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Pickups & wiring

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  1. Help Needed- installing pickups
  2. D activatorX Vs D Sonic.
  3. Another "Which pickup?" thread
  4. Replacing INF3 & INF4 with DiMarzio Evolution (neck & bridge) on an Ibanez RG4EXFM1
  5. wire guage for wiring components
  6. Anderson HN3 Vs Suhr Doug Aldrich Vs EVO 2
  7. Closest Dimarzio to SD Alnico II Pro
  8. Puckup leads too short! Need advice...
  9. S540: Needing a tighter and brighter bridge pickup
  10. Help with pickup swap
  11. [Tone request]: If you have v8/v7 pickups, take a look please
  12. Taiwey Switches? Any good?
  14. Lundgren
  15. Dimarzio D Activator X
  16. pickups for rg550?
  17. what do you think of my selection of pickups upgrade for my alder body rg570ct
  18. Middle Single Coil Suggestion.
  19. Replacing Direct mounted pickups?
  20. The crazy wiring fandango!
  21. Super 70 oversized mounting ring replacement?
  22. Bridge Pup for Ibanez RG350
  23. Coil split with HSH???
  24. Humbucker to tone cap to output with switch
  25. rg570 pup hell!
  26. Axis AH-2 question
  27. Wax when changing pole pieces?
  28. a disturbing V-series pickup story (made me think!)
  29. 3PS1SC5 2502N Switch Gone bad
  30. RG170dx wiring 5 way switch HELP
  31. Giving away 7-string Crunch Lab, Liquifire pickups!
  32. which one is darker? Air Zone vs Norton in the neck
  33. Pickup Noise from Paf Pros?
  34. Help needed! RG570 w Fender dm50 switch
  35. H-S-H Config Help
  36. Another "The right pickup for me?" Thread
  37. Infinity Specs
  38. Is this RG550 HSH wiring possible? (Fairly sophisicated)
  39. Suggestions for an RG770DX
  40. Blue Dimarzio Crunch Lab in an Rg Paint2 J Custom (pics inside)
  41. Blending Pots Instead of Switches?
  42. killswitch and added noise/hum
  43. Here is my X2N Wiring Diagram
  44. EVO 2 in the neck?
  45. Removing a pickguard on a front routed guitar
  46. Can anybody in US help me buying Pink-Green Dimarzio PU?
  47. Looking for dark sounding pickups in the bridge
  48. X2N in Alder???
  49. F spaced or standard for neck pickup?
  50. Pickup advice for S5470
  51. Has anybody tried any of the Schaller pickup range?
  52. pickup grounding weird problem..
  53. New Pickups for 2007 RG1527
  54. gauging interest for passive-sized 8 strin Q-tuners for production!
  55. Angled Output Jack size?
  56. Info on DiMarzioŽ/IBZ pickups
  57. Info on DiMarzioŽ/IBZ pickups
  58. kinda complex wiring scheme
  59. DiMarzio pickup color change
  60. Wiring problems
  61. X2N Question
  62. Dimarzio passives or Seymour Actives?
  63. rg570 pickups
  64. H-S-S Pickup Question
  65. Proline/Lace Dually Wiring Help PLEASE!!
  66. Dimarzio P.u. Recomendations
  67. need help wiring pickups
  68. Evos vs Breeds
  69. Dimarzio Single Coil Suggestion
  70. suggestions anyone?
  71. Confused about position of Dimarzio Air Norton.
  72. Problem with EMG's
  73. Need suggestions for ibanez s
  74. I Got Fake Jem7! Will New Pickups help?
  75. Do RG550 reissues have the special 5 way?
  76. Thoughts on Ibanez V2 bridge pup
  77. Pickup spacing for the S320
  78. D activator bridge model in neck instead of Evo neck model?
  79. Anyone tried Evo7 bridge in neck?
  80. SH-4 JB Model Humbucker and SH-6 Distortion Humbucker
  81. Duncan Seymour and DiMarzio wires color
  82. Help identifying Dimarzio pickup
  83. help me pull the trigger
  84. Dimarzio Air Classics?
  85. Vintage paf pro
  86. My review (with audio) of DiMarzio Crunch Lab, LiquiFire Petrucci pickups
  87. Need insight on next set of pickups
  88. is this kind of buzzing normal?
