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Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear

  1. wtd ,red and yellow pup.
  2. WTB: Ibanez RGT3120TRB
  3. WTB - White Dimarzio Dual Sound/ Steve Special or similar
  4. F/S Ibanez JS1600
  5. Bogner Uberschall Head & Uberkab Cab
  6. ADA mp-1
  7. (2) NEW Peavey Classic 30's, NEW Alesis Studio 24 Mixer, Pedals(keeley) FOR SALE!
  8. Crate GX1200H FT
  9. FS: Seymour Duncan SHR-1 Hot Rail, 2x Mighty Mite Rail, Strat Pickguard, Carvin 2x12
  10. WTB: PEAVEY 6505/+(head) + Orange Cab [UK]
  11. FS: 80's Digitech PDS 1002 Dual Digital Delay/Hold Function (UK)
  12. WTB: Chrome OFR/Edge
  13. WTB or trade for Ibanez RGA121 or re-issue rg 550
  14. FS/FT: Custom Frankenstrat w/HSC
  15. wtb/wtt blue usa F2 pickup
  16. 91 Ibanez UCGR2 "Winged Being"
  17. FS: Ibanez USA F2 pickup
  18. FT/RGTHRG2 HR Giger Limited Edition
  19. FS Ibanez PGM301 in UK only!!
  20. Ibanez Joe Satriani SILVER SURFER in stock!!
  21. FS/FT EMG 81-7 un used!
  22. Roland VS-1680 with burner and ATA Case
  23. FS: 1987 Ibanez Saber 540S : Black Cherry
  24. WTB: Ibanez RX20 pickguards
  25. FS/FT Original Floyd Rose 7 string
  26. FS/FT Ibanez Original Edge Trem & Unfinished Comicbook Rg520 Body
  27. WTS or WTT Ibanez Rg550 ldt customized
  28. FS: Fender Yngwie Strat (Vintage White w/ maple fretboard)
  29. WTB: Used DiMarzio Pick-Ups
  31. Must sell these...make an offer!
  32. Ibanez Tube Screamer TS9DX turbo in BOX
  33. 1971 fender twin with ata case
  34. Custom Taylor Solidbody Electric Super Custom
  35. Ibanez Prestige RGT3020FMD
  36. F/S Ibanez infinity pickups inf3 inf4
  37. FS/FT: Jackson DK2 Swirl SDs HSC for 7 String
  38. WTB: MIJ Talman
  39. FS: Blues Saraceno Radio Ten Signature Guitar
  40. WTT Charvel DeMartini for ESP Kamikaze or JEM
  41. FS: Ibanez AT300 Timmons Sig. Model
  42. Fender, Gibson, Marshall, PRS, + Lots More
  43. WTB 7621 body
  44. 7621 body
  45. wtb: Jcm900 and a Vox AC30
  46. Budda SD30 II 1x12 combo 1300 obo
  47. Line 6 POD XT good conditoin
  48. Ibanez RG570 EX edition MIJ (UK) FS/FT
  49. WTB: RG550 or RG565 in candy apple red
  50. WTB:A Tremolo with a double locking system
  51. WTB: fixed bridge, dimarzios, Neck and other parts
  52. Ibanez piezo pickup in the uk?
  53. FT: Jackson DK2 for Ibanez RG5xx
  54. 92 Washburn FS/T
  55. WTB: Dimarzio Evolution (neck and bridge) Also middle YJM
  56. WTB Vox AC30 (UK)
  57. **IBANEZ S 540 CUSTOM **
  58. FS/FT Fender SCN S-1 Pickups
  59. WTB Dimarzio JYM neck
  60. FS: Lo Pro Edge Chrome
  61. WTB Korg Pandora PX5D
  62. Amps for Sale
  63. DS-1 Ultra Mod
  64. wtb/wtt ibanez edge studs/posts
  65. WTB: loaded pickguard for 87 RG550
  66. FS: GIBSON ES-135 BLACK/ P90S
  68. WTB DiMarzio
  69. BBE sonic Stomp pedal
  70. Wanted: ESP Arming adjuster
  71. FS/FT: Marshall VS265
  72. FS: 1991 Ibanez USA Custom
  73. FS: Black LoPro Edge 7 trem, in great shape.
  74. WTB: M-Audio DMP3
  75. Musicman Axis super sport rosewood - $1000 obo
  76. WTT/WTB Ibanez 550s and 770s
  77. FS: Carvin Legacy top cab, minty
  78. Ibanez JS20th - IN STOCK
  79. looking to buy framus cobra
  80. WTB: Dimarzio Tone Zone
  81. FS: Roland D50 Synth + Flightcase (UK)
  82. FS/FT EUROPE: Ibanez PGM90thHAM
  83. FS: ESP/LTD JD-600 Jon Donais
  84. Searching for Vinnie Moore's Out of Nowhere TAB
  85. FS: Yngwie Malmsteen Strats/Classical
  86. WTB WTT RG550 Pickguard Pots Switch
  87. FS/FT Ibanez PGM301 (signed) in UK
  88. FS: RMC Wizard Wah Real McCoy Customs boutique true bypass wah
