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Pickups & wiring

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  1. Pickup height
  2. Wiring of the Rg2120x (prestige model with piezo)
  3. I've settled on these...for now
  4. Is the sound on an old paf pro better??
  5. Drop tuning pickup
  6. hi guys,I would like you to see is this a true EVO!!
  7. Did I wire my pick up right?
  8. best dimarzio's or duncans for a new RG 1570
  9. Steve´s Special
  10. V7 V8 pickups VS. powersound pickups
  11. EMG81 + Passive Wiring ?
  12. Somebody uses Duncan Distortion 7-String Pup ?
  13. Guitar Pickups are loose
  14. Ok, what did I do wrong? :)
  15. Bill lawrence in basswood RG770
  16. Evo wiring in the REAL life.
  17. Vai pickup examples?
  18. Feedback on EVO Pickups
  19. f spacing for a jem
  20. What is this pickup
  21. EMG 707's, best pickups for a seven string?
  22. some DiMarzio qeustion..
  23. What about DiMarzio/IBZ pickups?
  24. Distinguishing Dimarzio pickups
  25. painting pole pieces
  26. EMG'S in a Universe
  27. Ibanez V8 To Volume To Jack : White Goes Where?
  28. Bridge pickups
  29. Blue Velvet in mid position - Bridge or Neck model?
  30. Dimarzio Exporters
  31. TZ7 or Evo7 in neck?
  32. i'm new here
  33. X2N's..and...and?
  34. What's in your Les Paul?
  35. changing the pole-pieces in EVO's pickups
  36. what is the best balancing pick-up for neck AirNorton?
  37. Pickup wiring
  38. What do u guys think of the norton?
  39. are the 3 lug output jacks stereo?
  40. so this is what its like to wear my @ss for a hat...
  41. Need some help choosing new pickups
  42. Satriani's Pickups in Live in SF DVD
  43. emg 81 opinions
  44. pickups on my rg550
  45. Help! what do I need?
  46. How do PRS pickup's sound?
  47. RG421 - white pickups?
  48. What would these pups sound like in my jem??
  49. pickups for a strat?
  50. The JEM single coil over the years
  51. Deciding on pickups for my HSH Radius
  52. What can i replace my neck evo with?
  53. any comments about new DIMARZIO/IBZ pickup on RG2570EX?
  54. suggect me some pickups for Rg570
  55. EMG 707s
  56. EMG's for palm muting??
  57. DiMarzio tone charts
  58. My in-betweener guitar
  59. 500KohmG versus 500KohmD pots: What's the diff?
  60. JEM10Th Wiring question.
  61. Which pickups for satch's tone?
  63. PUPs to replace wolfgangs?
  64. almost there with the fred pick up instal just alittle more
  65. Evo's and HS-2 wiring help. No coil tap.
  66. Duncan VS Dimarzio Pickups
  67. Pickup Selector Switch help required
  68. Pickup for Alder bodied Ibanez.
  69. EMG Question
  70. Completely replacing electronics
  71. Help! V8 into volume pot, thats all the guitar has
  72. evolution harmonics/output
  73. F spaced???
  74. AIR ZONE? I hear that it is quite different?
  75. Duncan pups output in mV?
  76. Jem-Like wiring from two Humbuckers?
  77. replace my rg 450 ltd's pickups
  78. Help for novice in pup wiring
  79. Gentlemen A new FRED for a Friend now i need help!
  80. Ibanez S1 vs. Dimarzio Blue Velvet Bridge in the middle?
  82. Humbucker from hell
  83. Fat Strat with coil split switch?
  84. HELP PLEASE! how to tell USA wolfgang pups from the QT ones?
  85. EMGs in basswood
  86. EVO7 in the neck of a RG1527? Anyone tried? Help appreciated
  87. Wiring Diagram or Help for a H/H/H Guitar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  88. Wiring help needed, diagrams referenced in post
  89. Has anyone used Iommis in a basswood guitar?
  90. Replacing an Ibanez pup with a dimarzio FRED
  91. Double Edge diagram.
  92. need a BIG favour, see inside pic!
  93. New pups in my Radius!!
  94. Pickups are being replaced (EMG 81's).
  95. What pickups are in my 2002 PGM 30 jap made guitar?
  96. Tone Zone w/ marshall JCM 2000 w/RG 550 Ltd
  97. Desolder????
  98. Alnico Pro II PUs
  99. The best Pickup for A-Tuning ?
  100. Anyone using an Air Norton or Tone Zone in their S540?
  101. EMG's or EVO on RG550 LTd ?
  102. Anyone know...
  103. SD Custom and Custom 5
  104. New Dimarzio/Ibz pickups any good?
  105. Getting New RG, keep V7 & V8 or swap in some others?
  106. HELP needed! What DiMarzios to stick in my Ibanez USRG30???
  107. Pups for my new axe
  108. Output of V8 and V7
  109. Help me wire new pups for my SZ520
  110. Stereo output jack?
  111. Evolutions or other pups in JS1000
  112. build a humbucker with two singlecoils - possible?
