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Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear

  1. FS LTD Deluxe EC-1000 w/ SKB HSC MINT
  2. WTB: Ibanez Sure Grip II Knobs (BLACK!)
  3. WTB: Ibanez M200 case
  4. WTB: RG7420 7 string guitar
  5. Selling gently used Play Station 2
  6. WTB: neck pickup and single coil
  7. FS: Tremol-Nos
  8. FT: EBMM Axis For EBJP7 or Jem7vw or UV777BK
  9. For Sale: Modified RG7321 Dimarzio's, Faux Binding 56k Beware
  10. Wtb: Pgm 800 Brs
  11. WTT: Behringer Edison for pickup / pedal
  12. looking to buy emg 81
  13. FS: OLP Baritone OLP And Boss GE7
  14. FS or Trade Ibanez RG570 BK
  15. FS: Jackson SLSMG Soloist Mint condition
  16. FS: 2001 Les Paul Custom
  17. FT: Eric Johnson Srat for Jem
  18. WTB: Roland VG-88 V2.0
  19. Looking for : Black Edge lo-pro
  20. Wtb: RG7420/7620 Neck Only
  21. FS: Reverend Hellhound all-tube amp head
  22. FS RG550 RFR Body Project
  23. FS : [BRAND NEW][Hi-Res Photos] Lo-Pro Edge CHROME FULL KIT ( Locking Studs)
  24. For Sale: Ibanez s540 Neck with sharktooth inlays.
  25. FS: Mini-Flex Internal Acoustic Mic w/preamp
  26. Wtb: Ada Mp-1
  27. FS: 3/side Gold Tuners
  28. For Sale: Lots of Books, Tuner, Pickups
  29. WTB: rg2550 pickguard
  30. looking to trade planet waves locking trem cut tuners
  31. Ibanez S/Saber Body Wanted!!!!
  32. WTB: Phrase looper (Bomerang or similar)
  33. -FS- ORIGINAL IBZ V Pickups! / Behringer PRO8024 Digital 31 band EQ RACK
  34. Ibanez Rg321 & AX 110XL For Sale, Reduced $$$
  35. For Trade: Ibanez Exotic Wood.. Need project parts
  36. For Sale- Digitech stereo Turbo Flange Exc. Condition
  37. WTB: 2002 Ibanez Prestige S2620FM
  38. FT: Ibanez RG7421XL
  39. WTB trem spring claw.
  40. Still looking for EDGE PRO!!
  41. Ibanez Catalogs anyone? RS410?
  42. wtb :dimarzio evo/steves special/ or air norton pickups
  43. WTB: Pod XT!
  44. BcRich KKV Nj Series Custom with EMG 81/85 + Afterburner
  45. WTB: Pups (DiMarzio or Stock)
  46. guitar effects
  47. FS - Lefty Feline 7-string body
  48. FS - Lefty Feline 7-string body
  49. Fs: Line 6 Vetta Ii Hd + Cabs + Fbv
  50. WTB Ibanez RG2120X or RG2020X or RG2127XVV
  51. WTB: ANY 7 String wanted for 7 string virgin :)
  52. WTT: EBMM Cobalt Blue/Matching HS/JP Inlays for JS
  53. FS: US Tele
  54. WTB: Dimarzio and RG
  55. WTT : Brand New Never Used CHROME Lo-Pro Full Kit for SUSTAINIAC
  56. FS: The Secret Jewel Box
  57. FS/FT: Ibanez S7420BP w/ UV1000C case
  58. FS to US and Canada ADA MP-1 and Alesis Quadraverb Plus
  59. Ibanez RGT320QRBB for sale
  60. Ibanez Exotic Wood Acoustic Bubinga "Got to go"
  61. White RG's?
  62. FS/FT: Guitar parts: pickups, hardware, etc. & Korg MIDI piano module
  63. RG2027XVV wanted, I have cash in hand
  64. WTT: EBMM Petrucci JP-6
  65. FS to UK: Used Dimarzio PAF PRO
  66. WTT Epi LP special 2 for Squier strat
  67. DEMO SALE #1: Ultra Light Oregon Myrtle / Swamp Ash Swan LN6
  68. Fs: 2004 Rg1520gkbk
  69. FS: Analogman Bi-Comp , Boss CE2 MIJ
  70. Wtb/wtt: Esp Sc-607
  71. FS/FT: Rocktron Chameleon Preamp+Effects Processor
  72. WTS/WTT PPI A600.2, V7/V8 pickups
  73. Need Cheap parts Neck and Bridge(Lo Trs)
  74. Need Cheap parts Neck and Bridge(Lo Trs)
  75. FS: DiMarzio FRED and PAF Pro $ REDUCED
  76. FS: Rocktron Chameleon & BBE Sonic Maximizer
  77. WTB Ibanez V8 Pickup
  78. Wtt:original Floyd Rose For Edge
  79. 7 String Blaze Ii Single Coil And Humbucker Jem
  80. FS: DiMarzio FRED and PAF Pro
  81. FS Schecter C7
  82. FS: '93 Hamer Studio Custom burst
  83. FS: Mesa Boogie 50/50 Tube Poweramp
