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Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear

  1. WTB: cheap Ibanez single coil pickups
  2. FS UK: OTAX VLX91 switch (16 posted)
  3. Assorted Ibanez parts
  4. FS: Ibanez Rg550 DY 91' in Montreal QC
  5. Ibanez RG 750 parts
  6. FS/FT : Ibanez RG 550 DX SERPENT 1992
  7. WTB: PGM 90th HAM
  8. BC Rich handmade Mockingbird
  9. FS Ibanez RG565, 570, 20061 BBQ, PRS Tribal Tremonti and Caparison Bass
  10. wtb: dimarzio stacked single coil
  11. WTB 2x12 cabinet UK
  12. FS: RG7620 (Camo)
  13. WTB spare black screws (for pickguard/ cavity covers)
  14. WTB:Japanese made S Series Guitar
  15. FS: Ibanez RG1570 in Mirage Blue
  16. WTB: Blue single coil pickup covers
  17. FS: Seymour Duncan Custom
  18. Suhr Badger Head & Combo HERE!
  19. FS: PRS Dragon II pickups - $100
  20. GFS big block strat trem, gibson 496r pickup, tremel-no,6 inline lockers (UK)
  21. For trade: 1986/1987 Kramer Focus 3000
  22. WTB: Red Mirror Scratchplate/Pickguard and White Knobs for Ibanez RG.
  23. FS/FT UK BC Rich STIII Japan purple quilt
  24. Anybody have a fender Paisely Sambora strat body for sale? Sambora neck for sale?
  25. FS: 1989 Westone Villain
  26. WTB: Ibanez J-Custom RG8620S
  27. Wtb: Gibson Sg 61 reissue or similar (uk)
  28. FS/FT: Player condition Ibanez RG548 with Dimarzios (UK)
  29. WTB: Taylor 614CE
  30. FS: Modded Ibanez RGA32 wih Bare Knuckle Coldsweats [UK]
  31. Stuff has to go...
  32. FS: Mesa/Booge F30 Tube Combo Amp $650 obo
  33. WANTED: Keeley or ultra mod DS-1
  34. FS: USA Telecaster tuners
  35. FS: Used EMG-81
  36. FS: Ibanez RG550 DY 20th Reissue
  37. FS: Guitar World Back Issues, more
  38. FS/FT My Duncan Jazz 7 for your Dimarzio 7
  39. FS: Ibanez Ghostrider GR-520
  40. FS: pink DiMarzio PAF Pro pickups and two sets of cosmo tuners
  41. FS: Ibanez SC-420 MIJ S-Classic in excellent condition with case
  42. fs rg550ltd players condition
  43. More Jackson USA!
  44. FS: Morley Steve Vai Bad Horsie Wah Pedal
  45. FS Musicman Silhouette
  46. WTB: Dimarzio Breed F-spaced
  47. FS: 1991 RG770DX Lazer Blue
  48. WTB: dimarzio 7 string pickups
  49. RG770DXRR
  50. FS: Gallien-Krueger 2100sel 100w head
  51. Ibanez PGM 10th For Sale
  52. wtb 2 cosmo strap pins for 540p
  53. Ibanez JS1600. Perfect condition, original case, etc. $900 shipped
  54. FT: Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 Artist - Brazilian Rosewood
  55. FS: Digitech GSP1101
  56. FT: Ibanez RG550| Looking for: Ibanez RGA121NTF UK ONLY PLEASE
  57. FS: RG20061 (RGT220A CAH BBQ) player condition, crunchlab and liquifire
  58. Boss XT-2 super rare distortion pedal boxed in great condtion
  59. FS 2000 Amer Fender Strat Delux Trans Teal
  60. WTB: JS100
  61. FS 2008 Taylor Solidbody Classic Guitar
  62. F/S Fortin Meathead "Mint" #6 in the world
  63. Suhr Standard with One Piece Top!
  64. FS: RG350DX
  65. WTB: DNA Swirled Body
  66. Mesa Boogie DC-5 Combo VooDoo amps modified
