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  1. Importing 2 guitars from the US. NEED FAST REPLIES!
  2. Cheap Ibanez Jem body - Prototype
  3. What do you think about this RGT
  4. Question about buying new Jem in USA
  5. Amazon carrying high end musical equipment
  6. New York, New York
  7. Large lot of Petrucci Guitars
  8. Jem Copy on eBay
  9. Jem by EKG or LGM?
  10. 3 DNAs - holy cow!
  12. The OFFICIAL LGM Guitars in progress & finished work thr
  13. Odd Vai Memorabilia piece
  14. Your opinion on this Jem. It seems a little odd.
  15. Skolnick goes Vai
  16. How much did you pay for your JEM7VWH? Urgent!!!
  17. EVH MKRs????
  18. Vai-nessa Mae
  19. Anyone ever ship a guitar via USPS Priority Mail?
  20. Last DBK ever made?
  21. Ibanez price hike in effect already?
  22. Any Italians Present?
  23. Guitarists From NewYork..please help
  24. What is the best guitar I can get for 700-800 USD?
  25. Dodgy UK eBay RG770 auction
  26. Is this true or is the seller on crack?
  27. US Customs and EMS
  28. why have a reserve price?
  29. ebay auction question
  30. delete
  31. Which of these jems should I buy?
  32. Fake Voyager Auction?
  33. down?
  34. A $1000.00+ for a radius???
  35. Do UV and JS ALWAYS ship with flight case ?
  36. Anyone else think Englands 7 string guitar prices suck?
  37. Brand new DNA - any1 interested?
  38. 'MAXXAS'?
  39. Is Ebay the kelly blue book of guitars?
  40. A Question About LGM Guitars
  41. Dodgy Jem 10th
  42. How much would you pay for this UV77MC?
  43. local guitar shop frowns upon me
  44. Odd color Jem 90Ham
  46. Be Careful!!
  47. DNA #38 is staying with me...sorry if I got your hopes up
  48. Ibanez Rules: Jem7V WH
  49. (Humour) scammer gets scammed
  50. Monster deals stories/strategy/secrets thread
  51. Something wrong with this...
  52. Hope this kid has a Jem too...
  53. DBK Copy..
  54. Help in determining if this is a scam?
  55. Another Nice Guitar Stand!!!
  56. How much for modded RG550?
  58. OMG.... check out this POS for 900 bux
  59. JS10th for sale in The Netherlands
  60. E-Bay update info scam?
  62. legacy in Finland
  63. JEM Prototype? (fraud possibility alert)
  64. Paul Smith's signature multicolor swirl for $375.00???
  65. Shipping to France??
  66. jemsite classifieds
  67. new jemv6
  68. Ibanez Jem/Wizard necks
  69. WARNING 2x RootBeers on e*
  70. jem7bfp i am crying........cause i couldn t buy it !!!
  71. OT: Ibanez bass retailers on Manhattan
  72. New Site Launched! EKG Guitars!
  73. Oops.. Bad impulse bidding...
  74. Where to buy picks online?
  75. Where to buy a J-Custom or a JEM in San Francisco ?
  76. Internatational shipping experience wanted
  77. A Word Of Warning From Wes
  78. I believe this is a scam.
  79. Non-international shipping >:[
  80. terrified of ebay hustle, cab you check these out?
