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Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear

  1. FS/FT Schecter Loomis hardtail Vampyre Red - Moving soon. Lets trade!
  2. WTB Clear pickguard for Ibanez RG
  3. FS: Gibson Midtown Custom
  4. FT: 2 Ibanez RG550s for a J.Custom
  5. FS: Ibanez 7620 Royal Blue w/ Prestige Case
  6. Ibanez JCRG 2 Transparent blue for sale
  7. FS: Ibanez Apex 1 - 7 String
  8. WTTF:Mesa Rect-o-verb and others for Ibanez RG1077XL
  9. epiphone zw/boss me50
  10. WTB: Blue DiMarzio's
  11. WTB dimarzio hs3's
  12. FS: Cosmo Black Edge Pro 7 tremolo
  13. FS: Ibanez JS90th HAM
  14. FS/FT My Breed for your Dactivator X
  15. Paul Reed Smith Torero SE neck-through/Floyd
  16. Ibanez Mahogony S with Piezo
  17. FT: Modulus Quantum 6
  18. WTB Rear routed Jem style body AANJ (EU)
  19. SERVICE WANTED: Stripped, Tung Oil Finish on my RG7620
  20. FS: Ibanez S620EXQM
  21. FS: Ibanez S620EXQM
  22. FS: Lefty Custom Ibanez Saber 370L
  23. FS UK: Ibanez J Custom RG8570 DR
  24. WTB: Ibanez RG770DX (Ruby Red) or RG565 (Candy Red) (EU)
  25. FS: Fender FSR Ash Telecaster
  26. FS: Ibanez SZ 320
  27. 2 x Ibanez RG neck 2 x Ibanez edge Parts
  28. FS: Original '87 RAND Guitar
  29. Gibson Les Paul Studio
  30. WTB: RG550 Blue!
  31. FS: Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro- Midi Foot Controller______________________________
  32. FS Ibanez S CST J-Custom (with PIEZO)
  33. WTB or WTTF Gibson Les Paul Studio Lite
  34. Ibanez FRM100 Fireman
  35. Joe S and Steve V tab books
  36. In desperate need of rg550 neck 1991
  37. FS: Ibanez 580b, Rare 1988 "Ballback" - Collector Alert!
  38. WTB:
  39. FS: 2003 MIJ RG450LTD Galaxy Black with factory Edge Pro trem
  40. FS: two Ibanez J Custom RRG6 (FK & LY)
  41. WTB: Purple/black Super Distortion
  42. fs: rg7621
  43. Need a RG 700 series neck (preferably 750).
  44. BareKnuckle PUP 6 str Aftermath, PRS Buttons, PRS trem bar, PRS signed cover
  45. FS: Visual Sound H2O V2, Ibanez ts9dx, MXR Carbon Copy
  46. Bogner Uberschall Head Rev. Blue with Footswitch
  47. PatchMate, Whammy II, Xotic RC, Boss TR-2, POG, TC Phaser, Digi RV-7, BOSS DS-1
  48. WTT: My 1990 RG550 CMM for your RG520QS Trans Blue
  49. RELIC "fender"
  50. Ibanez RX 270 Cherry Sunburst (Mint) for sale...
  51. WTB - Odd request - Backplate for a Tube Screamer
  52. Very nice 1991 RG550 in "rare" white
  53. WTB: Edge 7 trem
  54. Ibanez JS6 For Sale, Amazing Condition!
  55. Dimarzio Fast Track 1 Pickups for sale
  56. fs: Ibanez Prestige 7 string neck
  57. WTB Maverick F-2, F-1 hardtail or Streetfighter
  58. FS: Ibanez JS's for sale JS1 JS6 Crystal Planet
  59. Ran RR style custom, and ESP.LTD M-1000 deluxe
  60. FS: Ibanez S-series 540LTD, late 90's