  67. WTB Mesa Mark V Head
  68. RG4EX1 for your RG7621/7421
  69. FS/FT Ibanez 1527RB 09
  70. WTB: PGM301/300/100
  71. FS: 2009 Ibanez RGA42FM Transparent Gray Burst
  72. FS: Ibanez Custom RG - 550 / 3120 Black
  73. WTB Ibanez Neck w/ AANJ, Reverse Headstock, Maple Fretboard
  74. ESP EC-1000FM
  75. FS: Original Ibanez Backstop
  76. WTB Seymour duncan SH4 JB Chrome cover
  77. FS: Dimarzio Breed set excellent condition
  78. WTB: RG1451
  79. FT Ibanwz K-7 (KoRn Signature)
  80. WTB Jackson Usa
  81. WTB: Ibanez Prestige (MIJ) < 400
  82. FS: Ibanez Edge III bridge plus INF1 & INF2 pickups
  83. FS Akai MPC1000 $300
  84. WTB: S470MD (finders fee too!)
  85. FS: RG570FM body (square heel)
  86. Mesa Boogie mark 4 medium head
  87. FS: PGM100re
  88. WTB Ibanez JPM (P1,P2,P3 or P4)
  89. WTB: Gibson Les Paul or ESP Eclipse (UK)
  90. WANTED: (UK) RG 550 pickguard and truss rod cover -
  91. FS/FT: Digitech 2120
  92. FS/FT: 2003 Ibanez RG3120 Twilight Blue
  93. WTB Original Edge trem inserts and posts (1 set)
  94. WTB Mesa V-Twin
  95. Morley Bad Horsie 2 wah UK only
  97. looking for Esp Mirage deluxe
  98. FS: EBMM BFR JP7 Bahama Burst Quilt
  99. Looking for Jem777LNG (oh so badly)
  100. FT Ibanez RG3120TW
  101. Original Edge Trem Black
  102. wtd green and black humbucker.
  103. Jackson USA's IN STOCK!
  104. FS: Ibanez RG1550M Phantom Blue
  105. FS - Dimarzio Tone Zone + Air Norton Black
  106. FS: Ibanez Pickguards for RG or Jem
  109. FS: Eddie Van Halen EVH Frankenstein Guitar Replica
  110. FT: Ibanez J-Custom RG8420d Purple Amethyst
  111. WTT: My EMG 81 set for your SD Blackouts
  112. FS: Pedals!!
  113. FS- Swirled Strat (custom)
  114. FS dimarzio crunchlab black f spaced
  115. Looking for RGA321 Onyx Black
  116. FS/Trade:Upgraded Epiphone ZW Bullseye
  117. FT- JS6
  118. F/T Mesa/Boogie Mark V Combo
  119. FS/FT: Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 10 Top
  120. New Jackson USA Arrivals
  121. WTB: Ibanez RG550xxBK 20th Anniv.
  122. Schaller Floyd Rose 1 Black and 1 Chrome
  123. F/S (UK) Ibanez RGR420EX - Silver Arctic Frost Finish
  124. FS: NEW TC Electronic G-System
  125. FS: Mesa Boogie Rectifier 4x12 Slant Guitar Cab with ORIGINAL UK Vintage 30s
  126. Mesa Mark II C + head w/eq modded by Mike Bendinelli to Petrucci's specs
  127. FT: Ibanez RG2610e
  128. FS/FT 2010 Ibanez RGD320 MGS - Brand New
  129. Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier. possible trade. (UK only)
  130. 2006 Nik Huber Dolphin II
  131. WTB: square heel maple neck
  132. FREE + shipping : Dunlop Wah-Wah
  133. FS: USRG-10 (UK but will ship Worldwide)
  134. WTB Lo pro
  135. WTB a 540PII Body square heel joint
  136. Fernandes 7string
  137. FS: Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates Trembucker
  138. (maybe) [WTB] Music Man Luke
  139. FS: Fuchs Overdrive Supreme guitar amp + Avatar 212 cabinet
  140. FS: 1987 540Power
  141. [WTB] Valley Arts Custom Pro (Steve Lukather Modell)