  89. Wiring Diagram for INF1,INF2
  90. Dimarzio 7 string neck PUs in bridge position?
  91. quick tone zone review
  92. HSH config with new Pups and new HUM :(
  93. Taking EMGs from EMG KH-21
  94. RG and GR Pickup Mods
  95. Dimarzio wiring diagram for strat
  96. STUPID 5way switch!!!!
  97. Need wiring help for SSS with evolutions.
  98. 1 humbucker 1 volume wiring?
  99. Which Pups for Mahogany S540?
  100. Installing a Jazz/JB into my RG
  101. Dimarzio DC resistance specs: accurate?
  102. New Petrucci Dimarzios in a basswood Ibanez?
  103. IronGear Hammerhead Pickups - Views?
  104. Ibanez Jem - 7PBK - potential for rewire?
  105. Single Coils to Balance D-Activators
  106. Weird issue with pickup selector.
  107. Hum-cancelling wiring issue
  108. Single coil to go with Dimarzio Breed Pickups in RG4ex1?
  109. What Single coils?
  110. How to identify Pickup?
  111. INF to DiMarzio wiring issues
  112. Buckethead: Tone Zone Neck, Air Norton Bridge?
  113. Duncan Distortion in RG770DX
  114. My switch finally bit the dust.
  115. Dimarzio D-Activator X (b) + Dimarzio D-Activator (n)
  116. Wiring the VLX91 JemVWH
  117. Putting breeds into RG570
  118. Ok pickup gurus: how do I get middle split setting here?
  119. Installing a D-sonic on the RGA321
  120. Single pickup config
  121. I want a meatyer pick up.
  122. Dimarzio D-Sonic wiring/installation help needed
  123. i hate emg
  124. New Petrucci signature DiMarzios?
  125. Dimarzio P-90 SuperDistortion?
  126. my tone knob is a volume knob...
  127. Just finished wiring and my bridge pup sounds like a blend of bridge and neck
  128. EMG Active H-S-H setup?
  129. Universe project...DiMarzio suggestions please!!
  130. Dimarzio Paf Pro Fred in a PRS?
  131. Fernandes Sustainer Problem
  132. so i broke my ibanez in an attempt to make it better.
  133. New pickups for RGT42dxfm
  134. Your Favorite HSH pickup combos
  135. DiMar Air Norton muddiness
  136. EMG PU wiring diagram Questions
  137. Paf Pro for neck, f-spaced
  138. Severe volume drop in 2,4
  139. Just got my X2N and PAF Pro installed
  140. EMG 81/85 Vs Seymour Duncan JB/Jazz
  141. How to wire INF1...please help
  142. Wires and a mega switch
  143. Pickups advice on 1570 - Need help!!
  144. Need help installing new pickups!
  145. Dimarzio Breed in Ibanez S2170?
  146. which pots?
