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Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear

  1. FS Ibanez RG1570MMR
  2. FS Ibanez RG1570MMR
  3. WTB: Ibanez C2 Single Coil
  4. FT:RG2610 Prestige W/ JCraft Case
  5. 1992 Starfield SJ - MIJ
  6. RG550 "Green Meanie" Copy
  7. FS: Weber Mass 150 and Line6 Fm4 Filter Modeler
  8. FS: Boss MT-2
  9. FS/FT: Dimarzio PAF Pro - Pink
  10. FS: ESP LTD EC-1000 Deluxe Vintage Black W/ Coffin Case
  11. WTB: maple or rosewood neck for 91 RG550
  12. WANTED: Ibanez RG550
  13. FS: Ibanez RG2570EVSL Prestige-Heavy Price Drop
  14. FS: 2002 Ibanez LACS D3
  16. FS: Carvin Legacy Half Stack
  17. WTB: Dimarzio EVO7 & Blaze Neck
  18. WTB Cosmo Tuners & Nut
  19. FS '91 540SLTD body...custom painted True Fire
  20. FS/FT: New 1959 Gibson Historic Les Paul
  21. Charvel Warren DeMartini's HERE!!
  22. FS/ Beautiful Snow White RG570 w/Dimarzio's!
  23. FS: Australia Dimarzio SDS-1 Reverse Wound (Brand New In Box)
  24. FS: Zoom 505 mkII
  25. FS: Line-6 Flextone III+, nearly mint...
  26. WTB 24 fret Ibanez
  27. FS: Dimarzio Vai Evolution purp/blk pup set F spaced
  28. FS/FT: Ibanez RG1527 w/D-activators
  29. Some Ibanez guitars and other effects for sale
  30. FS/T: Heavily Modified Boss MT-2 LovC Cerebus
  31. FS: Fuchs ODS 100 2007 (Australian buyer only)
  32. FT: Custom Herc Fede body for used tele
  33. FS: Original Floyd Rose (Black)
  34. FS: Ibanez S-Series neck
  35. FS : Cornford Ritchie Kotzen RK100 Head NEW
  36. WTB: 1x12 Cab with Vintage 30
  37. FS: Ibanez Roadstar II, Tone Zone, EdgePro-II, Duncan Invader and other parts
  38. Randall RG 100 es head, Roland JC120 for sale
  39. fs: boss ns-2
  40. FS: J Custom RG1702 w/AAAA Flame Maple Top
  41. FS: My last X-wire (Wireless Guitar System)
  42. FS: Digidesign 002R and Command 8
  43. AR5000 Limited Edition HERE
  44. Ibanez rg 550
  45. FT Mesa Ace for Petrucci or PRS (UK)
  46. WTB: RG560/70- Canada
  47. FS: LO PRO EDGE trem (RG7620)
  48. want to BUY: Dimarzio Air Norton and/or Seymour Duncan TB-6
  49. FS: Mesa Boogie Triaxis/ 20/20 Poweramp
  50. WTB: Pink metallic square neck 550 body
  51. FS: Warmoth/Ibanez Black AAA Flame Maple Custom Guitar w/ EMG 81/85 Active Pickups
  52. FS: Ibanez Edge Pro II
  53. FS - RG2820 CTVV Vintage Violin - UK
  54. (EUROPE) FS/FT Line6 PODxt (with model packs) and FBV-Express
  55. FS/FT Ibanez SA160 Upgraded pups
  56. Classical Guitar: Rawdon Hall Concert Size
  57. FT- GFS Lil Killer Cream Humbucker Rail Pickup for Strat
  58. FS: Japanese Made Ibanez S470BK Near Mint Condition
  59. DP161F Steve's Special (pink)
  60. FS:RG620X,RG520,S540LTD
  62. WTB Ibanez RG7CSD1
  63. FS: 1991 RG-565
  64. FS: Edge Lo Pro 7 + RG7620 Neck
  65. FS: Pedals and a guitar!
  66. WTB RG770DX Any color.
  67. FS: Ovation Celebrity CC057 Honey Burst
  68. FS: 1991 RG770 w/hardcase (Colorado,USA)
  69. FS: Jackson Randy Rhoades Professional
  70. WTT: My Gibson EDS 1275 for your Prestige S or AT300!!...or just for sale!
  71. WTS: 1992 RG470 Emerald Green
  72. WTB: Carvin for under $600
  73. WTD: Floyd Rose Block Screws
  74. FS\T: Ibanez RG7621
  75. ADA Mod4 MkII MP1 Tube Preamp
  76. FS: DiMarzio New 7 bridge
  77. FT: Fender Strat Plus Deluxe
  78. FT: Ibanez RG1570 (upgraded)
  80. FS Ibanez Prestige RG3120-Twilight Blue
  81. FS:1990 PRS 10 Top w/Birds
  82. FS: Boss ME-50 & Digitech EX-7 Pedals
  83. LightSnake 1/4" Guitar cable to USB cable.(Connects guitar to computer via USB)
