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Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear

  1. FS - Pups / edge (Us only)
  2. Ibanez SAS32EX
  3. FS BOSS BR800
  4. Selling Ibanez RGA420Z PRT $1850 CAD
  5. FS or Swop Morley Vai 1 Bad Horsie Wah
  6. Looking for Peavey Vandenberg Custom
  7. WTB: Ibanez RG1527M
  8. WTB: Ibanez RGA 121
  9. FT- Original Edge trem Cosmo Black for Chrome versionPerfect
  10. WTB: Beater/Players Cond. Ibanez RG7621 or RG7421
  11. FS: Ibanez JS100 w/Dimarzio's & Edge + HSC
  12. Rg2550E
  13. FT: BC Rich Zoltan Bathory signature Assassin
  14. FT: Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 Artist
  15. VHT Pittbull Classic - 3 channel head
  16. FS: 2004 MIJ Prestige 1550 EXVVB NEW
  17. FS: Ibanez RG7620 Grey Nickel
  18. FS: Ibanez Lo-TRS 7 trem, v7 v8, dimarzio IBZ pickups
  19. FS: Ibanez Apex1
  20. WTB: RG550 RFR 20th Ann.
  21. WTB: IBZUSA F2 blue
  23. WTS- Blue F-Spaced Breed bridge + PAF Pro neck
  24. FS: Ibanez J Custom RG GEAR & Ibanez J Custom RG8570
  25. Connecticut pick up only-1979 "Artists"
  26. FS : Rare ADA MP2 Tube Preamp
  27. Suhr Reb Beach KOA!
  28. WTT- U.S. Masters "LeGrand Legend" & JSX 212 Combo
  29. WTB maple neck from a RG270.
  30. WTB: Green tone knob
  31. FS/FT Blue K7
  32. F/S: Carvin DC727 Seven String w/Feiten Tuning System!
  33. F/S - Line 6 Flextone III Plus w/FBV Board & Extension Cabinet
  34. FS: Ibanez Frank Gambale FGM100 PS
  35. Suhr Standard, Snow White
  36. Alder RG560 Body, Unfinished, AANJ
  37. Wanted RG550LTD
  38. WTB: Ibby rg550 lefty
  39. FT: Fortin Bones
  40. WTB: VHT Fryette 2150 or 2902
  41. FS IBANEZ PGM 100JB real not a re-issue
  42. FS: Lefty! 2005 RG1570L-BK Prestige
  43. Ibanez S Classic for cheap!
  44. WTB Knobs That Go to 11
  45. FS Ibanez PGM 301
  46. FS Ibanez RG 550
  47. FS - Les Paul Traditional Plus
  48. FS: JS100 body and a RG Square Heel Neck
  49. FSOT: RG7321
  50. For Trade: Duncan JB and JB Jr.
  51. FS: Drum Instruction Books and DVDs LOT
  52. FS: Gibson, Fender, Epiphone
  53. WTB - Ibanez 540R or 442R
  54. WTT RG350mdx
  55. Black Original Floyd Rose Brass Block
  56. FS - Pickups - UK - Dimarzio / Duncan / Ibanez
  57. FS: Ibanez guitars, parts, etc...
  58. WTT: Schecter Loomis Hardtail for Dean preferably
  59. WTB/T: RG7621 or RG7421 neck
  60. WTB...jackson KE-1
  61. FT tone zones and an airnorton
  62. Tom Anderson DROP TOP. Wow!!
  63. FS: Marty Friedman KE-1 Stage Guitar #3 Jackson Black (Owned by Marty Friedman)
  64. FS: Washy WG-587 Neck -- NEW never installed
  65. WTT:Chrome Edge Tremolo for Floyd Rose
  66. FS: Tree of Life Jem Neck Blue Headstock, Blue Vine. Scalloped
  67. ZR Trem String Lock Block
  68. fs fryette 2/90/2 power amp
  69. FS: Dimarzio pickups (PAF Pro, Virtual Vintage)
  70. EMG 81/81 guitar pickups set with all electronics included
  71. FS: UK Mesa Triaxis, Marshall JCM 2000 TSL100, TC G-Major, Palmer PDI-03 Sim & more..
  72. WTT gibson sg faded for rg 750 760, 770
  73. FS: Ibanez RG321 MH (UK)
  74. WTB: Blue Knobs for an RG770DX and Maybe a set in Red too!
  75. FS: RG-570 Body AANJ
  76. For sale! 2000 Warrior Soldier guitar (Midnight Black)
  77. WTT. 540 PII for USRG Angels Depart.
  78. Boss DD6,OS2,CH1
  79. FS: Ibanez Destroyer DT-200
  80. FT/WTB: Ibanez RX maple neck (or guitar) & FT Several Parts
  81. FT/WTB: Ibanez Catalogs, Guitar Tab Songbooks (Hal Leonard, Cherry Lane.. or Japan)
  82. FT/WTB: 2 Seymour Duncans Cool Rails in black & FT Several Parts
  83. FT/WTB: Schaller FR in black & FT Several Parts
  84. FS/FT: Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 10 top w/birds
  85. WTB: RG550 or JEM/JEM replica body - square heel
  86. FS:JS90th LIKE NEW.
  87. FS: RG2550E body only, Galaxy Black
  88. FS/FT: RG2550E Galaxy Black MINT (feeler)
  89. FS: Boss MT-2 Modified
  90. FS: BKP Rebel Yell 7 String Calibrated Pair
  91. FS: Ibanez RG770DX Reissue Lazer Blue
  92. WTT Prestige Wizard Neck Ghost Shark Inlays for other Prestige Wizard Neck
  93. *WTS* 1999 Ibanez JPM P4
  94. Looking for jackson KV-1..or pro v mustaine
  95. WTB: Green/Yellow Dimarzio 7 string pickups
  96. FS: UK rack units need gone
  97. Jemini pedal wanted
  98. WTB RG550
  99. WTT Cosmo Edge for Chrome
  100. WTB: Suhr Reb Beach model Koa (mainli in EU)
  101. WTB Ibanez RGT42DXFX
  103. Help! I need an Edge Pro Trem Arm
  104. FS: JP BFR(s)
  105. FS/FT: Seymour Duncans
  106. WTB: Ibanez Maxxas
  107. Tremol-No for cheap!
  108. FS: Boss Metal Zone MT2
  109. FS: 1995 MIJ RGR470 DW
  110. WTT set of red F series for blue from 770DX
  111. Trade my Ibanez Jems for Carvins
  112. [FS] Ibanez JPM100 P2 John Petrucci (1996)