  84. WTB: Dimarzio Pickups
  85. WTT:1987 Rg550 Dy
  86. FS: Ibanez RG550! w/emg active electronics! must sell!
  87. FS/FT Ibanez SA 120
  88. FT: 1958 all original Gibson es225t
  89. WTB: Ibanez RG 5**+ Japan & AANJ
  90. TRADE - 1991 Reb Beach RBM1 For JCM900 Head
  91. FS: Gibson '67 Reissue V w/ EMGs + Upgrades
  92. Parting out an Ibanez RG 7420
  93. F/S Project RG550
  94. F/S Digitech GNX 3 New in box
  95. wanted ibanez rg550 in pink or blaze orange
  96. FS: Ibanez RG570 MIJ 1991 (new pics!)
  97. BOSS DD6 - Digital Delay
  98. Wtb: Rg450 & Up
  99. WTB: Ibanez Edge, Edge Pro, Lo-Pro
  100. WTB: Rocktron Replifex
  101. WTTF: Peavey Wolfgang Standard or Jem 7DBK
  102. WTB.Chrome/mirrored RG pickguard
  103. FS: Marshall JCM 800 2203 head + 16 ohm THD
  104. For Sale: Ibanez RG RMC Red Multi-Color, neck & pickups
  105. FS: Maxon Rotary Phaser - PH350
  106. Ibanez Unfloating Block
  107. EVH D Tuna Like New
  108. FS: Fernandes sustainer Bridge Pickup.
  109. WTB: AANJ Rg body or maybe other AANJ body
  110. correction! WTB: evo bridge pickup
  111. wtf dimarzio evo bridge pickup
  112. WTB JS1000BP or white JS1200CA 90th Ham
  113. Guitar Sale - Look and See - Ibanez, Peavey, Kramer
  114. Ibanez RG 450dx and RX650 Both with h/case UK will ship overseas
  115. FS: Made In Japan NOS Condition Ibanez SC420 S-Classic!
  116. FS: Ibanez RG550 dark teal blue
  117. FS: Line 6 PodxT
  118. Vht Pit UL + Taylor 310c acoustic ($2,500 takes both)
  119. WTB: Roland FC200 MIDI FootController
  120. FS: BOSS TR2 Tremolo - like new, Box & Manual
  121. Fender Gear Bag
  122. FS: Customized RG
  123. Ibanez body and neck for sale and LOTS of other stuff!
  124. Pedals For Sale
  125. Multiple items for sale (guitars, etc)....
  126. For Sale: Ibanez RG Passion & Warfare Swirled guitar, neck & pickups
  127. F/S Custom Iceman, non Ibanez.
  128. FS: Charvel 375 Deluxe... Think RG550 but with SSH and Flame Maple!
  129. WTB: RG7620 preferably in UK.
  130. Carvin DC127, w. your choice of DiMarzio Pickups
  131. WTB: Mesa/Boogie Racktifier
  132. WTS: Boss Super Chorus CH1 & Boss Compression Sustainer CS-3
  133. For Sale or Trade EB/MM JP7
  134. WTB Tremol-no
  135. FS: RG570 Sour Apple Sparkle with Fred and PAF Pro
  136. FS: RG 7620GN MIJ - near mint
  137. Wanted~! Eventide Harmonizer H3000
  138. Washburn BT-5 electric (looks like EVH Wolfgang).
  139. FT/FS Mesa Dual Recto head. I need a bass
  140. Free OZZFEST Tickets!
  141. FS: JS1000BP Mint condition 1997 model
  142. WTB: DiMarzio D-Sonic
  143. Seymour Duncan Pickups/Steinberger & Kramer Guitars
  144. FS: Ibanez SCA220 (US Only)
  145. FS-Traynor 80 watt 2 X 12" Tube amp
  146. FS: An "Oh Crap, I'm Going To College" Sale, PART 2! Desert Yellow 7 String, more.
  147. FS: DiMarzio ToneZone solid blue
  148. WTT Black Edge whammy bar for a Black Lo TRS whammy bar
  149. FT: My D'Addario EXL110 String Sets for Your EXL120's
  150. FS: 2 x Dimarzio PAF Pro in GREEN [UK]
  151. FS: Rocktron Voodu Valve tube tuiar preamp w/ effects
  152. FS: Peavey Rock Master tube guitar preamp
  153. FS: Evolution $40 shipped
  154. FS: Ibanez JPM P2 John Petrucci Model in Good Condition
  155. Guitars & Stuff For Sale!!!!!
  156. FS:DiMarzio Evo Set blue/black F-spaced
  157. Anyone have an EDGE PRO?
  158. FS/WTT: EMG Zakk Wylde Set for Dimarzio
  159. Ibanez RG1527 Black Seven String
  160. Digitech GNX3000 price reduced
  161. FS: Alesis Microverb II
  162. FS: Alesis SR16 drum machine
  163. FS: Boss CS3 Compressor/Sustainer
  164. FS: Dunlop Crybaby 535Q Multi-Wah
  165. FS Ibanez RGT3120 Violet Neck Through
