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Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear

  1. WTB/WTT for IC400
  2. FS: ESP/LTD M-307 Neck Thru 7 String
  3. FS/FT: RG770FM - Sweet flame!
  4. FS/T Ear Candy Buzz Bomb 2x12 Cabinet
  5. WTB: Ibanez RG Body
  6. FT : Laney GH100L
  7. FT: Evolution Bridge/Single/Neck + TZ
  8. wtt : rg-320 with wizard 1 for sz320 or other
  9. FS: PRS Santana Pickups (Bass & Treble)
  10. FS: Various Tab Books & Mags
  11. Ibanezcollector GARAGE SALE: Modded DS1, Huge Cable Lot, Tuner, Parts and Tools
  12. LF: Blue DiMarzio Humbuckers
  13. WTB: Bridge pickup
  14. FS: Mesa Triaxis 2.0 no mods
  15. FS: Mbox2 Factory...NEW!!!!
  16. Gibson Les Paul Classic 1960 RI Iced Tea
  17. FS- 2 of EMG81
  18. FS: Soundblaster Live 5.1 soundcard/box/cd/everything
  19. WTB: Marshall pedal
  20. WTB: Line6 shortboard
  21. FS: Carvin G12 16 ohm speakers (Pair) Brand New
  22. FS: ibanez s470
  23. FS: Dimarzio, PRS pickups, RG7621 neck and RG7421 body
  24. FS: RG7621 Neck/MXR ZW Overdrive/Yamaha Mixer
  25. 1997 Ibanez S540QS
  26. WTB IBZ F2 and F4 pickups
  27. wtb boss ds-1
  28. WTB: Ibanez RG Prestige WTT/WTB black tuners for gold
  29. emu sound card for computer recording
  30. FS/FT Ibanez RG7421, Cherry Fudge ;p
  31. wtb: ltd m-100fm or m-200fm
  32. FS: New RG1527
  33. FS: A variety of Dimarzio pups, DIY kit guitar, and a 300AT for cheap quick sale
  34. FT:Fender Standard Strat and more goodies
  35. ft:NEW Marshall checker grill 4x12 1960ax w/greenbacks trade for orange 4x12 or mesa
  36. FS: Giffin Guitar (former head of Gibson)
  37. WTB: Boss DS-1 MIJ
  38. FS: Ibanez AX7521GP w/ PAF7 in Bridge
  39. FS: Dean ML Noir
  40. WTB Power Amp
  41. FT:Guitars!! FS Parts!!!!
  42. WTT trade original wizard for wizard 2
  43. WTT: Any all tube head for Carvin VL100 [Legacy]
  44. FS: Schecter C-7 Hellraiser Cherry LEFTY!!!
  45. WTB tube combo -mesa- would consider others
  47. Lots of guitars for sale.....Cheap.
  48. Lots of guitars for sale.....
  49. 24Hr listing before I change my mind: Dimarzio ToneZone and Air Norton
  50. WTB: Vox Valvetronix AD30VT or AD50VT
  51. FS: Ibanez Prestige RG3120 (Twilight blue) - $750
  52. Most of a Rack System, Digital Music Corp, VHT, etc for sale
  53. Most of a Rack System, Digital Music Corp, VHT, etc for sale
  54. FT: Fender Standard Strat
  55. FS: Korg AX100G Multi-effects pedal
  56. FT Ibanez J-custom 8527 Norway
  57. FS: Like New DOD FX69B Distortion Pedal
  58. looking to buy EVH d-tuna
  59. WTB: DIMARZIO breed bridge and/or other pickups
  60. FT DiMarzio Fred
  61. FS: ENGL & VHT Amps
  62. WTB: lo pro edge
  63. wtb:ibanez rg 520QS-(blue or brown)
