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Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear

  1. Tom Anderson Drop Top, Chocolate Maple neck!
  2. WTB: JS1000 or JS1200
  3. WTB: 1987 RG440DW
  4. FS: Vintage Ibanez SM9 Super Metal Analog Overdrive/Distortion Pedal
  5. FS: Paul Gilbert Doubleneck with Real Ibanez Necks
  7. FS Peavey Wolfgang Standard Deluxe
  8. FT/FS: USA Jackson King V KV2
  9. Fs: Boss Ge-7
  10. Mesa Boogie LS Classic Custom combo
  11. Suhr Modern, This one is Badass!
  12. FS: Ibanez RG2228-GK 8 String (in London UK)
  13. Richard Fay GMC swirled body for sale
  14. WTT: '88 Gibson LP Custom for DY or SK
  15. Need pricing info on an original RG770FM
  16. F/S 2 space SKB rack case
  17. anyone selling a legacy head???
  18. WTB Ibanez Euphoria EP9
  19. JS-1 re priced
  20. WTB EMG SA Single Coil
  21. Rothwell power juice and diego pedal board
  22. FS/FT: Jackson Dominion - Mark Morton Signature w/EMG ZW set
  23. FS: Like new 20th Anniversary RG550 RFR
  24. FS: Ibanez Guitars and parts
  25. WTB Kramer guitar
  26. FS: Dimarzio Creme AN7 & PAF7
  27. Mesa Boogie Abacus Midi Floorboard (UK)
  28. FS Ernie Ball Musicman JP6 Mystic Dream
  29. Ibanez RG770 - Metallic Violet (UK)
  31. Jem-Style Neck $100 Shipped Anywere in North America
  32. Ibanez RG 1570 Lefty
  33. FS: Ibanez RG2120XVV Piezo Prestige Like New with case
  34. FS: Tech 21 Tri OD pedal
  35. My Elmwood M90 for your Bogner Uberschall and cash
  36. FS: Ibanez AM200AV - MINTY
  37. FS: Pedals and Diago Powerstation.
  38. FS: Open-box new Pickups -- Hot Rails and Tone Zone S
  39. FS: Ibanez JS1000 BTB (with LoPro trem!) - UK
  40. FS: Morley Bad Horsie II Contour Wah Pedal
  41. Ibanez JS1 JS-1 first run
  42. FS: TC Electronic Nova System
  43. Jackson dk2m parts for sale
  44. Ibanez Prestige RG2610E for sale
  45. FS/FT 1991 Ibanez 540stn 12/6 Double Neck
  46. FS: Ibanez Jemini Pedal
  47. FS/FT JEM555 pickguard w/ p'ups
  48. For Trade/For Sale Dean Baby Z 1982 Explorer
  49. FS (UK/EU) : Project LNG RG/JEM
  50. WTB: Indonesian RG320fm 1 tremolo cavity plate or set
  51. WTB-Fractal Audio AXE-FX Ultra
  52. FS: PRS SC245 in Jet White Limited Edition!
  53. Ibanez Rg 2550
  54. FS/FT: Fender American Strat Plus / Candy Red
  55. FS: Two DiMarzio FS-1s
  56. FS: Vintage Morley Tel-Ray Volume Wah WVO
  57. WTB : Original Tuners for RG-565
  58. WTB RG550, 560, 570, 1570, 1550 etc (UK)
  59. FS: Ibanez PGM100RE
  60. FS/FT Boss ME-50
  61. FT: Flaxwood Rautia
  62. FS/FT: Ibanez RGR320EX w/Active Pickups
  63. FS: Lots of pedals!! Keeley, MXR, HBE, Dunlop, MI Audio, Tech 21, BOSS, Line 6
  64. FS/FT: Effect Pedals
  65. Ibanez pickups for sale
  66. FT/FS: Ibanez rg770dx Violet Metallic
  67. FS: Ibanez S Classic SCA220 Mint New Condition
  68. FS: Ibanez RG7620 Japanese LoPro Edge 7 Trem OHSC
  69. Buying PGM100RE (can trade my j-custom)
  70. FS: Ibanez 7 string tuner set - Powder Cosmo
  71. FS: Ibanez Prestige RG2550 EGK w/ Case
  72. WTB: Steve Stevens Washburn
  73. FS: RG770DX-LB (Re-issue)
  74. Ibanez Prestige S Ft.
  75. Carvin VAI Legacy 412 Half Stack
  76. FS UK - Egnater Rebel 20 head 450!
  77. FS/T prestige RG Frankenstein- adler, edge, dimarzios
  78. WTT: Cosmo Edge for a Cosmo Lo-Pro Edge
  79. WTB: Jem1000C
  80. WTB: Pre-1990 Jem 777 Pickguard
  81. FT: Marshall JCM 800 2205
  82. FT: Gibson Les Paul Goddess In Ebony
  83. Suhr Modern, Scalloped Board - NAMM Display Piece
  84. Maxon Pue5 Tube Rare tube screamer!
  85. FS Ibanez RG1550BK (loaded body) plus neck (two options to choose)
  86. ZR tremolo in Chicago IL, USA
