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Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear

  1. wtb tuning pegs and locking nuts
  2. For Sale: Ibanez XPT750/ICT700, Fender Strat, Epiphone SG
  3. FS/FT Charvel Model 7
  4. FS/FT Dimarzio Tone Zone, Air Norton, & Humbucker from Hell 6 string pickups
  5. WTB: Ibanez RT650
  6. Caparison Horus Fs/Ft
  7. WTB JS 700 ( made in Japan preferred )
  9. FS:Pups, Trem (F2, F4, New 7's, Lo TRS II)
  10. FS: Carvin 7 String with Lollars and LOTS of Birdseye - $600 Shipped & PayPal'd
  11. WTB : Ibanez 540R or 540sltd
  12. Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro and Satin Studio
  13. 1987 540p FS/FT
  14. Ibanez PRO540P, 540p, and NEW vbt700 black for sale, RARE!!!
  15. WTB Ibanez 3120
  16. FS: Ibanez RG550 RFR 20th
  17. FS: Ibanez S7420 (24 Frets) New 2010 Model
  18. FS: Trinity Triwatt Lead amp in Swanson Hiwatt Cab
  19. Ibanez RG3120 partially refinished project guitar
  20. Wanted: RG3550MZ in White or Orange
  21. F/S: Carvin DC727 Seven String w/Feiten Tuning System!
  22. FS: Edge pro complete Cosmo Mint
  23. FS: USRG30 in Trans Purple, Very Clean USA Custom
  24. WTB RG550 DX Electric Blue Body
  25. FS: Suhr Modern - MINT (alder, maple board, Gotoh floyd)
  26. WTB UK Fender Tele
  27. FS: Dimarzio Pickups PAF PRO...Pink
  28. WTB or Trade for Ibanez USRG10 USA Custome
  29. WTB cloud ornament, flying fingers covers...
  30. FS: Crunch Lab 7/LiquiFire 7 set w/ black pole pieces
  31. FS:Lo-TRS II mint-minus, Original Edges
  32. WTB: DiMarzio silver Hex Pole Pieces x7
  33. 1984 Ibanez 850RB roadster bass 4 sale
  34. Some unique ones! Look! something for everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  35. FS/FT: Pedals, Pedals, and more Pedals!!!!