  113. WTB: Ibanez MMM!
  114. WTB: RT650
  115. FS: Near mint 1990 RG550 in laser blue
  117. FS: Unused Edge bridge set, RG321, random parts
  118. RG 550 neck square heel
  119. WTB: RG550 pickguard UK
  120. FS: Clear pickguard, fits RG550 and a bunch of others
  121. WTS:Jackson JS30DK MIJ Metallic Red
  122. looking for late 70's Ibanez Musician
  123. Looking for Ibanez Universe/Jem Guitars
  124. Ibanez K7 for sale
  125. For Sale: Jackson USA SL2H
  126. Fender Deluxe Player Strat
  127. FS Cosmo Edge Lo Pro
  128. FS: RG550 DY 20th Ann..
  129. WTB: Need Ibanez edge pro Cosmo Black
  130. FT:Ibanez rg7620vk with crunchlab/liquifire pickups
  131. FS New Bk Lopro Used black tuners, and Gotoh 1099-T Vibrato
  132. WTB : Mahogany RG AANG Body
  133. Searching for Ibanez rg lefty
  134. Ibanez RT series (Andy Timmons)
  135. FS: 20th Anniversary RG550 Road Flare Red
  136. WTT: Jackson Rhoads EX Professional
  137. FS: Ibanez RG hardtail project - this is a steal!
  138. Hughes And Kettner Trilogy
  139. WTB PGM 301 neck
  140. FS/FT: Starfield Altair Classic American PWH
  141. Mesa Boogie 2:90 Power Amp with brand new tubes
  142. FS: 540R SSH Body and Ultra Neck w chrome tuners (project)
  143. Ibanez pro540p power 1987 fuji w/ohsc and backstop
  144. FT: Gibson Les Paul 50's Tribute studio
  145. FS/FT washburn wv540 custom
  146. Suhr Modern - Curly Koa/Pau Ferro - OMG!!
  147. FS: Ibanez JS1000, signed and played by Joe Satriani
  148. WTB: PGM100 neck r other square heel neck
  149. WTB: Seymour Duncan JB SH-4
  150. FS: Dimarzio Tone Zone/Air Norton
  151. FS: Carvin Legacy Head
  152. Dimarzio crunch lab(F-spaced only) needed
  153. Barely Used Ibanez Egen8 for sale!
  154. FT:'90 RG570 for RG1421
  155. FS: Focusrite Saffire 6 USB card
  156. FS: Ibanez Lo Pro edge, black
  157. FS: A load of Dimarzio and EMG pickups!
  158. Ibanez JS100
  159. WTB: Samick TV Twenty / Radio Ten (Blues Saraceno Signature)
  160. fs: axe fx ultra 1600
  161. FT: Parker fly mojo flame
  162. FS: MusicMan Axis- like new
  163. FS/T: Ibanez S1 and V8 pickups
  164. FS Jackson Randy Rhoads RR1 USA Black - Like New
  165. FS: Near Mint 1998 Ibanez JPM100 P4 John Petrucci Model!
  166. WTB: Electro Harmonix Micro Pog
  167. Esp ltd mh 307 7 string for sale
  168. axe-fx ultra for sale
  169. WTB: Dimarzio Cruiser (bridge) and AT-1 pickups
  170. Ibanez RG 7620 or 7420 *WANTED*
  171. [FS:] Ibanez JPM100 P3 John Petrucci (1998)
  172. Guitar Body, bridge and Misc. stuff :)
  173. FT: My RG for Washburn
  174. WTT: Strat type knobs
  175. FS: 06 Hamer Artist Custom (Brazilian w/trem)
  176. FT: Suhr Pro Series Modern M2
  177. Ernie Ball John Petrucci 6 string with piezo bridge
  178. IBANEZ PGM300
  179. WTT: Ibanez RG5EX1 for RG350DX *Abilene TX*
  180. FS: Ibanez RG7CT
  181. FS: random parts
  182. FS: Ibanez SCA220 (MIJ S-classic prestige)
