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Pickups & wiring

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  1. Pickup advice for EGEN8
  2. new pups and color for my rg1570 mrb
  3. Best passive pickups for Metal
  4. Find a switch
  5. YM-50 and VLX53 wiring the same?
  6. Quick question about mini switch power rating
  7. Did Satch already played on FRED/PAf Pro on flying in a blue dream?
  8. wiring question for ibanez rg1560, HSS...
  9. Tone Zone Pickup cutting out
  10. zw emg 81 85
  11. Which pickups for my RG550EX?
  12. Pickup problem
  13. Fernandes Sustainer vs. Sustainiac Deathmatch
  14. Wiring diagram for '90 550
  15. EMG "Het set" Hetfield pickups
  16. Install a Dimarzio to a stock pickup's place. How to?
  17. Dimazio PAF Pro
  18. Recessed LED Humbucker lights
  19. Help me get some new pickups
  20. Maxxas---want new Pickups
  21. IBZ/USA bridge humbucker help
  22. What pots are in old Universes?
  23. Adding killswitch to EMG setup caused strange effect. Wha happen?
  24. Evo 2 or CrunchLab : Please guide me
  25. Seymour Duncan Recommendation for Saber
  26. EVO set or TZ/AN in my BMC. Alder Body
  27. What humbucker will make the SSL-4 sound in split mode?
  28. Single coil for rg2550ex
  29. Prestige RG1421F P'Up Choices...
  30. My RG7321 got new puppies...
  31. is 5/8 width too big?
  32. Changing humbucker pickup magnets
  33. Replace tone knob with volume
  34. which pickup?
  35. Are stock 550 pickups F-spaced?
  36. Basswood, 24 frets, neck position: Cruiser or Fast Track 1?
  37. Wiring Idea for SZ
  38. Guitar build, passages for wires(?)
  39. Issues people have with the Ibanez V series pickups
  40. Which Dimarzio pickups really work on your RG550 ?
  41. Want to ditch the tone knob, move vol
  42. What is this?
  43. Dimarzio pole question
  44. What bridge pu do you recommend in a Cort X6?
  45. RG350EX Grounding trouble
  46. New RG1560 Pickup options?
  47. DiMarzio finally stepped up......
  48. P/U's shot to bits or is the P/U Selector?
  49. S1-S1-Tonezone Pot Value Question
  50. Pickups for (Mahogany) RG520
  51. Single Conductor Dimarzio Super Distortion Installation
  52. Question about pulling the 7-wire duo-tone
  53. Help me brighten up my Strat
  54. I am really wanting to try a AT-1!
  55. Recommended PUs to THICKEN up tone in Ibanez S1220 Prestige
  56. Bridge pickup recomendetion for my 1991 RG560
  57. Ibanez Stock Pup DC Resistance List
  58. Anyone got a DP158/159 set f-spaced in yellow for sale?
  59. Pickups for Bright Guitar!!
  60. I Snipped the Treble Bleed Cap and...
  61. Any owners of the GFS VEH model? (need help! EVH related)
  62. Wiring GFS Humbuckers into an S470DX
  63. Pickups for an RG2620QM
  64. EMG in Gibson LP vs ESP Eclipse
  65. About Dimarzio Evolution pickups in Jem
  66. Dimarzio Injector Neck+D Activator X Bridge
  67. Original RG550 wiring
  68. Pickups Advice: Basswood body
  69. Duncan 59 or Pearly gates for basswood RG?
  70. pickups for metal
  71. DiMarzio IBZ Mod
  72. wiring help
  73. V1 and V2 DC Resistance
  74. Help for wiring HHH to 6-way rotation switch
  75. Summer's near - time to swap the pups
  76. Best pickup choice
  77. RG 370dx Basswood pickups upgrade .
  78. RG 340 wiring
  79. Im a Noob at Pickups help please?
  80. Do pickups effect your tone heavily? Should a low/medium Intermediate player get them
  81. Tone zone/evolution middle/air norton?
  82. Kinda funny first pickup install
  83. Ibanez V1 and V2
  84. Which Dimarzio for a Strat Bridge?
  85. dimarzio equivalents
  87. What's the deal?
  88. Iron Gear Pickups
  89. Are rg/jem pots switchable?
  90. My guitar is making really weird noises now
  91. IBANEZ IBZ V6F NECK PICKUP - whats it like ?
  92. Need Help Measuring Pickup Resistance
  93. Ibanez S470 Emg H4 Wiring Help!
  94. Pickup advice (yes I read the sticky)
  95. Ibanez Humbucker Wire Colours (PSND2)
  96. Tone Zone paired with a PAF Joe?
  97. HSH phase question
  98. Alinco II
  99. New DiMarzio neck pickup -> need help!
  100. New pickups?
  101. Jem singlecoil
  102. tone zone rg 550
  103. Neck humbucker lacking treble
  104. Complicated wiring !!!!
  105. need help with sv5470f wiring
  106. Need help with coil split configuration and wiring
  107. Help Me Choose A New Neck Pickup
  108. Tone Zone is really something.
  109. Another pickup wiring resource thread!
  110. HSH Parallel Wiring I have seen before but cannot find...
  111. Seymour Duncan JB '92 and modern TB-4, why difference in sound?
  112. DiMarzio AT-1 bridge pickup
  113. s520ex: what type of pots come stock.?!