  89. FS: EBMM OLP MM1 Guitar (EVH/Axis) Purple (UK)
  90. FS: Mesa Simul Class 2:90 Power Amp (UK)
  91. FS: Peavey 5150 mk1 Block Letter Head+Cab (UK)
  92. Stew Mac 18" Straight Edge
  93. FS - Dimarzio Air Norton and Tone Zone BRAND NEW/NEVER USED cool color
  94. WTB Ibanez PGM 800
  96. WTB Chrome Gotoh Tremolo or OFR
  97. FS: White Satriani Ibanez JS1000
  98. WTB: Zebra SD Trembucker or Zebra F-Spaced DiMarzio
  99. Ibanez rg 8527 j custom 7 string for sale
  100. Yellow RG550 on Craigslist for $150
  101. FS : Ibanez S470DXQM
  102. WTB: Ibanez JPM 1,2 or 4
  103. FS/FT Ibanez PGM301 signed /high spec valve amp in UK
  104. FS: Ibanez RGT220ACAH
  105. FS/FT: Ibanez 1527 with EMGs
  106. WTB Edge Pro 7 or Lo Pro Edge 7 new or used.
  107. Super Wizard
  108. Looking To Trade for an RGA121 VLF
  109. WTB/WTT: RG550 or Jem Pickguard in B-W-B
  110. FS/FT: Orange Rockerverb 50 Head
  111. Jem 90th Anniversary Signed for sale
  112. Fender 5 string Jazz Bass
  113. WTB: Boss GT8
  114. FS: Gold Seymour Duncan JB and 59' Vox Wah
  115. Ibanez Rocket Roll II White Ghost (in Europe, Netherlands)
  116. FS: Dimarzio pickups
  117. FS/FT 06 Dean Dime O Flame
  118. FS: Paul Reed Smith CE 24 (Blue)
  119. FS: Digitech 2101 and Ovation Custom Legend
  120. FT: 90's Jackson Soloist PRO w. 81/sa/sa
  121. WTB: BADLY NEED Tom Scholz SR&D Rockman X100/Soloist sent to England (PayPal waiting)
  122. FT:Jackson Pro Series DK2 Dinky Guitar Eerie Dess Swirl
  123. Jackson Pro Series DK2 Dinky Eerie Swirl w/ SDs
  124. WTT : Cosmos black hardware for chrome hardware (EDGE PRO)
  125. FS: EBMM Petrucci BFR Emerald Quilt.
  126. 2- 12" Eminence speakers
  127. wtt black chrome edge III for black edge III
  128. FT: Dead Mint 06 Taylor T-5 custom electric Koa top
  129. Custom Donnie Hunt
  130. WTB: Ibanez rg7620/7621
  131. CUSTOM JPM 7 String
  132. F/S: Sovtek MIG 100 $575.00
  133. Dean Soloist(neckthrough) FS/T
  134. Yamaha DTEXPRESS IV Electronic Drums (Mint)
  135. FS: Line6 Vetta II
  136. FS: Epiphone LP Standard Plus Top
  137. WTT: [UK] Ibanez RG1527 for.....
  138. Suhr Standard BENGAL with Floyd!
  139. Guitar Case Hard Shell EBMM Axis and others
  140. Warrior Isabella Hand Made in USA for Trade
  141. FS/FT: Boss V-Wah
  142. EBMM Axis, Peavey Wolfgang, Gibson Explorer, EJ Strat
  143. FT- Ibanez RG770 PM
  144. FS: Ibanez RG 570 CSFM
  145. FS - Ibanez edge II cosmo
  146. WTB Ibanez RG3120
  147. F/S or F/T: 1991 Ibanez RG 550 Green
  148. WTB: RG3120 Prestige
  149. Want To Buy: Roland GR20 synth guitar
  150. FS: Black DP159 Evolution $50.00 6'' lead
  151. FS: Soldano Desgined and Modded Yamaha T50 $750 obo
  152. WANTED: Bridge Pickup
  153. FT Ibanez PGM301 for a JS1000/1200 or Jem in UK
  154. FS: Sperzel Trim-Lok tuners, satin chrome
  155. FS: SZ520QM Saphire Blue
  156. For sale: Gibson Les Paul Junior Special - 600
  157. FS: Ibanez/Gotoh Chrome Locking Nut & Magnum Locking Machine Heads Japanese JEM Or RG
  158. WTB: Carvin Guitars (Mainly C66)
  159. Krankenstein - New - 40% off
  160. I have $400/+ for a PRS SE with a trem
  161. FS: Mint Conidtion Ernie Ball JP6 in Carbon Blue Pearl
  162. Sale:ADA MP-1, Mosvalve, Guitars, FX, more
  163. WTB: Edge inserts
  164. FS: Fender DG-10-12 12 String
  165. FS: Washburn WG587 7 String
  166. WTB: Boss RC-2
  167. WTB: FireWire Audio Interface
  168. FS: Tremol-no's, Pickups, DS-1, CHEAPPPPP!!!
  169. FS: Vox Satchurator
  170. Fractal Audio AXE-FX Ultra & Midisport 2X2 & rack
  171. FT- ADA mp-1, poweramp, cab,