  64. FS: Mesa 4X12 Rect. Cab
  65. WTB: Wizard / JEM neck - or similar In UK
  66. FS: Ibanez J-Custom JCRG7-1VV 7 String
  67. Aria Pro II electric (gutted), Ibanez V7/V8 hums.
  68. Crate Stealth 50watt Tube Head (pro biased and retubed)
  70. Guitars (Washburn, Schecter, PRS), effects and more
  71. WTB - rack reverb, delay etc...
  72. FS: BOSS GT-8
  73. WTB RG2820 prestige (UK)
  74. FS/FT TC Electronic Powercore FW (in Europe)
  75. WTB: High End Ibanez Guitars
  76. wtb: dimarzio cliplok 2-inch
  77. FS/FT RG Custom Sparkle Color Changing Paint (price dropped alot)
  78. FS Ibanez prestige 2550 Ex VBB
  79. FS: Schecter 007 Elite Trans Black
  80. FS/FT : peavey jsx (cheap) .
  81. WTB: PINK DImarzio CLipLOCK
  82. WTB: IBZ/USA F-1 pup or air or tone zone(f-spaced)
  83. WTB: Musicman or Ibanez PETRUCCIS!!, Hughes and Kettner Switchblade or Warp X
  84. FS a Pair of Lollar Imperials with **Black metal covers**
  85. FS/FT Ibanez J Custom S6CST
  86. wtb 90s rg550 flip flop purple color
  87. FS: RGA 121 VLF in Germany
  88. WTT:mint Ibanez SZ520 for Ibanez bass or Fender
  89. FS: Some Gear
  90. FS: Ibanez RG 770FM W/ Factory Flame Maple Top & Back
  91. FS: S.I.B. Fatdrive Tube Boost Pedal
  92. FS: Ibanez MIJ AX7521 7-String w/ Gigbag
  93. FT Dimarzio ToneZone/Air Norton for Evolutions
  94. FS: Jackson DKMG Dinky
  95. WTB: Ibanez rg
  96. RG570 w/ maple neck for project
  97. FS: Hatebreed and Gigantour tickets (megadeth, lamb of god, opeth, arch enemy)
  98. WTB: BLUE FLAME Agile Interceptor!!
  99. Carvin V412 guitar cab wanted!
  100. PAY IT cables!
  101. FS: Boss Tu-80 tuner
  102. WTB: Legacy combo
  103. WTT I WANT A S Bad.. Guitar And Preamp for a S series
  104. FS: Carvin V3 4x12 Celestion speakers
  105. FS: Carvin Legacy Head VL100H
  106. WTS VHT Pitbull 100CL w/EQ
  107. [WTB] Jackson / Charvel Body for 24fret neck
  108. 1999 Ibanez S7420BP
  109. FS Ibanez AR 300 brown sunburst
  110. FS RG custom w/ coffin case
  111. FS: Used Bogner 4x12
  112. FS: Used Marshall DSL50 VooDoo Deluxe Mod Head, New Ruby Tubes
  113. WTB/WTT for Ibanez Artfields !!!
  114. WTB: Eric Sardinas Signature Guitar
  115. FS: 7 string Ibanez LA Custom Shop made for David Fiuczynski
  117. FS ROLAND CUBE 60
  118. Locking Studs
  119. Ibanez In Stock Inventory List 9/14/06
  120. PRS Hollowbody II Here - WOW!
  121. WTB: ESP HZ-300SC7 (old Stephen Carpenter 7string model with passives)!!!
  122. FT Schecter C1+ for 7 string..
  123. FS: Epiphone Les Paul Custom Flamed
  124. E-Mu ESI4000 Digital Sampler for sale $325.00
  125. FS: 1989 540 S LTD
  126. FS Brand New Damage Control Demonizer
  127. WTB: UV777 or RG2027
  128. WTB:Edge Pro(Chrome preferred)
  129. FS: Agile Interceptor Baritone 7
  130. Stock Ibanez Pickups Wanted
  131. Looking for Ibanez PGM90th
  132. FS: EVH Phase 90
  133. FS Carvin Legacy 2x12 V30's
  135. FS: M-Audio
  136. Retro/Modern Games Consoles for sale
  137. Ibanez stw Black Doubleneck 7/6
  138. FS Ibanez RG570 w/gig bag
  139. Custom RG/UV 7 string body with pickups/bridge
  140. FT: EVH 5150
  141. FS Boss MT2 (keeley Mod) & Pod XT
  142. WTB:a lot of ibanez models!
  143. WTB: M200 Slimline Case
  144. WTB: Vai, Satch, Etc.... CD's
  145. FS: Ibanez SZ520QM Transparant purple
  148. FS or FT: Ibanez sz520 TOP SHAPE!!!
  149. FS/FT Mesa Boogie Nomad 100
  150. FT: SD Invader-7 Humbucker
  151. Epiphone Les Paul/Celestion G12-T75's/Schecter, Marshall....and more
  152. FS : Dimarzio Evos, Rio Grande, WTB: Fender Strat Neck
  153. FS: Speaker tubes and parts
  154. FS: Ibanez Blazer Bass
  155. FS: RG7421 Cherry Fudge with DiMarzio Evolution in Bridge
  156. FS: Mesa Single Rectifier Solo Head 50w
  157. Ibanezcollectors Parts and Pickups GARAGE SALE priced to move
  158. WTB RG7620/7621
  159. WTB: Cheap Blue quilt bass?