  147. New switch for X2N and tone knob removal
  148. wiring problem - Schecter guitar
  149. H-S-S pickups for a Chandler
  150. Need advice on pickups for a strat
  151. Pickups
  152. RG550-Too bright w/ maple (.047Uf cap?)
  153. New S Series Guitar * Needs * New Pickups
  154. uv7bk wiring, not original ibanez switch
  155. EMG 81/85 PUs in Basswood body???
  156. Dimarzio X2N
  157. Tone-Zone Problem
  158. EMG Active wiring help
  159. EMG 81 and/or 85 output in mV?
  160. Help Installing Dimarzio SS into RG1570
  161. Nuno bridge tone from DiMarzio
  162. What pickups are these?
  163. theoretical tone question
  164. Replacement pickup suggestions (AS73T)
  165. Flipping bridge pickup in S5470?
  166. need advice on pick up for 1570
  167. Old B.C. Rich gunslinger upgrades
  168. loop switcher help
  169. Neck Evolution pickup sounds weak and tinny
  170. HH, 3 Way Switch, 1 Vol, 1 Tone w/ Push Pull Coil Tap
  171. S Series pickup wirinng question
  172. Chopper in neck humbucker mounting ring
  173. Who knows ? ..... "S" pickups
  174. 2 way on/on for coil tap
  175. EMG hum
  176. Humbucker wiring, 2 humbuckers and 4 P/P-pots
  177. Hot Grinders in a RG
  178. Should i install a MO JOE to my JS1000?
  179. EMG 707 vs Duncan Blackouts 7
  180. neck vs bridge pup output
  181. Got a Humbucker
  182. IBZ USA F1 pick ups....
  183. Which single sounds like a paf pro
  184. Ibanez RG Pickup Recommendations?
  185. DiMarzio/ibz p-up's?........
  186. Dimarzio's for ibanez
  187. Pots to upgrade
  188. Q-Tuner Pickups (again)
  189. dumb question re: pickup replacement
  190. Seeking help with simple pickup wiring diagram
  191. Hotter PAF-Pro
  192. Jem 7VWH - dumping evo's for Breeds?
  193. FRED neck Paf pro bridge?
  194. F Spacing with ZR
  195. dsonic woes
  196. Pickup pole pieces
  197. Breed Vs Super Distortion
  198. quick output question
  199. Pickup Swap
  200. Can wiring issues cause a pickup to sound microphonic?
  201. middle single not working
  202. PAF Pro vs Breed in my Jem 7dbk
  203. Tonezone/Humbucker From Hell
  204. Ibanez ART300 pickup swap
  205. Wiring a humcancelling single
  206. Shielding tremolo spring cavity
  207. New to this please help!
  208. I introduce to you , FRANKENBUCKER!
  209. Dimarzio needs a metal version of the Norton.
  210. WTF dimarzio mounting screw !
  211. Wiring a stereo output jack mono
  212. getting rid of a single coil
  213. Good 'hot' neck pickup for Strat?
  214. Switch???
  215. Rewiring Question
  216. Tone Zone?
  217. Pickup Rewire Question
  218. dimarzio wiring on a RG1527
  219. Pickup Combo
  220. Compare D Activater X Vs X2N
  221. Getting hum from Dimarzio Breeds
  222. Dimarzio rail pickup for neck position
  223. Help for wiring on '91 RG570
  224. Easy question here.
  225. Coil Split a K-7
  226. Dimarzio pickup giving me a headache.
  227. Dimarzio S1?
  228. can i replace humbucker with single-coil?
  229. Choosing neck pickups for D sonic and Tone Zone
  230. What ohms value should my controls be with an X2N in the bridge?
  231. Need help with installing pups, please...
  232. PAF Pro good for the neck combined with my X2N in bridge?
  233. Dactivator for RG750?
  234. Another 5-way switch Q
  235. Good Seymour Duncan neck pickup for full creamy soloing sound
  236. is reverse wound..
  237. Zak Wylde EMG 81/85 to Ibanez
  238. Dimarzio pickup advice for RGA121
  239. Steves special in a s470 (wiring)
  240. Lets talk EVO Vs EVO II
  241. D Activator-X Bridge Pup in RG1570
  242. V7 and V8 wiring with 3 way switch?
  243. Air Norton in normal or reverse position?
  244. Dimarzio needs to drop the Breeds bass.
  245. Zak Wylde EMG 81/85 to Ibanez RG5EX1
  246. d sonic question
  247. Super Distortion Users, Question?
  248. treble bleed cap and 300 pf thing? help?
  249. How about a Activator X neck in the bridge?
  250. Pickup Upgrade