  172. Trade my PRS for your RGA321
  173. I NEED a Laptop... You NEED my guitar(s) :-)
  174. WTB - JS TB or BTB
  175. String blocks for edge tremolo
  176. fs/ft 2007 peavey hp special
  177. FT Jackson soloist custom Graphic
  178. More DiMarzio sillyness FS/FT
  179. FS: RG570 w/ maple fretboard
  180. FT: Lots of Guitars and Amps
  181. Suhr Carvetop Standard HERE
  182. FS/FT Mark IV short head MINT
  183. Is a screw worth $150?
  184. FS/FT: Ibanez RG550 RFR '89
  185. Washburn X Series 7 String w/gigbag
  186. Bikeman's pedal clearout!
  187. FS Loaded RG2550E Neck Tuners Nut
  188. WTB Pickups: White X2N and White BREED NECK
  189. FS: DiMarzio cliplock strap in purple
  190. FT: 1980s DiMarzio cliplock strap in neon pink (RARE!!) - swap for neon green one? :D
  191. FS/FT: DiMarzio Evolution DP159 bridge pickup available for peanuts...
  192. ibanez steve vai jem7dbk with sim LED install
  193. FT: Ibanez JPM P3
  194. FT: 1992 Ibanez RG550
  195. FS: Ibanez Frank Gambale FGM100DY-1991
  196. FS: 2001 White Ibanez JS1000
  197. FS: EBMM JP6 Mystic Dream Fully Loaded Piezo OHSC
  198. For Trade Fender Richie Kotzen Tele
  199. For Trade Fender Richie Kotzen Tele
  200. WTB: MXR EVH phase 90
  201. Wanted - RG neck with sharkfins/White headstock
  202. Trade my cosmo original edge for your Gold or Gold Floyd Rose?
  203. PAF Pro Zebra Black and Cream & JEM Single Coil
  204. FS: Digitech Whammy - MINT Boxed
  205. PRS Inventory Listing!
  206. FS: RG2610E Prestige w/ Bare Knuckle Pickup & OHSC *MINT*
  207. FS: 1999 Ibanez RG7CT VV Seven String Prestige
  208. FS/FT: PRS Single Cut/Schecter BJ ATX /Ibanez 1527 (Modded)
  209. WTB neck to fit jackson dinky - Maple
  210. WTB: seven string neck
  211. FS/FT Rocktron Midi mate foot controller
  212. WTB: Ibanez RG5xx, RG7xx
  213. FS Malmsteen Strat Sonic Blue Like New
  214. FS: White Ibanez JS100 with upgrades
  215. WTB Ibanez Cosmo Edge Pro Trem, Tuners, Top Locking Nuts & Neck Screws
  216. FS: DiMarzio Evolution Bridge and Evolution Neck models
  217. Krankenstein All tube head -NEW- 40% off
  218. Peavey JSX Head, Yamaha Pacifica, and MORE FS
  219. FS: Charvel USA Traditional Strat
  220. FS: ESP Vintage Series Plus
  221. FT: Ibanez Voyager RBM1BK
  222. FS: RG570 $400
  223. WTB: Higher End Lefty Ibanez RG
  224. FS; Two RG-565's and an RG-750
  225. Stuff for tradezzz
  226. FS: Genuine *CHROME PLATE* Original Floyd Rose R3 Brass Locking Nut (Made In Germany)
  228. FS: JEM77FP *PINK* Parts: Pickup Cover/Volume & Tone Knobs + Tip/Zebra Bobbin Toppers
  229. Mesa Boogie ROAD KING II 4 ch, reverb, EL34's and 6L6's !!! awesome
  230. WTT: black Blaze Bridge for Air Norton 7
  231. WTT: black Tone Zone for Fred or Air Norton
  232. FS: PRS Modern Eagle - Mint
  233. FS: Harpers Custom JS7
  234. FS: Fernandes Ravelle Dave Kushner (Green)
  235. FS: Ibanez RG1820X
  236. WTB: LTD M-107
  237. For Sale Peavey Vandenberg Bubble Gum Pink RARE
  238. WTB: Ibanez Vinnie Moore models
  239. FS/FT:MIJ Ibanez RG470TI in amazing condition
  240. WTB: Dimarzio Breeds (Bridge and Neck, Cream/Black, F-Spaced)
  241. 3 FENDER Standard sTrAtOcAsTeRs For Sale - (1) USA & (2) MIM SWEEEEEET
  242. 1990 Ibanez rg560
  243. FS: Ibanez RGT42DXFM and MORE!!!!
  244. EMGs for trade
  245. WTB : Morley Power Supply for my BH 2 Wha pedal
  246. FS/ Palmer PGA 04 ADIG LB
  247. FS: Peavey HP Signature USA Custom
  248. One more RG 550 Neck - AANJ (MIJ) NICE
  249. FS: Ernie Ball Wah Pedal CHEAP
  250. FS Ibanez RG550 RFR with Case