 intonation - new bridge?
  196. Floating trem standard tuning slightly off?
  197. New Genesis RG550 & Gravity Storm Wiring Issue
  198. Gotoh pots in Hong Kong
  199. 90s Jem BFP Set-up question..
  200. Tremolo high adjustment screw not working correctly.
  201. Jem 7VWH buzz, need some help!
  202. Do I need the E-jack to set intonation on a 2018 RG752AHM Prestige?
  203. Edge trem arm help !
  204. A/B/Y pedal build. Super useful and relativity easy build
  205. Green uv fret dots
  206. Pickup height mods from Iron Maiden's guitar tech
  207. been a great couple of weeks for gear
  208. Locking nut options
  209. Euphoria EP10BP Tone Control
  210. Replacing Lo-TRS 2 trem?
  211. Does the RG 550 genesis 2018 have an unfinished neck and fretboard?
  212. Do early RG550 Maple Necks have a Finish on them? Gorgomyte?
  213. Worn truss rod nut problems
  214. weather changes & intonation question
  215. 94 Jem 555 locking nut questing help
  216. Where to buy knobs/switch tips for RGs (different colors)
  217. Couple of questions about Gibraltar Standard II Bridge
  218. Trem Arm goes in way too hard in new Edge
  219. Using 2 different gauge springs for edge zero ii
  220. NGD String Theory 8
  221. Floyd Rose conversion on Ibanez RGD2127FX
  222. Swirling with Magic Marble paints
  223. Luthier Referral in South or Central Florida?
  224. Ibanez UV7 - Middle Pickup very thin and weak - Advice?
  225. P90 help...
  226. What about 10's on a Jem Neck Vs 9's?
  227. Misaligned ZR Trem saddles
  228. How to restore sanded and dirty back of neck to OEM finish?
  229. Edge pro tuning problem
  230. Ibanez Wizard II Neck Screws
  231. Indonesian necks question
  232. Jem 555 question.
  233. "Squeals"/"Feedback"/"Harmonic" sound on upper frets on High E only
  234. Popping sound when using Edge 2 Trem.
  235. SA160 locking machine heads
  236. Begginer needing some help with action and setup
  237. Recess Kahler 2300?
  238. RG350M Neck Replacement
  239. RG 750 intonation part is sticking out
  240. Locking nut options
  241. How many springs?
  242. Ibanez RG550EX rescued from bad mods
  243. RE: Off to the Guitar Doctor....
  244. Any tips for efficiently restringing Edge trem
  245. Schaller Lockmeister instead of Edge on MIJ RG470
  246. Nut for Mikro guitars?
  247. Looking for tremolo plate for 1987 JEM777
  248. Edge zero II - Knife Edges
  249. Green Tree of Life inlay material
  250. 5-Way Switch for Ibanez HH