  84. Telecasters and some pedals for sale
  85. FS: Two Ibanez Back Stops
  86. FS-Dimarzio D Sonic-Black F Spaced
  87. WTT: my flamey 59 historic Les Paul for a few Jems/Universe
  88. FS:Ibanez RG2570E VSL(Vital Silver) Prestige with Extras:New Pickup,Pedals,and more
  89. FS:Ibanez RG2570E VSL(Vital Silver) Prestige with Extras:New Pickup,Pedals,and more
  90. FS - RG20th Road Flare Red - NEW with all the goodies
  91. WTB: Ibanez s classic
  92. FS: Ibanez s classic
  93. WTT Universe777PBK for USRG30
  94. FS: UCEW/J-Custom
  95. FS Marshall MG100DFX (UK)
  96. WTB/T Ernie Ball Music Man JP-7 (UK)
  97. FT Washburn X50 Pro-FE (UK)
  98. FS/FT Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier 3 channel solo head +/- Standard Rec 4 x 12 cab!
  99. WTB Ibanez Bodies (SD)
  100. WTB 7 with piezo or just piezo bridge
  101. WTB/ RG 3120
  102. [FS] IBANEZ PGM 90th anniversay
  103. WTB: Mesa Dual Rectifier Roadster
  104. FS: Ibanez RG770DXLB Players Cond.
  105. FS/FT 2002 Jackson King V immaculate condition
  106. FT 1992 RG770DX red (FT=RG770DX Lazer blue)
  107. 2 fantastic guitars usa peavey custom and ibanez prestige
  108. FS/FT Dean DP Z #17/24 w/ HSC
  109. FS:FT RG770DXLB
  110. FS Original 1987 RG550 Roadflare REd
  111. Looking for a Roadstar
  112. FS - RG570, Wolfgang, and PXR4
  113. FS: AEA R92 Studio Ribbon Microphone
  116. WTB Iceman ICJ100WZ White Zombie
  117. FS: Boss DD-5 and Keeley modded DS-1
  118. S/T Gibson Sg Standard Vitage / Parker Fly
  119. FS: Ibanez RG517 Blue Sparkle
  120. FS: yamaha DTxpress III special with DFH superior
  121. FS: Ibanez PGM
  122. WTB: Ibanez RG550 DY and other colors
  123. FS/FT: Grosh, Zion, GMW, Jackson
  124. WTB: Ibanez RG 1077XL
  125. FS: Ibanez Prestige S2120X w/Piezos
  126. FS: DMZ Grey PAF7s (k7) / UV Blaze Neck
  127. Ibanez RG2570
  128. FS:Gibson Melody Maker
  129. WTB: S Duncan Brobucker, George Lynch Super V & Warren De Martini in BLACK (bridge)
  130. WTB - RG Prestige, J CUSTOMs.
  131. FS: One of a kind Ibanez J-Custom RG-8620S
  132. WTB: Ibanez Paul Gilbert PGM models
  133. FS/FT: Ibanez SA160 Upgraded!!!
  134. FS Gibson Les Paul, Brand new barely used 1000+ Shipping
  135. FS/FT Peavey JSX head with extras...
  136. A variety of items for sale
  137. Epiphone Zakk Wylde Camouflage Bullseye with case - $600 shipped to lower 48 US
  138. WTB: Ibanez S1220 WNF
  139. 1996 Ibanez Dealer Kit
  140. WTB: Vinnie Moore Instructional Video
  141. FS: PRS SE Singlecut
  142. WTB: Hamer Steve Stevens in PINK/WHITE finish or Washburn Steve Stevens SS100
  143. WTB: Ibanez Necks and Bodies!
  145. Looking for 540P parts!
  146. FS: RG20th DY excellent condition
  147. FS: Randall RG100ES 1/2 stack - SNAKESKIN!
  148. FT gibson sg classic
  149. FT: RG770 for Strat..
  150. FS: Kramer Custom Les Paul with EMG 81/85 Zakk Wylde set
  151. ENGL FIREBALL w/Flight Case & Footswitch.
  152. WTB/WTTF: Bridge!
  153. FS: Vox tonelab LE
  154. Swapping RG3120 For Peavey Vandenberg. [Uk Shipping]
  155. USA Fender American Standard Stratocaster
  156. vintage 80's Kramer EVH
  157. FS: 90's Charvel w/Floyd & HSC
  158. FT: Black original Edge for cosmo lo pro. also-puprings FT
  159. FS: Creative Zen Vision M 30GB
  160. WTB: Mexican made Fender Stratocaster
  161. FS Fender Yngwie Malmsteen Strat First Year 89!
  162. FS: Unopened Ibanez Trem arm $18 shipped
  163. WTB: Fender Stratacoustic
  165. WTB; Pod Xt Live UK
  166. FS: Starfield Cabriolet American Standard w/ Original Case