  36. DIRTY BOY "Blues Saraceno" VARIAC Amp with 6 transformers. Serial number 008!
  37. WTB: Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2, BBE Supa Charger or MXR CAE Power System
  38. WTB: J Custom Case
  39. FS: Brand new JS1000 case
  40. WTB: Midi cables and ADA MC-1
  41. FS Red Marshall lead 12 stack, Mod. Rat pedal, Keeley OD pedal
  42. Vintage A/DA Flanger pedal
  43. FS- Ibanez Hotgrinder Pickups
  44. 1991 RG570 - excellent condition
  45. FS: Peavey XXL 412 cab
  46. Wanted: Morley Bad Horsie 1
  47. FS/Possible trade Jackson RR 5 Neck Through Guitar
  48. FS RG 3120 desert red
  49. FS: Ibanez Airplane Flanger AF-2 Paul Gilbert
  50. WTB: Original RG770DX
  51. WTB RG770DX clear pickguard
  52. WTB correct case for s540 AANJ
  53. Tree of Life Black Leather Strap
  54. FS/Trade Ibanez Backstop
  55. FS: Green vol/tone knobs, switch knob
  56. FS: DiMarzio PAF Pro (x2), FS1
  57. WTT/WTB RG550/570 Neck
  58. WTB: RG770DX Pickups
  59. FS: ART SGX Nitro Guitar Effects Processor
  60. FS: Line6 POD XT Live
  61. FS 1989 USA Custom series. nice.
  62. FS RG540PII 24fret skolnick neck. straight low action
  63. FT: Upgraded PRS CE-22 w/ Black Flametop
  64. FS RG765/RG565 prototype in RED with reverse hdstck
  65. FS/FT Mesa Boogie TriAxis Preamp V2.0 w/ Phat Mod
  66. Mesa Boogie Mark IV Guitar Head
  67. FS..Ibanez JPM3 john petrucci black and white
  68. UK FS/FT Jackson DXMG
  69. T.C. Electronic SCF Stereo Chorus Pedal - Excellent Shape ! !
  70. Wtd Edge trem and pups.
  71. Marshall JCM2000 TSL 2x12 Combo
  72. WTB: Edge Trem Post- Sell to a Bro in Canada?
  73. FS: LANEY GH50L
  74. FS: pickups from Ibanez JS Blackdog!
  75. FS: GigRig Humdinger - unused!
  76. FS: EHX Micro POG + power supply
  77. FT: RGT320z in Red Spinel for your J-Custom
  78. FS: Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro - MINT!
  79. FS: Gator GR-4S unit shallow rack - as new!
  80. FS: Tone Freak Severe Distortion - UNUSED!
  81. FS Jackson Phil Collen Archtop
  82. FS/FT: charvel model 1, warmoth custom hotrod strat
  83. For sale Ibanez MMM-1 Mushok Baritone (upgrades and case!)
  85. WTB: 470, 570 or 560 body old style neck joint not all access
  86. WTB or Trade: AS-200, JSM-100, 2630
  87. FS/FT1991 Ibanez 540R-LTD Ruby Red
  88. FS: 87' Metallic Red RG 570
  89. FS: Kramer Nightswan (1988) Minty
  90. FS- Ibanez FGM 400 (Frank Gambale)
  91. WTB: JS1000 neck plate
  92. FS: Ibanez JS2PRM Joe Satriani Chromeboy - 6500 Äuros
  93. FT: EBMM JP7
  94. WTB: Valley Arts Custom Pro Lukather style
  95. FS/FT: Digitech JamMan Solo Looper Pedal + Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah
  96. FS: Ibanez SZ320 6-String Brown Sunburst *BRAND NEW*
  97. FS Zimmerly US Made Butique Bass Guitars
  98. WTB: Any 7 String (Europe/UK)
  99. FT: F-spaced Mo' Joe
  100. fs/ft Fender Malmsteen signature Strat plus extras (uk)
