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Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear

  1. WTB: Steve Vai "Angels Landing" Poster
  2. FS: DiMarzio PAF Joe - DP213 - creme G spaced
  3. FS : Valley Arts Custom Pro Steve Lukather
  4. FS/FT: Lo-TRS trem w/ studs, anchors, claw, arm MIJ black
  5. FS: Ibanez Airplane Flanger
  6. FS: Suhr and Dimarzio Pickups
  7. FS: 1991 RG565 Emerald Green (EUROPE Only)
  8. Feeler: Ibanez RG1077XL w/ Bare Knuckle Aftermaths
  9. FS/FT - Some Pickups for Sale/Trade
  10. WTB: F-Spaced Tone Zones in good shape
  11. FS-2007 Ibanez RGR1570 in suede black (UK)
  12. Ibanez Vinnie Moore VM-1 with case - $1650
  13. For Sale: Ibanez JS 10th Chromeboy Number 296 RARE
  14. WTB Charvel San Dimas
  15. FT: Ibanez SRG-2520 Limited Edition
  16. FT Serious Feeler: Framus Panthera Custom, 94' Jackson Kelly Pro, PRS Mike Mushok
  17. WTB road flare red rg 550
  18. FT SD Blackouts AHB2/EMG85
  19. FS Cabinet Simulator, Line Out Box
  20. <<WTB>> DiMarzio Paf Pro BLUE Jem 77 BFP
  21. 1989 Ibanez 540s Custom LTD
  22. FS: Ibanez XP300FX (UK)
  23. FS/FT(UK): Ibanez S5470 BW RVF Prestige
  24. Matt Heavy Signature Dean MKH
  25. Maroon 5 Signed guitar
  26. FS: LACS / J Custom / 1077XL / Prestige
  27. Schecter C-7 Hellraiser '07 with lots of upgrades (EU + UK)
  28. FT: Gold Hardware - Schaller Floyd, Gotoh H.A.P. + others
  29. FS: BKP VH-II Burnt Chrome cal. set, Caparison Horus Pickups, EMG 8 plastic covers
  30. Charvel SoCal w/ OHSC
  31. FS: Ibanez RG3270M Prestige
  32. Fs/Ft. Gibson Les Paul (UK)
  33. FT a couple of guitars. Agile Ghost 625 with BKP Aftermath, and a Ibanez AS93, both
  34. [WTB] Ibanez Harware for JEM7WH
  35. 1987 540p
  36. [FS] Ibanez JS1000 (JsCustom) Satriani Model
  37. PRS Tremonti GOLD BURST - Mmmmm.
  38. WTB mint ESP Mii within Uk/Europe
  39. FS: 1991 Candy Apple Red RG565
  40. [FS] Ibanez JPM100 P3 (1997) signed by John Petrucci
  41. FS or Trade: Ibanez RG7420 with gig bag
  42. Custom Finish PRS 408MT Here!
  43. Jem style oots body,brand new.
  44. FS: MIJ Charvel San Dimas Pro Mod
  45. Ibanez Jem GMC clone Australia Only
  46. 1993 Mesa Dual Rectifier 2 channel - Rev F - Serial # R0643
  47. WTB: Star shaped guitar ( Hondo / Rockinger / Charvel / Chandler etc. )
  48. FT: PRS Custom 22 - Whale Blue, Trem (UK)
  49. 1987 Ibanez PRO540R - Bright Blue Burst
  50. WTB: Suhr Guthrie Govan maple top
  51. FS: J-Custom 1880 BBS
  52. FS: Squier Strat Body (UK/EU)
  53. FS: Guitars (RG770 & PRS Miras)