  61. Cheap Ibanez RG
  62. FS: ESP LTD M-207 7 string guitar with hard case
  63. RG 550/570 Project FS/FT
  64. FS / FT Ibanez RG7421XL (bkp optional)
  65. WTS: Ibanez RG1570 MRR w/case
  66. [FS]: Kramer Paul Dean (1986) - MINT
  67. WTB Ibanez Hard Cases
  68. RG 550 neck body edge and other parts
  69. FS: cosmo hardware set (Edge trem, nut, tuners)
  70. FS: pink F-speced PAF Pro set
  71. FS: cosmo LoPro Edge trem
  72. FS Ibanez RT450 -- 1992 Made in Japan model
  73. FS: Jackson Kelly (Marty Friedman owned)
  74. FS: Prestige Team J.Craft case for RG
  76. FS: 13 Guitar World Magazines
  77. FS: Boss AC Adapter for Pedals PSA 120-T______________________
  78. UK: FS: Three Special Single Cuts: PRS & Gibson
  79. FS: Ibanez JS90th HAM- $1700 shipped
  80. FS Ibanez Egen18tvf herman li signature
  81. Gibson 50's Tribute Humbucker Honey Burst/W Mods.
  82. Ibanez Pickups for sale!!!
  83. WTB RG565 (UK)
  84. FS: 1990 Ibanez RG560 REFINISHED
  85. RG Prestige w/Evo's & Edge Trem - Excellent
  86. FS: like-new pedals for sale
  87. For Sale Rg Prestige + Evo's w. Edge Trem
  88. FT: Some cool guitars that you probably want
  89. WTT Norton or Tone Zone for Air Norton or Fred...
  91. WTB Ibanez RG750
  92. WTB: Black tuning pegs RG5XX, 7XX
  93. fs Vigier Excalibur Special
  94. FS: Ibanez RG Premium 920 Red Desert
  95. FOR SALE: Ibanez S620EXQM
  96. WTB: IBZ/Dimarzio stock pickup set
  97. FOR SALE: Ibanez S620EXQM
  98. FOR SALE: Ibanez S620EXQM
  99. WTB Locking trem post inserts for Original Edge
  100. Looking to buy a Charvel so cal
  101. FS: POD XT LIVE w/ all expansion packs, Boss MT-2
  102. FS/FT White Charvel Pro Mod San Dimas w/ case
  103. WTB: Ibanez Jpm100p2, Ibanez rg770DX reissue, OR ibanez rg3120 prestige
  105. FS: F-Spaced Air Zone and Air Norton. Black/Creme Zebra DP192/DP193
  106. STICKY THIS: Things to do before buying.
  107. FT: Jackson COW 7 String (Modified)
  108. WTB Some of the better ibanez stock P/U
  109. FS: PRS Torero
  110. 94 MIJ Jackson Steath HX Professional Fresh Refin
  111. FS: Ernie Ball Music Man Axis... in rare PURPLE!!!
  112. WTB: Ibanez RG7321/7621
  113. bugera333xl new has box 450.00
  114. carvin legacy 1 head 500.00 like new
  115. F\S rg1570,s770dx 560 custom
  116. wtb rg570/1570, 560/1560/ 770/760 3120
  117. FS/FT..pickups and pedal.
  118. FS: Ibanez Voyager RBM400 Reb Beach
  119. FS: Visual Sound H2O V2, Ibanez ts9dx
  120. FS: BC Rich Bich w/ dual EMG 81
  121. FS: TC Electronics Nova System- $250 shipped
  122. FS: Randall RM100 loaded w/ Jaded Faith SL+ and Clean, upgraded XTC
  123. FS: Carvin MTS 3200 2x12 Combo Amp
  124. FS- RG570, S320 parts and Dimarzio Breed
  125. Ibanez PGM 30 Paul Gilbert FOR SALE (EU)