  160. ft: dimarzio fred
  161. WTB: Hughes & Kettner
  162. FS/FT Custom RG Color Changing Sparkle Finish (Dimarzios)
  163. WTB - Rack power amp (UK)
  164. FS/FT: Carlson electric, high end shredders dream!
  165. FS: Ibanez J-Custom RG-8670TV Purple~Best Flame Ever!!
  166. FS Dimarzio Blaze 7 String Pickups, Dimarzio Clip Lock Strap
  167. FS: Line 6 Flextone HD (300 watt) w/long board FAST SALE!
  168. FS: Ibanez AT300
  169. WTB: 2x12 Cabinet w V30s
  170. WTB Lefty RG550 pickguard
  171. FS: 2 Ibanez Guitars
  172. WTT: Carvin Legacy Half Stack for Peavey Triple XXX half stack
  173. FS: Ibanez RG7321 EMG707 Flat-black ~$200
  174. WTB - Mesa Boogie Mark IV Combo
  175. RG 565 Laser Blue - No Pickups
  176. Jem Pickguard
  177. wtb: edge bridge
  178. FS: Ibanez JPM P3
  179. WTB: 7 string J custom
  180. FT: 1957 Re-Issue Sunburst Strat w/tweed case
  181. FS Rare 1992 RG1200/w case
  182. dimarzio evolution neck for sale .
  184. FS: Ibanez GA10GY Classical
  185. FS: RG550 stock humbuckers
  186. FS - Digitech GNX 3
  187. FS: Roland MicroCube Amp
  188. FS: Ibanez S520EX - Upgraded pickups, trem, strap w/ gigbag. Mint!
  189. Looking for an Ibanez RG7 string
  190. Eh, why not?, For trade: Delicous Chinese Food (south texas)
  191. FS: Line 6 Vetta II HD
  192. FS: Original IBZ USA F2 bridge position pickup (1990)
  193. FS/FT: Ibanez Artstar AS-80
  194. ft : dimarzio air zone
  195. Hughes & Kettner Triamp II, Mesa Mark III, Lexicon MPX-G2/R1
  196. Duncan Distortion set
  197. wtb: ibanez s series
  198. FS: Some great stuff!
  199. WTB: rocktron intellifex
  200. FS: Krank KRANKENSTEIN 100w Tube Head w/ FS
  201. FS: Fender Blues Junior 1x12 Tube Combo Amp
  202. FS: Shure, Audio Technica, Studio Projects Microphones, Monster Cables, Mic Stuff
  203. FS: (2) Mackie 824, Big Knob, (2) Monster SP1000, Package or Seperate
  204. FOR SALE!!! Beautiful Babies, J-Custom's/Prestiges
  205. FS: Ibanez RG7621
  206. Ok, so the Emerald 7-string acoustic is back on the market (& at a lower price)
  207. WTB/WTT: Legacy combo
  208. FS: Rocktron Xpression and MIDIMATE (UK)
  209. WTB: RG7620 or RG1527
  210. FS: Ibanez ICEMAN IC500 Japan
  211. WTB: 7 String Guitar!
  212. Cosmochrome neck hardware off 470LTD
  213. FS: Ibanez RG7CT
  214. Hafler T3 preamp w/ footswitch.
  215. FS: Ibanez Prestige S Series S1220WNF
  216. FS: Ibanez PGM30 loaded with PAF Pro and Tone Zone
  217. FS: Ibanez USA CUSTOM logo.. 2 Color Chrome/Satin Gold
  218. DiMarzio Pickups for sale
  220. FS: 2 x Dimarzio PAF Pro (green) ** UK sale only **
  221. WTB: Gold Edge bridge
  222. FS: BOSS DR-880 drum machine
  223. ibanez prestige rg1570 mirage red fs ft
  224. Bass Pod xt (UK)
  225. Pickups for sale
  226. WTB/ POD 2 or similar effects processor
  227. FS: Maple 'board RG550 QUICK SALE!
  228. wtb: ibanez s series guitar
  229. WTB: POD 2.0
  230. WTB: boss gl100 preamp
  231. krank revolution for sale or trade
  232. Anybody interested in trading for a '87 Charvel Model 5 (like new)
  233. Schecter C7 Blackjack 7-String w/ Seymour Duncans *EC*
  234. FS: Ibanez RGT42BP W/Edge Pro-Customize it for you?
  235. FS/FT Guitar Instructional Videos
  236. WTB:S7420FMTT
  237. FS. Ibanez JS700 JAPAN
  238. Mesa/Boogie Triaxis & 2:90 Poweramp
  239. FS: Warmoth RR Style V and Fender Acoustic
  240. WTT Original Edge and MIJ Wizard II neck
  241. wtb: lo pro tremelo
  242. Selling Series 1 Mesa Boogie Rect-O-Verb
  243. Selling Crate Acoustic Amp
  244. FT: EMGS
  245. FS: Used Genz Benz Lynch 2x12, Low Price
  246. FS: Ibanez SZ520 Sapphire Blue + JB/Jazz
  247. WTB: Dimarzio ClipLock Italian leather strap
  248. FS: '89 RG-760, '88 Charvel Model 6
  249. FS: Ultra Rare Ibanez RG 770FM!!
  250. WTT: Brand New Lo-Pro Edge For Strat Parts ( Pickups & Bridge )