  54. WTB : RGA121 Violin Flat
  55. Prestige 3120 Twillight Blue
  56. FS Randall Archetype V2 (UK)
  57. Ibanez Prestige S2170FW Burled Poplar top w/ Bare knuckle Painkiller set and OHSC
  58. WTB: Diamond Plate Pick-Guard
  59. WTB: Marshall JCM 800 900
  60. FS/FT Ibanez RG2820CT Midnight Blue
  61. WTB: Ibanez J-Custom with Dot Inlay (Non Vine)
  62. Wanted: Cream F-Spaced Pickups
  63. FS: Suhr Fletcher Landau & Suhr Doug Aldrich pickup (EU)
  64. FS: Vox Satchurator
  65. Gibson SG Special Faded limited edition Worn White
  66. WTB: Ibanez 7 string retainer bar in black (UK)
  67. FS: mint Lo-pro Edge7 and yellow blaze set, rg body
  68. FS: Ibanez MIJ '97 S540FMTT
  69. FT Ibanez PGM301 very good condition
  70. FS: 2001 Ibanez Prestige RGT3120DA Petrucci-ized Crunchlab/Liquifire and 3-way switch
  71. Suhr Inventory - In Stock & Ready To Rock!
  72. FS: Fender Stratocaster American Standard 2010 Black w/ White Pickguard
  73. FS/FT: Dimarzio Humbucker from Hell
  74. FS: Jackson RR5, Ibby RGT32FM neck through
  75. WTB Dimarzio Chrome Strap
  76. WTB Ibanez PGM800
  77. FS: Ibanez RG1421 Prestige
  78. FS/FT Mayones Regius 7 Custom Baritone (27")
  79. Lots of gear for sale: guitars, amps, cabs, effects, etc.
  80. Shawn Lane Vigier wanted!
  81. FT: Damien Elite 7 fr
  82. FS Mesa Boogie C90 Black Shadow speaker
  83. FS DiMarzio Air Norton and Air Zone
  84. FS: stock pick ups ibanez, kramer
  86. 7 string PU in white
  87. FS: Ibanez 5 String Bass
  88. WTB or WTT. Ibanez Super 88 bridge pickup
  89. FS: Ibanez Falchion XF-350
  90. WTB: Ibanez S570B Metallic Gray // S570 S570BMG
  91. FS/FT Mayones Masterbuilt Regius 8 -First Mayones 8 Ever
  92. FS: Ibanez Japan RG421 Hardtail IN THE UK
  93. FS: Laney LG35R Amp - $140 OBO (New York City pick-up only)
  94. WTB: Mint Condition Ibanez RG770DX in Laser Blue
  95. WTB: Ibanez Green Sparkle/Flake Body with AANJ
  96. FS/FT: EBMM JP7, Mystic Dream, Fully Loaded
  98. Dimarzio Breed set, polished nickel F-spaced
  99. WTB White V8 Ibanez bridge pickup
  100. FS/T: ESP LTD KH-600
  101. NEED GONE TODAY!! Epiphone Les Paul CRAZY QUILT Slash AFD Tribute.
  102. FT: Evo Neck F Spaced White /w BlackPoles.
  103. FS: EVENTIDE H3000 W/ Upgrade
  104. FS: Seymour Duncan Dimebucker
  105. WTB: Ibanez RG550 - player condition
  106. FS: (3) Ibanez Prestige 6 strings. RG1421, RG2550, RG2550
  107. FS Bare Knuckle Miracle Man calibrated set, open black
  108. FS: 2003 Ibanez Prestige SRG2520 Off White - Limited Japanese Domestic Market Release