  81. customs to norway/shipping from u.s to norway/europe
  82. A Word from Ed!!!
  83. what would YOU do? auction problem
  84. Extra frets?
  85. brazilian auction using jemsite & ibanezrules pics
  86. jem 333
  87. autograhped universe 7mc
  88. Imminant arrival Jem7PBK
  90. Wow what a store!
  91. Help me out please!!!
  92. Bad Trade - Update - Please read - Postage Problem !!!
  93. Mailing stuff
  94. Bad Trade - Results ... (RESOLVED)
  95. Other guitar dealers
  96. Is this a good deal?
  97. What do you guys make of this email?
  98. JEM 7VWH ..I am buying a new one from Rich Harris!
  99. ibanez jem shipping
  100. Jem7VWH for $150 on HC???
  101. What is this s-style guitar?
  102. How difficult is it to part with your Jems?
  103. International Shipping
  104. Does this sort of rubbish happen alot on ebay???
  105. Need help !! Shipping guitar from Europe to US
  106. RE: HERC FEDE Contact Info Needed
  107. Custom fee's from germany?
  108. New from LGM Guitars, custom necks, original or replacement
  109. Ending Auctions Early
  110. escrow services for guitar trades
  111. Yet another JEM10 fraud (678 aka 776)
  112. Trading guitars 101 (?)
  113. Paypal Secure?
  114. Poor Guitar
  115. Need help/opinions with regards to Western Union Rich?
  116. 1 st swirl guitar ever done on evil bay auction #2372372428
  117. SCA220 or something I've never seen?
  118. HAHA I was waiting for one of these!!!
  119. EBAY Prices
  120. Ebay Fraud thats my Jem 10th for sale
  121. Another Fraud?? Another JEM 10
  122. J-Custom RG GOLD1
  123. RBM for 2000 EUR ???
  124. Ikebe-Gakki importing?
  125. Ordering directly from Ibanez
  126. Ebay email, what do you guys think?
  127. Now is the time to buy gear and guitars from USA!!
  128. ebay negative feedback question
  129. Anyone know who rich horner is?
  130. Anyone Tried/Any Rules Against...
  131. RG550 for sale on
  132. JEM777LNG #771 (ebay fraud dec 2003)
  133. eBay cons are completely out of control ;/
  134. jem 7vwh
  135. HELLLLLP!!!
  136. morons and ebay
  137. Fraudlent Ebay auction and nothing can be done....
  138. Guitar Stores in Florida
  139. BSB Prototype or Just BS?
  140. How safe is Western Union Payments ???
  141. Anyone dealt with Romain BIDAUT ?
  142. grey imports
  143. $10,000 Jem7VWH?!
  144. Fraud Jem777VBK Auction - Jemsite Pics!
  145. Anderson and PRS better watch out!
  146. How can I go about getting guitars for cheap?
  147. JS10th sighting
  148. Help with Scott74, no respons.
  149. Quite possibly the funniest/ awkwardest eBay auctions EVER!
  151. My UV777BK neck is being held
  152. Ed Romans, pro's and cons of ed roman?
  153. RG550 value
  154. Best place to buy picks (bulk)?
  155. Jem 777 LNG Proto type scam~!!!
  156. this is a wacky one
  157. DNA NR?/
  158. GAS - I need to calm down a little now !!!
  159. International Wire Transfer? Codes?
  160. Seller won't give serial this bad???
  161. Ebay Blunder: need advice
  162. Ba******** and Grrrr at Ebay and non paying buyers
  163. Warning BUYERS on Ebay!!!
  164. Check out this Satriani
  165. Is Radiant Records secure? (Yellow Matter Custard is out!!!)
  166. How much for a PGM100
  167. Need Help
  168. BS Ebay auction? JEM77FP
  169. GOOD guitar store in Jacksonville, FL or Savannah, GA area?
  170. Importing a JEM into England from Musiciansbestfriend USA
  171. Anyone delt with EDROMAN shop ?
  172. Wow! Universe MKRs are selling for around the same as ATDs!
  173. NB Custom Guitars
  174. Check this guitar out!!
  175. Buyers/Sellers Why not pay for a banner
  176. Good guitar stores in Jacksonville, FL or Savannah, GA?
  177. FAO: Rich
  178. Wow an MKR UV77MC that sold for more than an ATD!
  179. Lefty Customshop S1520 for sale, who is selling it?
  180. wow Rich...that's ...errr..umm
  181. A suggestion for Rich
  182. Anyone sells guitar on ebay? Question...
  183. A Universe MC for 1500 euro? Is it a good deal?
  184. Shipping a guitar to Japan - Duty?
  185. WHERE can I find poweramps?
  186. fedner strat?
  187. Hetfield's Camaro on sale!
  188. Looking for Jeremy from LGM
  189. funny pic
  190. Ibanez USA Custom
  191. Ibanez USA Custom
  192. James Hetfield
  193. May be able to buy a Vbk, worth it?
  194. Funny daren, (move if not appropriate for this area)
  195. I was thinking of setting up my own guitar shop..... :)
  196. Dilema regarding shipping
  197. Insurance question
  198. Bodies available !
  199. Real or Fake?
  200. Has anyone delt with Babahi?
  201. Curiosity... Opinions on EBay?
  202. Creep picture
  203. Too good to be true?
  204. 777sk
  205. T shirts?
  206. Guitar Center Labor Day Sale
  207. Another Butchered Ugly Mo-Fo
  208. Jem 10th Deal Still Incomplete
  209. What is this guitar on ebay?
  210. LGM custom guitars
  211. I found Ralph Santolla's (DEATH) old USA Custom on Ebay;
  212. What's this for a RG?
  213. Is this a scam??? HELP ME OUT~!!
  214. I think I got ripped off...
  215. What is this? (UV7BK)
  216. LGM Guitars, email info and new website
  217. Buy a guitar through ESCROW.COM process ?
  218. LGM Guitars NEW SHOP!!!!!!!!!!
  219. How buying from US and shipping to France ?
  220. evil01ws6, you rock. (Brown nosing thread)
  221. Don't understand some of the members on the board...
  222. Indonesia buyers & other online fraud
  223. A guide to buying in the USA and shipping to the UK
  224. sending as a gift?
  225. LGM Guitars announcement!!!!!!
  226. Something Some Of You May Want To Look At
  227. seller warning....lessons learned
  228. possible ebay warning, instrument exchange
  229. New auctions to laugh at
  230. guitar scam in indonesia?
  231. *BEWARE* - EBAY/ Indonesia/Online Buyers Fraud Alert Topic
  232. rich's pics of jem?pmc?
  233. Universal Jems Good to buy from?
  234. The earliest Edge ever? '74 - with Sprezels!
  235. Buyer BEWARE - Harpers Guitars Scam