  101. FS: AMT SS-11a tube preamp pedal
  102. LF: Guitar Tab Songbooks (Hal Leonard, Cherry Lane etc.) Option to Trade for my parts
  103. WTB - Dimarzio Breed pickup set
  104. WTB Ernie Ball Music Man JPX
  105. FS RGA121 and JS1000 $1200 for both
  106. BC Rich Guitars for sale
  107. line 6 pod x3 live
  108. WTB: Dimarzio Heavy Blues 2 DP409 Pickups
  109. FT: Suhr S6
  110. WTS: Ibanez RG1077XL * RARE *
  111. FS: McInturff Empress
  112. FS/FT: Ibanez RG321 MH Blue and Dimarzio Pickups
  113. WTB: Ibanez IBZ F4 or Dimarzio Paf Pro blue
  114. FS Hamer Californian - reverse headstock UK
  115. MXR Original Vintage phase 90 1974(not a reissue)
  116. FS: Majik Box Paul Gilbert Fuzz Universe Signature Pedal Ibanez Airplane Flanger PG
  117. WTS-Ibanez Guitars, POD XT, Dream Theater Tab Books, Crunch Lab/Liquifier 7, Crate V5
  118. carvin legacy with kt77s for trade
  119. Ibanez USA Custom FT Streetwise
  120. WTB Ibanez PGM 301 or cheaper RG prestige
  121. FS: Suhr Doug Aldridge bridge pickup new
  122. FS: V7, V8 and S1 set
  123. Suhr Reb Beach Koa - IN STOCK
  124. MESA MKV Heads and Combos IN STOCK!
  125. WTB: DiMarzios or EMG's
  126. FS VHT Sig X wit hspare KT88's. Mint Condition
  127. Rocktron Patchmate Loop 8 MIDI controller/TrueBypass Looper
  128. ISP Decimator, TC Sustain+, BOSS Syb-3 & AW3, Peterson VS-II
  129. BBE Sonic Stomp, Carl Martin Chorus, KORG Hyper Distortion, DOD Bass Stereo Flanger
  130. For Sale: Jackson USA SL1T-F (blue flame maple)
  131. FS: Barber Tone Press and Line 6 MM4
  132. WTB: Hamer Californian USA
  133. FS- J Custom 8570NT UK One day only!!!!
  134. FS/FT: ESP SV Standard
  135. FS : Ibanez Hybird JAPAN parts
  136. FS: 1983 Ibanez Roadstar II RS530 MIJ
  137. FT:1989 RG750 BK in EXCELLENT condition!!!
  138. FS: Ibanez Prestige rg1570-Mirage Red- Like/New
  139. FT RGA121 & JS1000
  140. WTB: RGA121 Violin Flat
  141. FS: Wampler Triple Wreck pedal MINT
  142. WTB/WTTF Ibanez 542R SSS
  143. FS: Ibanez Reissue RG 770 DX laser blue #18
  144. FT-RG550dy 20th Ann.
  145. WTB: S/S/S RG/Jem pickguard
  146. WTB: Jackson San Dimas strat
  147. Digitech Multi Chorus - $35
  148. WTB: J Custom
  149. FS: 1987 Ibanez RG550 White/MapleFB OHSC Warranty Card!
  150. FS: RG-570 PN 1989
  151. FT: DAR Tuzzia
  152. FS feeler: '89 USA Hamer Californian
  153. WTB: Ibanez FR1620 or 2620
  154. FS: Yamaha AG Stomp Acoustic modeling Preamp
  155. NEW IN BOX------3 PEDALS
  156. FS: 2 amps - Vox AD30VT and Fender Champ 600
  157. David gilomour relic strat package for sale or swap
  158. M555LH (Left handed, with edge pro 2 fitted)
  159. FS: Fender Standard Stratocaster w/upgrades
  160. WTB green DiMarzio pups
  161. FS:Peavey JSX combo
  162. FS:Ibanez Reb Beach Model (RMB)
  164. FS: Vintage Aria Bass $125 shipped
  165. WTB - Jem 777 SK
  166. FS Red Early 90's RG560 w/Original Edge, S1, S1 and V2 Pickups.
  167. Feeler FS Ibanez Prestige RG1451
  168. FS: Dimarzio Pickups CHEAP
  169. PRS Modern Eagle Special - Limited Edition!
  170. FS/FT: Ibanez PGM200, Ibanez RG750FA, Ibanez RG570FA
  171. FS: '91 540R-LTD Sharktooth Neck
  172. FS Feeler: Tom Anderson Drop Top, quilt trans plumb, floyd, HSS - $1600
  173. FS: '04 J.Custom RG8520TB
  174. [FS]: Misc Guitar Parts
  175. WTB: Original edge cosmo black
  176. FS: Splawn Quick Rod Black/Gold Plexi
  177. FT: Ibanez PGM100RE