  167. FS: RG7620VK
  168. WTB Ibanez Artist Prestige
  169. FS Wah and Pickgaurd
  171. wtt/b: Dimarzio Evolution & Tone Zone
  172. Vox Tonelab Desktop - $185 shipped US 48
  173. FS Ibanez Prestige RGT220A-NTF Absolute Dead Mint Guitar
  174. ADA Mod4 MkII MP1
  175. FS: RG-7 replacement body (mahog/maple/bubinga)
  176. 2001 Gibson Les Paul Standard wanting to trade for Jem or Universe
  177. Brand New - Jackson Pro Series DK2M Dinky
  178. FS - Large List- Including RG550 25th
  179. FS/FT: TC Electronics Fireworx Studio FX Processor
  180. FS New EBMM JP6 Petrucci W/piezo
  181. Ibanez ts9 and Russian Small stone
  182. WTT Seymour Duncan pickups
  183. WTB: powder top mount nut
  184. FS Misc Items Amp, Speakers, Pedal, JS1200
  185. FS/FT: Lots Of Misc. Parts, Pickups, Necks, Pedals, etc.
  186. FT/ Beautiful Snow White RG570 W/Dimarzio's!
  187. WTB: ISP Decimator ProRackG
  188. FT: Ibanez edge lo pro powder
  189. For Sale Ibanez 92 or 93 SV470 BK
  190. WTB: Trem Arm holder for Ibanez Edge trem
  191. WTB Ibanez S Guitars (UK)
  192. FS: Jackson Soloist SL3 NT w/ Hard Case
  193. WTB- Ibanez Tele or Strat
  194. For Sale - Les Paul Class 5
  195. Marshall Stack For Sale
  196. FS: RG550MXX in Road Flare Red - New $1k
  197. FS - Boss OD-20 (Boxed with Manual) U.K
  198. Take your pick!
  199. FS: PGM 10th
  200. FS: Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeler w/Power Supply
  201. FS: Ibanez SA Series, Japan, w/ LR Baggs Piezo bridge system
  202. Used Schecter C-1 Classic Like New! For Sale.
  203. WTB: Ibanez rg 550, 560, 565
  205. Wanted: Black Lo-Pro Edge
  206. Thought someone would want to know about this.
  207. Diezel Einstein 50 Head In Stock!!
  208. FT: 22 fret Jackson Soloist
  209. FS: Line 6 Variax 700 acoustic guitar with workbench software
  210. FS: Line6 Gearbox gold plugins bundle
  211. FS: Charvel Model 2
  212. FT Ibanez RG1570
  213. FS: Gibson SG in UK
  214. FS: Peavey Bandit 112 Transtube 80/100w (UK)
  215. ** IBANEZ J CUSTOM RG METAL ***ft/fs
  216. PRS 1980 West Street Brazilian Limited HERE!
  217. FS: Marshall Slash signature head
  218. [WTB] cornford h-50, bogner XTC, CAE OD-100 europe
  219. FS: Crazy good deal on a Peavey USA Transtube Studio Pro 1x12 amp
  220. Boss pedals/pedalboard
  221. FS - Ibanez JPM 90th HAM Mint Condish
  222. FS / FT: Ibanez HALO 3 Xiphos Guitar
  223. WTB: RG5XX RG7XX S540!
  224. FS: Ibanez TS808 Tubescreamer
  225. WTB/T: EVH 5150 III amp/guitars, Satriani amp/guitars
  226. For Trade: Dimarzio Air Norton F-spaced for other Dimarzio
  227. FS: j-custom neckthru RG9570
  228. WTB: Ibanez S470
  229. FS/FT Ibanez RG20TH DY Neck
  230. wtb: tremolo like this
  231. FS: Tons of Guitar Magazines, Tab books, DVDs, VHS & CD's
  232. WTT: EVH/78 or Screamin Demon
  233. FS: ADA Mod4 MkII MP1
  234. FS: SIMS Custom Spalted Maple Guitar w/ Floyd Rose
  235. Ibanez RG570CTAM $450 plus shipping
  236. Selling my Vox Tonelab SE and/or Tonelab Desktop
  237. SIMS Custom Shop Quilt Maple Guitar w/ Floyd Rose & Flames
  238. FS: Talk Box
  239. WTB - Ibanez the untold story book.
  240. RGA121 NTF Natural Flat for sale, Seymour Duncan Pickups
  241. FS: Ibanez Frank Gambale FGM-100 Salmon
  242. FS/FT RG3120 NT
  243. WTB: Ibanez Edge Trem
  244. WTB: player condition ibanez rg 550
  245. FT: Schecter 006 Deluxe
  246. WTT/B: Ibanez RG7621WH
  247. FS: Peavey Wolfgang
  248. WTB/T: Mint JS5, JS90
  249. WTB: Ibanez S540/540S
  250. WTB: Ibanez 540R