  126. FS/FT Body, Neck, Trems, Pedals
  127. wtb rg765
  128. FS: Rack Equipment
  129. WTS: MXR Smartgate
  130. FS: Ibanez Prestige RG2620CBK
  131. FS: MIJ Ibanez S7420FM w/ CrunchLab&Liquifire pickups, RG7620VK w/Blackouts
  133. FT: Visual Sound H2O V2
  134. FS : S5470 PRESTIGE
  135. FS/FT: Ibanez Prestige RG2620CBK
  136. WTB: Ibanez V8 pick up
  137. FT - ESP Horizon FR-II
  138. FS:Zakk Wylde,Boss and TC Nova Delay, looopers, among others...
  139. Suhr Modern 7 String - Snow White!
  140. Agile Interceptor Pro 727
  141. FS: Ultrasonic Humbucker
  142. FT: A Handful of Guitars
  143. WTT PAF Pro F-spaced for a PAF Pro standard spaced
  144. FS: 2000 Washburn USA Custom Shop CT4 w/OHSC
  145. FS: Ibanez USA Custom
  146. Ibanez Prestige FOR SALE
  147. WTB Dimarzio Paf Pro white standard spaced
  148. WTB RG7-620 (VK preferred)
  149. Carvin DC727, EBMM JP6, Agile Septor 828, Ibanez RG7421 (modded)
  150. 1985 Gibson Firebird VII
  151. FS - Washburn N7 Padauk 7 string
  152. FS: 1990 Ibanez 540R-LTD w/OHSC
  153. FS(UK)- Hamer Cali Elite, Chaparral Elite & Washburn MG104 one-off
  154. FS: Ibanez DMD2000 rack delay w/footswitch,manual
  155. WTTF UV/Ibanez Seven string.
  156. FS: Washburn USA MG94
  157. FS: Dimarzio Mo Joe, PAF Joe
  158. FS/FT Fender Mustang III 1x12" Combo, Boss Metal Zone
  159. Ibanez Xiphos XPT707 + SD Blackouts
  160. FS/FT: Pedal Purge
  161. FS: Ibanez 7 String LACS Buz McGrath White S
  162. FS/FT: Ibanez Prestige RGT320 QRBB
  163. FS: Ibanez JPM 90 & Frank Gambale
  164. FS Rg370dxl left handed black
  165. WTB Ibanez sa260fm left handed
  166. Perle Guitars 540 PII SH Body
  167. FT: Carvin MTS 3200 Combo For 2x12 Cab
  168. Boutique SALE: James Tyler, Tom Anderson, PRS,
  169. FS: Ibanez RG770dx(red), Fender American Strat, Splatter-caster, American HM Strat
  170. FS: Ibanez S540 FMTT
  171. WTB: Black Super Distortion w/ black poles
  172. WTB: DiMarzio Multibucker
  173. FS: Peterson StroboRack - Rack tuner - MINT!
  174. FT: Ibanez, Parker, EVH, Jackson, and Charvel USA
  175. WTB: MIJ RG w/ Maple Fretboard
  176. WTB Ibanez rg550 maple neck/ ibanez prestige maple neck aanj
  177. FS/FT: ESP/LTD EC1000
  178. FS: Ibanez JS6 'Mohog' for sale - great condition!
  179. FS: 2 Ibanez Artwood AW800 Acoustic/Electric Dreadnoughts - All Solid Wood!
  180. Ibanez S540 FMTT
  183. FS: luthier Jem body (with swirl and sustainer cavity)
  184. (2) Eminence RockDriver 100 12" Guitar Speaker/Legend V128
  185. FS UK: MusicMan JP6 White Pearl w/piezo
  186. UK/FS: Diamond Nitrox 1050 *Mint*
  187. Wanted: Beehive knob flat black
  188. FT: Ibanez RBM1 (neck+body)
  189. WTT/WTS: Jet City JCA100H - 100W head
  190. Cort z custom
  191. Guitar gear for sale or swap
