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  1. A challenge for the swirl masters
  2. I am crazy or is this insanely overpriced?
  3. Jaden Rose - OFFICIAL THREAD
  4. Very questionable 7VWH & seller
  5. Bongo blowout
  6. How do you switch the paypal account you're using on the bay?
  7. The case of the re-appearing JS1200
  8. Couldn't resist
  9. Just... wow...
  10. Vintage guitars... Where to sell?
  11. Fakes on the evil auction site
  12. Herc Fede
  13. bad buyer
  14. Evilbay scammer
  15. Craigslist goodies
  16. For all you customizers in the Nashville Metro Area...
  17. Unbridled Optimism
  18. Is this one a fake or an original?
  19. LNG for Nearly $4000! It's not even close to mint!
  20. A quick note on e-bay/classified listings
  21. Not sure I'm understanding..
  22. 90th on e-bay, can anyone verify his info?
  23. Anybody seen this?
  24. RG1570 on the 'Bay?
  25. It's Only Cosmetic!
  26. New Evil-bay charges?
  27. Complete and utter Moron on e-bay...
  28. 70's Ibanez ES335 copy
  29. Ever traded a guitar on Jemsite? Post your experiences here.
  31. Escrow Services? COD?
  32. Anyone know this seller? (and other questions)
  33. JPM advice needed?
  34. E-bay to stop sellers from leaving feedback
  35. How much would you pay for a Squier Strat?
  36. DNA on the bay
  37. Is this an actual Fede Swirl?
  38. LMI Fretboard Shipping Costs To Europe?
  39. Jem replica necks
  40. Help with a e-bay problem please
  41. JEM77BSB for sale @ Guitarvillage
  42. Ibanez Jpm P1 on ****
  43. Anyone looking for a piezo 7 string?
  44. Ibanez Cosmic Swirl - 5000$ ?!?
  45. Rare Jem 777VSK on the bay!
  46. Just wanted to share this link (e-bay related)
  47. PayPal message re "IRS Summons"
  48. FAKE??
  49. RT650
  50. Anyone knows about Neville...
  51. After all the guy put into this swirl...
  52. JS Scam on Evilbay?
  53. misrepresented RG 7420/7421's...
  54. JPM2 stupidly cheap on E**y, dubious...
  55. Should I buy this LNG Jem on the Bay ?? only 1 hour to go please respond
  56. Bad Company Warning
  57. Do ****** post overseas?
  58. More tales of a bewildered e-bayer
  59. SK Jem in LNG Case on the 'bay
  60. Another DNA on Evilbay
  61. PAYPAL WARNING (Seller Protection Policy does not exist!)
  62. Ouch! And I thought my ex was a b*tch...
  63. First Unpaid Item on E-Bay Ever
  64. Lefty RG470 on Craig's
  65. Check out this DNA on the BAY + Zero feedback !!
  66. UV777GR
  67. This might be legit.
  68. Fret-work needed
  69. VWH neck
  70. What a SHAME!
  71. Ladies and Gentlemen! Your Attention Please!
  72. On being called a scam artist...
  73. What The F***! I'm speechless.
  74. No no no, this can't be right at all...
  75. Pickup Modification and Custom Building Services
  76. E bay Item Recieved With Nasty Surprise
  77. Anyone looking for hardwoods?
  78. Unpleasant buying experience with a "power seller".
  79. Yet another Paypal question....
  80. Other Multi Payment Dealers Around?
  81. Cottam Guitars/Ibanezking away
  82. List of Japan Webshops.
  83. Guitar Custom Shop list.
  84. Chibanez invades Craigslist...
  85. Is there anyone who had bought a Jem from Matt's Music center ?
  86. ***Official Product Thread*** Pro-Dials guitar knobs
  87. New Neck [Best Feeling/Playing Custom Necks]
  88. Good on-line place to buy Schecters... ?
  89. Questionable neck on the 'bay
  90. Nearly $4000 for a FEDE GMC Copy, Don't think so.
  91. $18,300?