  166. WTB: DiMarzio "J-Custom set"
  167. WTB: Ernie Ball MM JP6 w/ or w/o piezo
  168. WTB: Ibanez Pro Line PL2550 [UK]
  169. WTB: Ibanez J-Custom MRG-1QMG
  170. Martin Trey Anastasio HERE!
  171. FS/FT: Ibanez J Custom Rg1712
  172. looking for an RG550
  173. WTB- Cheap Pickguard for RG550
  174. FS: Yamaha Magic Stomp - $75 + shipping
  175. wtb mesa boogie , one of a few different models
  176. Ibanez RG Parts for sale
  177. Ibanez RG Parts for sale
  178. FS: JCustom RG8570MVV
  179. FS: serious guitar rig-Hughes & Kettner,Lexicon,Avatar,Mesa
  180. TRADE RG 350DX for Edge Pro Bridge or prestige neck!!!
  181. Danelectro Chili Dog Octaver pedal.
  182. FS: Ibanez K7 (Brand new) 7-string w/ HSC
  183. FS: MUST SELL!!! ibanez rg 550
  184. Tone Zone...F-spaced...Black
  185. WTT: 86 Gibson Les Paul
  186. Ibanez reversed headstock & neck-thru RG RT47DX
  187. Ibanez 540p II (europe) - for sale again
  188. FS: RG7 neck with ebony fingerboard
  189. FS: Rare discountied MIJ Yamaha yg1212.
  190. Ft: '94 Rg550
  191. fender HRR maple neck
  192. FS: Ibanez RG570 '91 MIJ
  193. FT: Ibanez RG321MH
  194. FS: Hughes and Kettner 4x12 guitar cab...
  195. Wtb: Ibanez Ue405 Multi-effcts Unit!!!
  196. FS: Brand new Gibson Faded Flying V
  197. FS: Strat Pickup sets -- Lawrence, Dimarzio, Duncan, Rio Grande
  198. FS/FT Ibanez J-Custom RG 21A
  199. FT: 2005 Fender US Standard Strat
  200. FS in Australia: Mesa boogie Quad preamp- $975
  201. FS: 2 Japan Made Ibanez Guitars
  202. JS1200CA or JS1000 white
  204. FS: Rogue Electric Sitar
  205. f/s f/t fender av57 in daphne blue
  206. FS: Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier 3 channel with Voodoo Amps DELUXE mod
  207. FS: Couple of things...
  208. Ibanez RG Dark Red Flame Maple!
  209. Ibanez RG Dark Red Flame Maple!
  210. Ibanez RG Dark Red Flame Maple!
  211. WTB: Ibanez RG's around $300 or less.
  212. FS: FGM100DY, Gambale model, 1991..excellent condition!
  213. WTB: Black Floyd Rose and EMG's
  214. FS: Beyerdynamic DT231 Pro Headphones
  215. schecter avenger 7 string project for sale
  216. FS/FT Behringer V-Amp2 MINT.. Cheap Too :)
  217. Fs: Brand New Ibanez Rg1527gk
  218. Fs 1990 Rg-570wh
  219. FS: Bogner Shiva Extension/Conversion Cabinet
  220. WTS\WTT Grey Ibanez RG 570
  221. WTB: Ibanez 'U-Bar' for the K7 model.
  222. FS: Ibanez RG3120 w/case...
  223. WTB: Ibanez Memoribilia
  224. wtb: J-craft Ibanez's (RG1570, RGA121)
  225. FS: Boss DB-88 Top O' The Line Metronome
  226. WTB ADA MicroCab I or MicroCab II
  227. [WTB] 7 string left handed electric guitar - Ibanez or Schecter
  228. WTB: Ibanez RG370DX
  229. FS This stuff needs to be gone now, Prices are insane.. :)
  230. Fs Mi Audio Blue Boy & Digitech Ex-7 Expression Factory
  231. Wtb: Js1000 Btb
  232. WTB: Ibanez AT100
  233. FS: XTM X-Factor Nitro RC Truck...
  234. WTT Dimarzio 6 String PU's for Dimarzio 7 String PU's
  235. WTT: Acoustic Guitars
  236. For Trade: Modified Ibanez GSZ120 with Dimarzios
  237. WTB: 7 String Pickups
  238. WTB. Conklin GT7 or simmilar
  239. Anyone have a BLACK EDGE PRO?
  240. FS: Ibanez Project Parts (Trems, Pickups, ETC)
  241. Ibanez RG7-1VV J-Custom (7-string)
  242. Taylor 310c for sale
  243. FS/FT Ibanez RG 7420 with Tone Zone 7 and Air Norton 7
  244. FT: 7 string Gibson Les Paul Ephiphone flame top
  245. WTS/WTT: ESP (Not LTD) Original Eclipse
  246. FS: Ibanez RG parts
  247. WTB: Prestige Team J. case...
  248. FS: Ernie Ball 6165 Stereo Volume/Pan Pedal
  249. WTB: Ibanez Prestige Hardshell Case
  250. 3 Japanese RGs (UK only)