  88. fs rg 550 parts nut etc
  89. Wanted Peavey Vandenberg!!
  90. FS Tubes
  91. WTB UK - Yamaha RGZ 820R "Blues Saraceno"
  92. FS: Carvin Legacy Head
  93. WTB- RG550MXX Prestige Desert Yellow
  94. FS: Eventide and Hughes & Kettner goodies...
  95. FS: Avatar 2X12 Cabinet (Empty)
  96. FS: Ibanez RG 2EX1 Hardtail (Black w/White Binding)
  97. FS: Michael Angelo Batio Signature
  98. FS: Ibanez RG517
  99. FS Dunlop DC Brick & MXR Phase 90 (Orange)
  100. Steve Vai's DS1 pedal- mod. by Keely
  101. FS: RGR470, JS1000BP, RG570, AX320, Laney GH50L
  102. FS: 1991 Ibanez 540S LTD PN near mint
  103. WTB ibanez cheapie for 6yr old learner (uk)
  104. Jackson Dinky DXMG guitar and ESP LTD M-252 for sale
  105. FS- Suhr, Charvel USA, Jackson Acura, Randall DigiTech, Line6, Paradise
  106. Fender American Strat Deluxe HSS 2009
  107. FS: Ibanez JPM100 P1 John Petrucci Model 1995
  108. Charvel San Dimas 1 w/2 Humbucker reissue
  109. FS ESP LTD M-1000 (w/ blackouts)
  110. FS Line 6 POD X3 Live
  111. Jackson dinky reverse
  112. RG20061
  113. Fs: 3 Keeley Pedals
  114. WTB: RG550 DY 20th Anniv Reissue
  115. WTB black Dimarzio X2N and black f-spaced Air Norton
  116. FS Ibanez JPM 90 HAM
  117. WTB: Ibanez or Jackson with maple fretboard
  118. FS/FT RG550 20th Ann. Black/Rosewood
  119. WTB Ibanez 2027 Prestige
  120. FS: 2007 Ibanez Prestige S2170FW with SKB hardshell case
  121. WTT: RG550 pickguard, loaded dimarzios, want duncans
  122. FS: rg550 20th anniv.
  123. FS: DiMarzio Fred Black F-Spaced $45 shipped, Two Available
  124. Dean ML'79 Floyd Rose
  125. Looking for JS1000
  126. FS/FT: Rare 57/62 FMT Fender Stratocaster w/2 pup sets, Suhr loaded. In Aus will ship
  127. WTB: Any Jap Ibanez with a Wizard 17mm-19mm neck (UK)
  128. Ibanez Rg1527m
  129. FS: Collection of pickups
  130. FS: ESP/LTD and Ibanez Prestige SZ4020
  131. WTB: Ibanez RGT 3020 or 3120
  132. FS - Ibanez 7620 GN MIJ
  133. FT: Ibanez RG350MYE w/ HSC
  134. FS Tascam M3500 32x8 recording desk
  135. FS: Set of EMG 85s
  136. WANTED: Ibanez RG321MH - Weathered Black - Must be Minty
  137. FS Mesa Boogie Mark V Head and Rectifier 2x12
  138. FS: Mesa Triple Rectifier 3-ch, FTSW, Mesa 4x12
  139. Ibanez RG7321 (for Sale)
  140. FS: Ibanez S1520BP Prestige, $650, located in St. Louis
  141. FT: 1991 Ibanez RG550 (Laser Blue) (US)
  142. WTB: RG Pickguard (H H route)
  143. FS/FT Gibson ES-339 Custom Shop
  144. For Trade and Barter: Misc. Gear
  145. FT White EMG 60 for a Black EMG 60 or 85
  146. FS - Tobias 6 String Bass
  147. FS/T:Ibanez AX220QMBB, (2)BCF2000, FaderPort
  148. FS: 2" Black Nylon Dimarzio Cliplock strap #2
  149. FS: Ibanez RG3550mz MINT w/Hardshell Case and Shipped
  150. FS: Charvel San Dimas Style 1 2h
  151. FT: Brand New Tone Zone (Bridge - F Spaced)
  152. WTB Tech 21 sansamp triac or Hughes & Kettner Tubeman
  153. Wanted: Ibanez JS1000 in the UK
  154. FS Ibanez J Custom RG 21-a RARE
  155. FS: Tanglewood Stratocaster (Scalloped Fretboard)
  156. Boutique built SG with PRESTIGE neck specs
  157. 2 Ibanez LACS for sale
  158. FS: Ibanez Prestige S2170FW w/custom hardshell case
  159. Ibanez Edge chrome exc condition
  160. WTB: Marshall amp (DSL or 800)
  161. FS-Suhr Aldrich & Duncan Jazz Pickups
  162. FS: Peavey 5150
  163. Peavey Triple XXX 120 watt head (designed by George Lynch)
  164. FS: Ibanez RG7CT with DiMarzios
  165. FS Ibanez JEM555WH (loaded body) plus neck (two options to choose)
  166. FS Ibanez RG1550FM (loaded body) plus neck (two options to choose)
  167. FS: Dimarzio 'New 7' Pickup Set
  168. FS: EMG81 Pickup Set