  113. RG7620 pickup replacement
  114. EMG Height question
  115. Pickup suggestions for a jem FP
  116. Has anyone replaced their EVO in the Jem 7V with a Tone Zone
  117. dimarzio or semours in an esp
  118. Beginner at changing pickups
  119. Stuck on a bridge pickup
  120. Height on EMG's?
  121. Anyone here use a PAF pro in the bridge spot?
  122. Mid pickup suggestion for RG
  123. Jem single
  124. Ibanez S2120x vs. S2020x switching
  125. Fast-track 1?
  126. Bad volume pot?
  127. Just Upgraded my Strat with Lindy Fralins
  128. Ibanez 5 way switches....
  129. Tri-Bucker?
  130. COR-TEK 3-way selector switch
  131. rare earth magnets in pickups
  132. Humbucker from hell in the bridge?
  133. Seymour Duncan in RG
  134. stuck on a neck pup
  135. EVO's in a RG570?
  136. Developer of "Steve's Special"
  137. evolution bridge + paf pro neck - > good combination?
  138. Just wanted to share how HAPPY I am. :)
  139. PRS Pickups in an RGT3120?
  140. Dimarzio Pickup Colours?
  141. Good pickup for Vai Satriani and Eric johnson
  142. Evolution/Fred
  143. diMarzio / ibanez pickups
  144. Evolution?
  145. Good stack pickup
  146. Blue Velvet/Red Velvet?
  147. long barrel stereo input jack
  148. Joe Why Joe Why. From Dimarzio to duncan
  149. Super Distortion/Tone zone?
  150. I have a wiring problem.....
  151. Any suggestions for a H-S-S combination
  152. Reversing polarity
  153. Yet another EMG question :)
  154. polepieces on middle PU on a Jem7
  155. EMG Question
  156. Ibanez V7's or Dimarzio Blazes?
  157. Anyone else have problems with SD pickups lately?
  158. steel string acoustic pickups/transducers?
  159. EMG pickup installation trouble
  161. How P.A.F is the PAF pro?
  162. Ibanez/Dimarzio Pickup wire colours
  163. S1520...suggestions?
  164. Need to find this pup...
  165. Quick Tone Zone question...
  166. Wiring a 7620 like a JS...
  167. replacment single jem coil?
  168. suggestions for my S7420fm?
  169. What passive pickup sounds the most like an EMG 707?
  170. Wiring Help On RG 620x
  171. looking for this sound
  172. Little help needed with SD pickups
  173. Pickup Suggestions.
  174. Neck Pickup Question ????
  175. Stereo Outputjack... EMG707 in RG7620 or UV...
  176. Evolution in an S-series
  177. Pickup suggestion for my JEM 10th
  178. Need Help Wiring.
  179. anyone ever try the rio grande BBQ and genuine texas pu's?
  180. Pickup recommendations for new guitar...
  181. Any suggestions on pickups for Rg 1077xl!
  182. EMG Afterburner question
  183. Can I use this heavy duty toggle for my guitar??
  184. Replaced single coil in PGM- now noisy!
  185. Fixing up a Jackson
  186. String ground?
  187. New electronics for my Radius...
  188. Dimarzio New 7 vs. Blaze?
  189. What do you think of Dimarzio PUPS??
  190. Recommendation for S1520 owners: DiMarzio FRED and PAF Pro
  191. Super3
  192. New pup for a Wolfgang?
  193. Help find a wiring Schematic for a RG565
  194. Gibson LP 3 humbucker wiring diagram, NEED ONE ASAP
  195. which DiMarzios for my RG??
  196. Changing the magnet in the Evolution
  197. Is an Evolution so much better than the 7620's stock p/u?
  198. Another FRED vs. Evo question
  199. Vintage series dimarzio comparison
  200. Can I use phone cable to extend pickup wires?
  201. schematic for 5 way switch in JEM / please post
  202. Dimarzio Blazes in 7421XL?
  203. Steve's Special vs body wood
  204. Which LP Neck pup?
  205. EVO on mahogany
  206. Visual differences between Breed and Evolution pickups...
  207. Check out this wiring scheme
  208. Pickup Rings
  209. Which DiMarzios can be compared to the Peavey Wolfgang pups?
  210. V1 & V2 pickups.
  211. RG750 and F2 Pickups...
  212. Suggestions for replacement PUP's for S470
  213. Evolution Neck and Evolution Bridge
  214. 5way Wiring 2 Humbuckers
  215. ordering pickups
  216. Floral JEM/pickups
  217. S1520 Pickups
  218. Opinions on Air Zone
  219. JPM Switch
  220. Please Help: How to Test a Pickup??
  221. Neck pickups
  223. K-7 and BlazeCustom?
  224. Ibanez V7-7 V7-8, or Dimarzio New 7's?
  225. Ibanez Pickups
  226. help on wiring active pickups to emg battery/output jack
  227. help with pedal conversion needed
  228. Green Evolutions?
  229. unwiring pickups
  230. help with jack wiring
  231. Who designed the Blaze?
  232. Help: Wiring EMG's in RG570
  233. duncan JB in basswood?
  234. Fred pup in Neck??
  235. Dimarzio updated site
  236. Bridge single coils for 7 strings
  237. Quantums?
  238. Wiring my 520 w/ a 3-way & coil tap...
  239. Two quick questions
  240. Gibson style 2/3-way pickup toggle replacement help
  241. Is there a single coil replacement for a humbucker
  242. Neck pickup in bridge position?
  243. Parker Fly owners, pickup info.
  244. Guitar project custom body pickups configuration
  245. Help me to get new pickups for my little guitar collection
  246. relacement emg pups for a jem10
  248. pickup probs-paf pro hs-2 breed
  249. Pickups for RG
  250. Pick-up Question??