  142. It's on! Jack Secret's SuperMegaGojiraGuitarSale!
  143. WTB: PRS Singlecut
  144. IMMACCULATE 1992 Ibanez S540LTD, Lipstick Red, stock
  145. FS: LTD EC1000fm and JAckson DK2T
  146. WTB Pickguards for Jems
  147. WTT: My 5150 amp for your stuff
  148. F/S - black Dimarzio Super Distortion - $45 shipped
  149. FS: Cornford oxblood 4x12 cabinet (USA)
  150. FS Ibanez 540P white (UK)
  151. Suhr Guitar Porn!
  152. Ibanez RG550 Project Guitar(no neck)
  153. FS: **NEW** 2008 JP6 (Loaded) Petrucci matching headstock w/piezo
  154. Ft: musicman petrucci jp6 with piezo for les Paul or ESP eclipse (uk)
  155. wtb: dimarzio paf pro or tone zone with black poles
  156. WTB: Ibanez/Gotoh tuners
  157. FS - Satchurator (UK)
  158. FS: Ibanez S470DXQM Red Viking
  159. FS/FT: POD X3; MXR CC; Ibanez pickups; DiMarzio EVO set
  160. FS: 1990 Ibanez SB900 Saber Bass
  161. WTB: Ibanez RG 550 or 1550
  162. FS/FT: Caparison Horus HGS Midnight Blue (EU)
  163. WTB: charvel so-cal. full guitar or parts
  164. WTB DiMarzio
  165. FS:UK Vox Satchurator & Time Machine pedals BRAND NEW
  167. FS/FT 92' RG-760
  168. need a good bridge humbucker
  169. WTT: Washburn N2 (RI)
  170. WTB: ESP Kami
  171. WTB: 7 string BKPs/Dimarzios
  172. FS: 1988 Barrington BRG-884T/C and Bunker Treker / Ibanez USRG30
  173. Marshall JVM410H head and Footswitch
  174. FS: Ibanez S1625TKS s 1625 tks
  175. FS: JCustom 8470FFE / PGM90th
  176. WTB : Paf Fred Paf Pro combo
  177. FT: Ibanez J-Custom HRG1999
  178. FS: Dimarzio pink/green/black pickup covers
  179. FS: Ibanez j-custom S540JAPAN & JCRG-5VV
  180. FS: Dimarzio single coil rail pickups
  181. Seagull Artist Studio CW Acoustic w/QII Electronics
  182. For sale or trade: Peavey 5150 2X12 combo
  183. FS: DiMarzio Evolution set
  184. FS: USA Hamer Californian Standard, boutique custom neck, Floyd, pups
  185. FS: Ibanez RG320 FM Gorgeous Flamed Maple, Edge III and INF3/4 pups
  186. WTB: Ibanez RG565 or Jackson SLSMG
  187. WTB RG550rfr, RG560, RG565, RG750
  188. WTB: Ibanez/ Gotoh tuners
  189. AVT50 combo, Morley wah, Rocktron Exciter/Imager/hush
  190. FS/FT: Randall T2 head
  191. Feeler: FS '92 RG470
  192. FS Ibanez jem BFP project
  193. WTT: SD, DImarzio and EM pickups for pickups of bridge
  194. FS: ProCo Turbo RAT Distortion Made in USA
  195. Some rackmounted effects, couple pedals and a mic
  196. FS: Loaded square heel RG470 body with ORIGINAL EDGE
  197. FS: RG550 Project (scalloped fretboard)
  198. FT/FS: Chrome Lo-Pro7 for Cosmo LP-7
  199. FS: Ibanez PGM90th
  200. FS IBanez UV7 clone (rg7620)
  201. FS USA Jackson Marty Friedman KE1
  202. FS: Ibanez Original RG770 (1992)
  203. FS: Taylor 114CE (With Pictures)
  204. WTB:Dimarzio single coil in Blue....Top Dollar!!!
  205. FS: Ibanez JS-1000 BTB
  207. QSC RMX 2450 power amp
  208. For Sale: Kv1 Mustaine sig. series USA mint
  209. Anybody selling a jem777LNG
  210. WTB: Ibanez JS1000/JS1200/JS1/JS900 Body
  211. Taylor 114CE Acoustic Electric
  212. Searching for one or two "star" tuners.
  213. FS: ISP Decimator ProRackG
  214. Roland Electronic drums for RG565/RGR465M/Jackson SLSMG
  215. Yngwie Memorabilia
  216. FT - Fernandez 7string with Sustainer!
  217. FS/FT: Fender 1995 USA Strat w/ Dimarzio, Graph Tech etc + OHSC (KY)
  218. FS: EBMM Petrucci 7-string w/ LiquiFire + CrunchLab pickups
  219. FS: Seymour Duncan Full Shred(Black Face)
  220. FS: Edge and Lo-Pro Edge trems
  222. FS--Ibanez PGM301 2008 prestine condtion
  223. WTT Dimarzio Steve's Special for Tone Zone
  224. FS: 2 Tix for Satriani at Orpheum Theatre, Los Angeles 1/16 TONIGHT!
  225. WTS: Green Tone Zone and HFH F-spaced and blk poles
  226. WTTF: Peavey USA Wolfgang
  227. WTB Carvin DC400
  228. WTB: Ibanez Guitars In The UK
  229. Suhr Guitars? TALK TO ME!! :)
  230. FS: RG2020XDR prestige piezo in trans red
  231. FS: Pedals, Pickups, Keyboard, Ibanez hard case
  232. FS/FT: EBMM JP6 BFR(Full Rosewood Neck)
  233. WTB: Any kind of humbuckers
  234. FS: Ibanez Airplane Flanger Paul Gilbert Model (AF-2) SIGNED BY PAUL GILBERT!!
  235. FS: Ibanez Jemini
  236. FS: Ibanez RG7620 7 string $400 shipped
  237. FS/FT: Ibanez RG20063 (NAMM Puzzle Top)
  238. 2 New Suhr Guitars IN STOCK! Guthrie Govan and Standard!
  239. FS: Dimarzio Virtual Vintage Heavy Blues 2 DP409
  240. FS: Dimarzio Jem single coil
  241. FS: Ibanez Knobs & Tip: Jem/Universe Green White Base & Prestige Cosmo Knobs
  242. Ibanez USA Custom FS/FT
  243. FS: Dimarzio D Activator(Pink w/Black Poles)
  244. WTB: Pink DImarzio Paf Pros ( Neck & Bridge)
  245. fs:Dimarzio DP100 Chrome top
  246. FS: MusicMan John Petrucci Mystic Dream (Like New)
  247. FS: Ibanez JSM100 John Scofield Signature
  248. FT Marshall JVM410 Head "Dead Mint " FT
  249. FT: EBMM BFR JP7
  250. FS: DiMarzio Pickups - 2 Evo 7 & 1 Evo 2