  178. FS Maxon OD9Pro+ overdrive mint condition
  179. WTB: (UK) Caparison Horus (Oiled Walnut). Open to other Caparison Offerings
  180. FS... Jem Body
  181. WTD Full set of Evolution Pick ups
  182. WTB: RG570 Purple Neon
  183. Ibanez JS1000 Joe Satriani
  184. looking for, ibanez tuners for reverse headstock
  185. FS: Mesa-Boogie TriAxis v.2 w/Phat Mod
  186. WTB: Original Edge CHROME
  187. FS: Ibanez JCRG7-1VV + BKP Painkillers (Europe)
  188. F/t Epi tony iommi SG and coffin case
  189. 1990 ibanez RG570JB W/ Pro Deluxe Case 350obo
  190. FS: Rare Ibanez FGM200 Gambale - Black
  191. 1990 ibanez RG570JB W/ Pro Deluxe Case
  192. Richie Kotzen's Electric Joy neck pickup, Ibz RBM pickguard & 1966 Fender Neck Plate
  193. FS:Ibanez Prestige RG1570 Dead Mint
  194. WANTED: Ibanez Rg 550 RFR
  195. FS: 1993 Ibanez RG770 Electric Guitar, Black, w/ Hard Case
  196. FS: Engl Invader 100 - Unopened, Never played
  197. gibraltar I bridge
  198. FT, beautiful Fender Yngwie Malmsteen Signature Stratocaster Made in USA
  199. WTB: RG340 body
  200. guitar gear needs to go
  201. FS/FT: Caparison Horus Yellow Sand MINT/Complete
  202. Sale Peavey ULTRA PLUS head half stack
  203. WTB: Classical guitar
  204. WTB: RG565
  205. FS '07 RG8470F J Custom
  206. FS: Dean Black Gold Z
  207. FS: Jackson Soloist SL1
  208. Mesa Boogie 3 channel Triple Rectifier head and Mesa Boogie 2:90 Power Amp
  209. looking for a sz or sc
  210. Crate Blue Voodoo modded covered in white tolex
  211. FT: Carvin CT6 with Dragonburst finish
  212. FS: Retro-Sonic Phaser virtually unused.
  213. FS/FT: PRS Custom 24 10 top AND Ibanez RGT3120 Anderson puís
  214. FS/FT: IBANEZ EGEN 18 TVF Herman LI like new (EU)
  215. For NJ: Ampeg VH-140C(local),Fender Satellite(local), Boss (2), EMG
  216. WTB Ibanez RG 550
  217. FS: EMG 81 and SA $80 shipped
  218. WTT: 2010 Gibson Les Paul 50's Tribute
  219. FT: Tom Anderson Hollow T
  220. FS: Ibanez S540FMTT plus OHSC
  221. Ibanez RG470 (Japanese)
  222. FS: Yamaha AG Stomp Acoustic Preamp modeler
  223. WTB: Any S-series J-Custom
  224. FS: Ibanez RG550 white pickguard with wiring harness and white vol/tone knobs
  225. 1984 Nagoya Suzuki SF335 acoustic Martin D-28 Copy MIJ
  226. FS: LANEY GH50L
  227. FS: Ibanez RGA321F w/ Dimarzio's
  228. FS:Black Cliplock Strap(complete)
  229. rg550 desert yellow 20th aniversary, paf pro and fs-1 upgrades, $600
  230. FS: Ibanez RG321MH and mod parts
  231. FS: Charvel San Dimas S1-2H Kandy Tangerine
  232. WTB gold lo pro edge or gold edge 3or gold original edge.
  233. FS/FT: Boss NS-2 and Seymour Duncan SH-13 Dimebucker cheap
  234. Fs axefx ultra cheap
  236. FT: Washburn WM526
  237. Grosh Electrajet - Shoreline Gold - YUM!
  238. Mesa Mark V Head In Stock - Beat The Price Increase!
  239. WTB Peavey 5150 mk1 head & MIJ Ibanes SDGR 5 string
  240. Ibanez parts for sale
  241. FT/FT Schecter C7 Hellraiser and Fretlight Guitar
  242. WTB: Wampler Pinnacle II Pedal
  243. FS - Peavey Classic 30 clean with JJs
  244. Peavey 5 string neck through bass £150ono (UK)
  245. FT: charvel for charvel
  246. FT: MusicMan JPX6 Petrucci -New in Box-
  247. Still looking for necromancers castle
  248. WTB: Ibanez 540R HSS or body or poss. Charvel trade
  249. FS/T (UK) Digitech GSP1101 Preamp/Processor Rack
  250. FS UK Epiphone G-400 Custom SG 3 pups