  92. GMC on the Bay! Great story
  93. Paradise Guitars - OFFICIAL Thread
  94. Who scored the PMC off the 'bay?
  95. Thief from Brazil (to warn You guys)
  96. Looks like the Chinese wholesalers are hitting new lows...
  97. New fakes (floral) on the bay?
  98. Anyone want a nasty looking swirl?
  99. Buying from Japan?
  100. Best option for shipping a large amp?
  101. DNA for $10,000, What is going on?
  102. For all you Jemsiters who use the bay!
  103. Sale Dispute: Ibanez Lo Pro Edge Trem + Tuners + RGT3120 parts
  104. Suspected Fraud
  105. Need some advice concerning a vendor not delivering the product
  106. HELP! Trade with UK-based forum member | Delays and Royal Mail/Parcelforce problems
  107. evilbay
  108. Where can I get a 7 string neck???
  109. Richard Fay Guitars - no more custom work!
  110. Patrick Sims does it again!!!
  111. Introducing Paradise Guitars ***OFFICIAL THREAD***
  112. Where can i get the RG9670
  113. Reputable Fender/Ibanez Custom Neck Luthier
  114. Major issues with Ed Roman's guitars
  115. Paging Patrick Sims
  116. RG20th DY in Atlanta area
  117. Bad Trade - 5 Months Waiting for RG7620 from Forum Member
  118. Jem fake on the bay
  119. How much should I pay for this Root Beer Jem on the BAY
  120. Stupid shill bidding
  121. Factory seconds
  122. pickguard paradise not picking up emails
  123. Question about overseas buyer
  124. Anyone heard from EKG lately?
  125. ESP Crafthouse
  126. Passion_and_Warfare - Forum Member, My Experience
  127. I would suggest not dealing with forum member metalli*head
  128. Very important link for reporting e-bay fakes
  129. Anyone dealt with Sam Ash?
  130. Hurry Tube Screamer at 800 bucks ending soon
  131. So with the troubles of Chris Woods + Legacy..
  132. hello there
  133. Anyone know of this guy?
  134. JEM 20th on the UK Bay??
  135. Reporting Fakes to e*b*a*y
  136. Where to buy DiMarzio pick-ups in the USA? (to ship them overseas)
  137. JSPRM2 At $11500!
  138. New swirler?
  139. You gotta be kidding me??
  140. Ibanez Jem "prototype" on the Bay
  141. The e-bay police ! - auction fraud warnings
  142. Has Anyone Seen the 'Rare Jem Prototype' on the bay?
  143. Opinions on these 'bay necks?
  144. SIMS Custom VSBL on the BAY
  145. Darren (ATD) info
  147. 77b? whats that
  148. UK - unloading two of my JEMs
  149. what ibanez guitar is this?
  150. I need some backup please!
  151. RG550 Prototype on the Bay
  152. UK Price for a used RG3120 NR MINT
  153. The mind boggles...
  154. Why are pics so bad on [email protected]?
  155. DNA on bay...
  156. EKG Guitars...
  157. 777DY Mint with Vai signature. Is it worth 1300?
  158. Paypal Problems
  159. Update from Patrick : Hey Everybody
  160. Quick update on Patrick Sims 03/30/07
  161. Give me your opinion of the neck on this USA CUSTOM auction
  162. Cottam Guitars.
  163. JEMSTOCK featuring Steve Vai May 19th 2007 at Zone Music in Cotati California
  164. Italian and Chinese online stores?
  165. Question about shipping from US to overseas
  166. Christopher Woods, Monsterguitarshop, Legacy One
  167. Just got done
  168. Parable Guitars?
  169. RIAA Gold Record for Passion and Warfare on the 'bay?
  171. Does anyone have a Passion and Warfare poster they'd like to sell?
  172. ET Guitars - New Vendor OFFICIAL THREAD
  173. BEWARE - I just got phished
  174. Does anyone know where I can find this part??
  175. Heads up - Patrick Sims was in a car accident last night.
  176. E-Bay Seller Hippo_House Neck Review
  177. Bid on F****
  178. legacy one experience
  179. how much would u pay for this 777lng?
  180. Anybody know anything about Hippo_House on e-Bay?
  181. E-bay feedback V 2.0
  182. what RG is this?
  183. is it really a 770dx?
  184. A question about the delivery period
  185. beautiful swirl on **** but worth it?
  186. UK e-bayers please read
  187. **** prick
  188. RE: DNA Auction Caution!! & Paging Merlock!!
  189. Buying guitars straight from the factory...
  190. Found an RG 2027 on Craigslist
  191. Anyone bought a neck from Legacy One?
  192. LGM Guitars and Grafix Update - 12/15/2006
  193. Legacy One Guitars OFFICIAL THREAD
  194. now quite good with this but... real?
  195. again.. terrible situation here..
  196. should i still buy? >.>
  197. US online music stores who ship OS using USPS?
  198. one of the best swirls IMO
  199. Help with **** auction - good deal?
  200. Beware of this seller...
  201. abit shady auction? just checking
  202. guys help
  203. Legacy one guitars?
  204. Am I being scammed?
  205. There are good people out there
  206. Pet Peeve
  207. 7vwh auction real or fake? help~
  208. DNA for sale on HC
  209. where to buy Jem Bad horsie?
  210. I GOT SCAMMED OUT OF $1200!!??
  211. Jem 90HAM Trade Feeler
  212. Need Help - real Universe or fake
  213. New vendor! Look Anyone have experience with them?
  214. Question regarding classified ads
  215. What do you think of this deal for a marshall amp ?
  216. Call him AL.
  217. I'm being screwed by Paypal! What can I do!?
  218. Ahhhh Guitar Center
  219. E-Shop with used guitars
  220. anyone heard from EKG?
  221. UV7V
  222. Much as I hate to do it
  223. which evilbay jem should i buy?
  224. jem 777 dy would you buy this one ?
  225. Should i sell my DNA ?
  226. Take the GAS quiz and see how bad you have it....
  227. Port City Music: I have a question about your cabs
  228. Enquiring about 2nd guitars
  229. Need someone with a Neteller and a paypal account
  230. This could be the beginning of the end for Chibanez Inc.
  231. Stupid Paypal Question
  232. Carvins Customer Service = The Best
  233. weird Jem
  234. UVMC color question
  235. I wonder if this will work for a new Jem?
  236. what would u pay for replacement bodies and necks??
  237. I made the top 5 in the Jemsite iTrader list today :)
  238. How to find Eric at Eric Guitars?
  240. Oh dear.... anyone else seen this yet?
  241. guitar tech
  242. Spiderman Ibanez ????? Really ?
  243. LGM Guitars
  244. Where to buy Prestige's or Jems in australia?
  245. Announcement
  246. Any UK luthiers want to help me out?
  247. Cheapest places to buy Ibanez's online?
  248. Does anybody know Nate Perle?
  249. Ibanez Rules email out
  250. If you have dealt with Ibanezcollector please post in here..