  183. FS: Ibanez RG470 (MIJ, Titanium Ice color)
  184. FS: 2 Ibanez RG7620's
  185. FS: DiMarzio EVO Neck and Bridge Set
  186. FS Ibanez S7320 (UK) Hardcase Blaze Bridge
  187. WTB / WTT CAPARISON Dellinger Michael Romeo
  188. Ernie Ball 6167 25K Stereo Volume Pedal
  189. WTB: 90' Ibanez RG550DY
  190. FS (possibly forever) JCustom 8470FFE
  191. FS- J Custom RG PAINT 2 for parts or repair $600
  192. FS: Fender Cyclone graffiti yellow and Ibanrez RG1420F black burst flame top
  193. WTB: Black/Cream Zebra Dimarzio F spaced
  194. FS/FT: Fender 50th Anniversary American Stratocaster Limited (EU)
  195. Anyone Interested In a Tokai LS50Q/LS48? *READ DESC*
  196. WTB: Marshall JMP-1 or Mesa Boogie Rectifier Recording Preamp
  197. FT:s 1990 Ibanez S540's for high end Ibanez 7 or 8 string!!
  198. Ibanez RG2610EBK w/ OHSC
  199. Feeler: Ibanez AXS32
  200. WTB PGM301
  201. FS: Ibanez RGA7 with Blackouts, SZ520QM, RG350MDX neck, Schecter C-7 Blackjack
  202. Pink Dimarzio
  203. WTT: My Blue Breed/PAF Pro for Blue Crunch Lab/Liquifier
  204. FS: 1987 RG550 square heel neck
  205. WTT: Mesa boogie Triaxis with 2:90 Power Amp for your Ibanez
  206. 1989 Gibson V-90 Ft/fs
  207. CHEAP: Gig Bag by Kaces
  208. CHEAP parts!! Colored Pickup covers
  209. FS: Ibanez EDR-170 W/ Hiscox Case (Collection only from London)
  210. FS/FT Prestige RGT320Z
  211. FS/T: EMG and Seymour Duncan pickups
  212. WTB: Need bridge saddle for a ibanez edge III trem
  215. FSale - Ibanez RG550 EXSD - Yorkshire
  216. WTB: Lo TRS trem bar
  217. Feeler...Rare Paisley S540LTD
  218. FS: Ibanez Prestige RG3250MZ
  219. FS/T: Mighty mite guitar body
  220. FS: 1970s Vintage Sunn 612S Speaker Stack
  221. possibly ft- '05 2550e
  222. WTB - Solid shred guitar
  223. Ibanez Prestige Rg2550z with added Emgs and battery cavity
  224. Ibanez AR250
  225. WTS: Bunch of bodies and necks, Complete Washburn N2
  226. FS: Ibanez AG100
  227. WTB: RGT3120-any color, or RGT3170 any color
  228. FS/FT Ibanez PGM700, RARE
  229. `FS: Power Amp 400watts AB rack Stereo (qsc mosfet carvin)
  230. FS/FT: Ibanez PGM400, Japan only, rare
  231. FS/FT Ibanez GHOSTRIDER, rare, EU
  232. FS/FT Ibanez PGM90ham, Europe
  233. WTT: My Dimarzio MegaDrive for your...
  234. FS/FT Ibanez RX650, supershape, in Europe
  236. WTB Fred F spaced
  237. FS: Ibanez Frank Gambale FGM 100 (UK)
  238. Peavey 6505 sale or trade for Orange/Marshall?
  239. FS: Ibanez Blazer x 3 *With Pics* UK Only
  240. WTB: RG with edge/lopro/edge-pro
  241. FS: Ibanez J Custom RG8570 Early Batch
  242. J custom wanted!
  243. FS/FT: LTD H-307 with EMG 707
  244. FS: 1991 Ibanez 450S w/ Dimarzios
  245. Stuff to go--Cleaning out the Batcave!
  246. FS Ibanez S540 in transparent purple
  247. FS: Ibanez PGM10th
  248. FT: Dimarzio Air Zone Zebra Black Cream F Spaced
  249. WTB Axe Fx
  250. FS: Blue Book of Guitars 7th Edition