  109. WTB: Ibanez RG1550m Poisoned Pumpkin
  110. WTD: 43mm front mount ibanez lock nut.
  111. WTB: Ibanez RG7 CST
  112. FS: Wayne Checkboard Star
  113. WTB Marshall power amp el 34 100/100
  114. Melancon Redwood Custom Artist Sell/ Trade
  115. WTB: Ibanez RG517 in Green
  116. FS: Squier Affinity J Bass
  117. Anybody have a Ibanez RT-650 for sale ?
  118. Lundgren M7 Bridge
  119. Steinberger Double Neck Bass/Guitar - 4str/6str w/gigbag
  120. Mesa Dual Rectifier Trem-O-Verb Head
  121. Custom Made RG7321 pickguard and truss rod cover - UK
  122. Super Rare American Master MA3HH Transparent Purple
  123. FS: Ibanez LACS AX7 with LoPro 7 w/hardshell case
  124. WTB: JS2400 [EU or UK]
  125. FT: Ibanez S-7420 w/ black/green Dimarzios
  126. FS: Simms custom shop LNG "Jem"
  127. FS Ibanez RGD 2120z with BKP Aftermaths
  129. FS: BLB Sound 2x12 Angled Vertical Cabs
  130. wtb jackson dk2m
  131. WTB s5470 pickup rings
  132. FS/FT *** lefty body rg 550
  133. Ibanez ZR w/ZPS tremolo FS
  134. Ibanez Lo Pro cosmo
  135. Ibanez S series, S5EX1 24 fret neck for sale
  136. Ibanez and Dimarzio pickups FS
  137. FS: Suhr 2010 Limited Edition Setneck Custom 90/125
  138. WTB: Ibanez RG 1570 body
  139. WTB Yngwie
  140. WTB: a prestige RG in either Galaxy White/Black finish
  141. Korg X50 Keyboard synth
  142. FS: Vigier Excalibur Kaos
  143. WTB: ANy RG700 series guitar/or parts. i.e. RG770/RG750/RG760
  144. FS: Black Ibanez RG550 Body
  145. FS(Feeler): Faith Acoustic: Eclipse Neptune
  146. FS: Vigier Excalibur Indus (EU - Spain)
  147. Pedals FS/FT
  148. (2) Quads of Celestion G12T-75 Speakers
  149. WTB: Ibanez RG421 / PGM301
  150. FS: 2012 CU24 Custom 24 Blue Crab Fog PT 59/09's
  151. FS Ibanez RG 2EX1
  152. WTB: 540S-TN 6/12 double neck
  153. FS/trade Dean MAB 2 Aviator
  154. WTB: Ibanez RG3120TWL and also RG1570L with Super Wizard Prestige 3-Piece Maple neck
  155. FS Dimarzio PAF7 pickups
  156. FS 2010 - Ibanez 7 String Jcustom RG8527z Mint [Sydney Australia only]
  157. Gibson Custom shop, ESP KHDC, Taylor T5 Koa, Carvin DC135
  158. FS/FT: Seymour Duncan Pickups
  159. WTB Cosmo Edge trem
  160. FS Jackson Dinky Reverse Blue
  161. FT 1978 Ibanez Iceman IC-100 with original case
  162. WTB: Ibanez Guitar (in the UK), also parts.
  163. WTB: 1986 Top Lok III nut in black 42mm
  164. FS/FT Tube-A-Thon EL34, 6V6, 12AX7, 12AU7, 5751
  165. Mayones Regius 6 Custom Shop (EU)
  166. Wanted Blaze pickups.
  167. **********WANTED- BC RICH GUNSLINGERS and San Dimas Charvels...!!!!