  169. FS: Ibanez JPM100 P1-John Petrucci (1996)
  170. FS: Ibanez PM100 Pat Metheny (1999)
  171. FS: Kramer Nightswan Lightningbolts (1988)
  172. WTB 1990(ish) rg770 (not DX)
  173. FS: Mesa Lonestar
  174. FS: 1998 Ibanez RG7620 MINT
  175. Rack Power Amp
  176. WTB: Ibanez USA Custom Graphic Or Snakeskin/Leopard
  177. FS: Ibanez RG1570L Prestige, black, near mint, with case
  178. WTS : Ibanez P4 and Ibanez JS90th Anniv
  179. ESP MII Neck Through with EMGs TOTALLY MINT AS NEW
  180. WTB: Kramer Focus 1000, BC Rich Gunslinger, nice Charvel
  181. Boxxed Dimarzios
  182. WTB Any Edge (Chrome) 43mm nut, tuners chrome
  183. FT: My beautiful Carvin DC400 for whatever you have!(amps too)
  184. FS: Mesa 2:90 & ADA MP1 3TM
  185. WTB neon green knobs
  186. FT: 2009 Gibson Les Paul Custom Silverburst
  187. TC Electronics G System - Perfect
  188. FS: Warmoth Partscaster. Flame!!
  189. FS....Apple Mac G5 1.8 Ghz & Cinema Display
  190. FS; Ibanez RG1077XL
  191. WTB Crate Powerblock Guitar Amp
  192. FT Caparison For J Custom
  193. FS: Original Wizard Neck (RG570)
  194. FS/FT - Ibanez 540S Ltd (Alex Skolnick model)
  195. FS Ibanez S2170SE Ebony Swirl *Mint*
  196. FS/FT: RG7420BP w/EMG's
  197. Ibanez RG550 DY 20th Anniversary Reissue
  198. WTT rg1527rb body for rg1527m white body
  199. Ibanez rg550 body loaded
  200. FS: Ibanez RG550-DY Reissue (near mint)
  201. FS 1991 Ibanez 540STN
  202. FS: Ibanez 550 project neck
  203. WTB Midi Footswitch
  204. FS: Mosvalve MV-962 Poweramp
  205. 2 Ibanez Euphorias up for sale!
  206. 50th Anniversary Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster
  207. FS:!
  208. WTB/WTT: TC Electronic G-System (Trade List Inside)
  209. WTB
  210. Lexicon Mx300
  211. Marshall Jmp1
  212. FS - Ibanez S2120X AV
  213. FS: Ibanez JPM100 P3 John Petrucci (1997)
  214. fs/ft RG560CA LEFTY!! LIKE NEW!
  215. WTB: RG 5xx and onwards
  216. Mesa "Multiwatt Dual Rectifier" IN STOCK!
  217. Early Spring Cleaning, Edge trems, necks, body, hardware, EMG, Dimarzio. Come on in!
  218. FS/FT: PRS Singlecut Artist Pack, Killer Top and 'Board. In Aus will ship
  219. FS/FT: Early Jackson PC1 Quilt Top & Board, Koa back. In Aus, will ship
  220. FS/FT: Melancon Quilt Top in the US
  221. FS/FT:Ibanez J-Custom, Maple top and Vine Inlay. In Aus will Ship
  222. TRADE RG20063 Puzzle for Prestige SEVEN String
  223. FS- Carvin Bolt Plus, EMG's, Floyd Rose, Free Shipping
  224. FT/FS: Ibanez RG1527M Galaxy Maple Neck w/ extras
  225. FS: MXR, Ibanez, and DoD pedals
  226. Elmwood M60 Rackmount Head and Elmwood M90 Head
  227. WTB ibanez 7 (uk)
  228. FS or possible trade...
  229. FS/FT: Ibanez Prestige RGT320QRBB Good condition w/ J-Craft OHSC
  230. FS: MXR Dime Distortion
  231. WTB: Black Dimarzio PAF pro with black poles
  232. Fender Pickups SIngle and Humbucker
  233. Dimmarzio Pickups and Hardware
  234. Tubes for sale
  235. WTB: rg5xx series in Ontario, Canada
  236. FT: 97 RG570 custom painted
  237. FS: THD Hotplate 4 Ohm Power Attenuator
  238. WTB: Replacement neck for Washburn Strat.
  239. WTB: Dimarzio Neck Position Evolution, Breed or Similar in Black/Cream Std spaced
  240. FS: Two covered Duncans
  241. FS/FT: SRH-V7 & SRHA-V8 Pickup set
  242. Trade: black DiMarzio Tone Zone for black DiMarzio X2N
  243. WTB/WTT: Kramer Nightswan in any finish
  244. FS: Ibanez AF-2 Airplane flanger
  245. FS: EMG81 and EMG85
  246. WTS: Ibanez RG1570L Prestige black
  247. WTB: Ibanez RGA121
  248. FS/FT - Ibanez RG550 , 540S LTD, Gibson Les Paul
  249. FT: VHT Deliverance 120
  250. Gibson Pelham Blue Trini Lopez (1965) DG 335/Dave Grohl