  192. 1985 Japanese X-Series DT350 Destroyer (Star shaped), all original w/OHSC
  193. WTS: Peavey HP Special CT USA 2007 Black
  194. FS: Marshall 1960A 4x12 guitar cab
  195. FS/FT? MotorAve Fastback
  196. FT- Siggery 8 String Fan Fret Custom Guitar
  197. FS/FT Fender Road Worn 60's Strat With Extra Work
  198. FS 1988 S540 HH DY Mint! Desert Sun Yellow!
  199. FS 2010 Epi Les Paul Studio Deluxe Custom Shop
  200. FS: Jensen Jet Electric Lightning 12" MINT
  201. UK Strat bodies necks misc parts Duncans
  202. WTB: 2 Blue Dimarzio Paf Pro (F-Spaced) + 1 Blue Dimarzio Jem Single ISCV2
  203. FS: MIJ 1991 Ibanez RBM-1 Reb Beach (body+neck)
  204. Looking for Peavey 5150 Block Letter
  205. Looking for Ibanez RG 770
  206. Ibanez Prestige rg2550e (Made in Japan)
  207. FT - 2 floral Jem projects, epiphone les paul and more for Ibanez LNG
  208. FS: Radial Bones Texas Overdrive
  209. WTB: Ibanez MTM2 (UK)
  210. FS UK RG 550 parted out, and LTD M-1000 BLK
  211. Transparent Ibanez Head Stock Cover Neon Green!!!
  213. WTS/WTT: Dimarzio Air Zone F-Spaced Black/Creme Zebra
  214. FS: BOSS MT-2 (Metal Zone), BOSS TR-2 (Tremolo), and DiMarzio PAF Pro
  215. Ibanez S420 in Blackberry Sunburst w/ DiMarzio "Crunch Lab" and "Liquifire" Pickups!
  216. FS: SD 59 Neck, DiMarzio Tone Zone F, 3 DiMarzio SDS-1 Singles
  217. WTB black evo/paf pro pickups near doncaster in uk
  218. WTB: TC Electronic G Major 2
  219. FS: Black Evo Bridge F Spaced
  220. 2007 Charvel USA Custom shop San Dimas
  221. FS: 1992 Ibanez RT
  222. FS:2005 RG1570 w/OHSC
  223. WTB RG USA Custom Digital Madness
  224. FS: Rare Ibanez RG2127X SOL
  225. Whirlwind Bomb Boost New.
  226. FS: Ibanez and Satriani Guitar Straps
  227. FS/FT: Ibanez Prestige RGA121 Violin Flat
  228. WTB Jem or equivalant neck to finish my JEM project
  229. WTB Dimarzio Liquifire black
  230. ESP/LTD F-200 Fixer Upper $130 shipped
  231. WTB:RG570/JEM neck or above
  232. FS:MXR Stereo Chorus,Dimarzio Tone Zone pink
  233. FS: Ibanez JPM100-4
  234. FS/FT: Engl Powerball V1 UK/EU
  235. wtb: mesa mark 1 or ii
  236. WTB: Boutique Zebra Humbuckers (no PAF clones)
  237. 7 Gorgeous PRS Guitars HERE!
  238. FS: Green Dimarzio H-S-H set: Tone Zone + Virtual Solo + Air Norton
  239. F/S Two Ibanez PGM's
  240. Wtd Edge trem.
  241. FS Ibanez Prestige RG1570L W/Extras!! PRICE REDUCED - $500
  242. '81 Ibanez AR5000 LE (no reedition)
  243. FS: ibanez swirl rg 20051 x2
  244. FS 1990 RG 550 BK Maple board Square Heel
  245. MusicMan JP6 (UK)
  246. ERY RARE LARRIVEE RS4 RS-4 80s Guitar w/OHSC Vintage FOR SALE
  247. WTB: DiMarzio Chopper - Black
  248. WTS/WTT: Jazzmaster for Jackson Dinky/Soloist or Ibanez Detroyer
  249. FS: Ibanez JS1200CA
  250. RG Neck Wanted