  168. FT Bareknuckle Warpig 6 string pickup set for other BKP set
  169. WTB Wanted Peavey 5150 mk1 or mk11 - south east UK
  170. FS: Rare nearly unplayed Prestige MIJ SRG2520 w/gig bag & upgraded pickups
  171. FS: Pickups (DiMarzio, Ibanez, RG1550 loaded pick guard)
  173. FS/FT Loaded EBMM JP6, Fender Classic 50s strat.
  174. FS Dimarzio Tone Zone! F Spaced, Brand New!
  175. FS Dimarzio Air Zone Bridge Pup! F-Spaced!
  176. WTB: RG3570z in LB
  178. FS/FT 2001 Ibanez RG570GN
  179. FS: Black Water Guitar BuckEye Burl Carved top
  180. Looking to buy an Ibanez JPM P1
  181. Ibanez RG1550 Poison Pumpkin
  182. FS: Dimarzio PAF Pro and Mo'Joe set
  183. WTB: two Dimarzio Tone Zones, F-spaced Black, F-spaced White
  185. FS/FT: Seymour Duncan SH-4
  186. FS: Ibanez RG550 in purple!
  187. WTB RG550 20th or 1987
  188. Wanted Ibanez 9 Series Pedals
  189. FS/FT:Pedals
  190. FS: Blue "Ball" Microphone... versatile studio mic
  191. FS Custom built autographed JEM DNA/Excellent cond. w/hard case
  192. FS - Peters Custom Dual Channel Aurora/Warhawk
  193. FS: Slime Green Charvel San Dimas with Gig bag
  194. WTB: Dimarzio SingleCoil ISCV3 'Breed'
  195. wtb Gibraltar standard bridge
  196. FS: Bogner Uberschall TwinJet (2012 model)
  197. FS/FT: RG1570 - Available until noon on 1/9/13
  198. WTB Edge Trem with locking studs
  199. FT: Alienware M17x R4 laptop
  200. WTB 45mm nutt!!! (540PII)
  201. 1990 Ibanez S540 - Black - Near Mint
  202. FS/FT: Ibanez Prestige RG3570z (Candy Red)
  203. Suhr Classic Antique Olympic White HERE!
  204. WTB Ibanez 1077XL (EU/UK)
  205. WTB:ESP LTD SC500 or maybe other ESP's
  206. 2012 Gibson Les Paul Classic
  207. Ibanez TSA15H Amp Head FT
  208. FS: Jackson PC-1 Red Rum
  209. [FS] Mint 2x12 Roadster Combo
  210. FT: Set of Evo's
  211. FS: RG770DXLB (reissue)
  212. WTB: DiMarzio Single Coil Cover White w/ logo
  213. FS: Petrucci JPM P2, JS 2000, RFR RG550 20th
  214. WTB: Superwizard neck
  215. FT: Rare S-Series J-Custom: 1997 s5400nt
  216. FS: RG550RXXBK
  217. WTB:Ibanez HB2 &/or SBI Voyager pickups
  218. Ibanez Blazer BL850 for sale
  219. WTB: Any Ibanez RG770DX in any colour or condition, but ESPECIALLY in Violet.
  220. FS: Dimarzio Mojoe.YJM. Dean DMT Lights Out
  221. WTB USRG body
  222. Suhr 80's Neon Drip #25 of 50 built worldwide!
  223. Ibanez s2170 Figured Bubinga
  224. FS MINT Ibanez TS9 and Behringer Vintage Delay $70 shipped for both
  225. Custom 1991 Ibanez RG560 with ZR
  226. Guitars For sale. :)
  227. FT: Carvin Headless Holdsworth
  228. FS: Guitar World, Guitar One, Guitar Player, more (Back Issues)
  229. March Suhr Build Slots Available!
  230. WTB white RG550 pickguard
  231. FS/FT: Ibanez Prestige S1520 Bubinga
  232. FS: Tab Books & DVDs (Vai, Satriani, Van Halen, Paul Gilbert, more)
  233. For Sale Green Knobs and Pink selector switch
  234. FS: Paul Gilbert ticket @ House of Blues, Los Angeles, 1/092013
  235. FS: Ibanez RG1520G BP (Roland GK)
  236. FS: MusicMan JP6 Pearl Red Burst
  237. FS: JS Body & Neck By Nate Perle
  238. WTB: Musicman JP6 Dargie Delite
  239. Peavey Wolfgang Special Amber Quilt
  240. WTB: Ibanez RG 2120 X piezo
  241. FS/FT: Zebra Dimarzio PAF 36th Anniv
  242. Peavey Wolfgang Special Amber Quilt
  243. WTB: Ibanez S540FMTT or S1540 prestige
  244. FS: Paul Gilbert inspired Ibanez RG550
  245. Pedal Sale: Rockett, BOSS, etc.
  246. WTB: Jay Yuenger ICJ100WZ Iceman - Help me get my grail
  247. SD 'lil 59 Neck Pickup Zebra
  248. Petrucci For sale or trade
  249. FS/FT Fender American Special HSS Strat with case
  250. WTB Ibanez PP1 pickups