  114. How do noiseless single coils work?
  115. Jem wiring
  116. RG560 new wiring and Custom Custom tb11
  117. Wiring Dimarzio Evo2-Blue velvet-Evo in rg350 help!
  118. Coil tap fernandes sustainer driver?
  119. tired of Pafpro's in JCRG8527z - need dimarzio pup suggestions
  120. 2 simple questions about JEM77fp pickup
  121. Rg560 wiring diagram
  122. Problems with LZ pups
  123. 540S - Need help selecting PU's
  124. Consecuences of replacing a true single coil with a hum cancelling single coil?
  125. Quick and easy wiring question for those in the know.
  126. Evo (2) with gold poles?
  127. ┐DiMarzio Breed on RGT3020?
  128. RG550 Neck PUP F-spaced or Regular? [Debate]
  129. My apologies to DiMarzio
  130. dimarzio wiring quick question
  131. Anyone has problem with Dimarzio HB that the pole screws are stripped?
  132. S1 Swap For DiMarzio ...?
  133. Tonezone Problem
  134. Squier Jazz bass wiring mod
  135. PAF Pro in a Strat bridge posn.
  136. Fred / PAF Pro
  137. Project RG 550! Need some advice on ideas!
  138. Pickups RG370 DX
  139. Help with high output/7 string pickups
  140. Upgrade Pickups help!
  141. Question about "Line 6 Relay G30 Digital Wireless Guitar System"
  142. jem copy middle pickup suggestion
  143. Destroyer Custom Wiring
  144. changing to humbucker in stratocaster VG?
  145. Question about "Mighty Mite Motherbucker Pickup (Rear / Bridge)"
  146. First impression with the PAF Pro in neck position of my strat.
  147. RJP PUPS?
  148. Dimarzio Norton or Air Zone
  149. Wiring Question
  150. why most of people put Dimarzio pu in their Ibanez but not other??
  151. Rio Grande Pickups?
  152. Evo/Evo2 not working for me, not sure where to go...
  153. humbucker in single coil space
  154. Help with pickguard pickups
  155. D Activator X VS. Crunchlab
  156. HSH - middle north south parallel
  157. new metal pickup recommendation please
  158. Anyone has experience with Dimarzio Bluesbucker or Humbucker From Hell?
  159. RG550 Reissue pickups built same as originals?
  160. D-Activator
  161. Pickups for heavy metal?
  162. Using an on-on-on mini toggle as a 3-way switch
  163. F Spaced question...
  164. pickup combos
  165. HHH - PAF Pro/Tone Zone/Evo Bridge
  166. High Output Neck Pickup
  167. Rg570 wiring help.
  168. S470DXQM - Evo hum bridge + Air Norton mid (SC size) how to wire...
  169. RG1570 - wiring help needs
  170. Replacement pickups for an Ibanez with EMG 707's.
  171. Which pickups for Skidrow's Monkey Business tone?
  172. Shielding for humbuckers
  173. Dimarzio Fred and 36th Aniv as neck pickup?
  174. Problems re-wiring S7420 with Dimarzios and stock 3-way switch.
  175. Norton vs EVO 2.
  176. Pickguard question.
  177. Paf pro + what single good for fusion/instrumental?
  178. Quick question about IBZ/USA F1 and F2
  179. What the hell do Ibanez use as solder?!
  180. I don't like my Evo neck...what's next?
  181. Magnet Swap for stock V7/V8 pickups...Alnico 8?
  182. Ibanez stock pickup characteristics
  183. HHH wiring
  184. 1985 pro line series
  185. DiMarzio D Activators or SD Hot Rodded Humbuckers ?
  186. Higher capacitor means brighter tone?
  187. RGT320Z input jack EMG compatible?
  188. Compare Dimarzio DP151 PAF PRO to DP103 36 Anev.
  189. DiMarzio leads
  190. BEFORE you post about selecting pick-ups!!!
  191. pickups for RG560
  192. RG560 - Custom 5 + ssl-1 + ssl-1 ???
  193. RGA121 2nd Position Low Low? Anyone know know?% way switch problem.
  194. Looking for a humbucker that has good split coil sound on neck position.
  195. Do tall Dimarzio pickup covers fit over the Ibanez/USA single coil pickups?
  196. Seymour Duncan SH-4 and SH-2 for multi-genre metal?
  197. 5 way selecton with solderless emg81's
  198. I open the Dimarzio Air Classic to look at how it's made. And puzzle about one thing.
  199. pickup configurations
  200. Looking for single coil to go with Air Norton and Tone Zone
  201. new pretty picup day..
  202. Dimarzio PAF Pro vs. Tone Zone
  203. Helpl me decide! DiMarzio's
  204. I bough a new X2n Having difficulties installing it.
  205. IBZUSA tell me everything
  206. gonna do my wiring tomorrow anyone need pictures?
  207. Pickup suitable for metal and hard rock
  208. Compare Dimarzio DP402 Blues to DP409 Heavy Blues
  209. So I need new Pickups...
  210. Exactly how do Duncan and DiMarzio recommend pickups through their pickup finders?
  211. PAF pro 1 coil not working?
  212. 540s 3 switch pup wiring diagram
  213. Crunchlab vs Seymour Duncan JB for certain tone...
  214. what size cap should I put on my tone knob
  215. Dimarzio B4, B2 & N2 Pickups
  216. Replacing Pickups INF1/2 to Dimarzio Evolution
  217. pickpup starting to die?
  218. opinions on 7 string pickups for basswood guitar?
  219. NPD! New F2's from DiMarzio.
  220. can a high power pickup damage an amp?
  221. What pickup do I want? (A.K.A. Ibanez V2 Vs. ?)
  222. Tone Zone + 047Uf
  223. When curiosity killed reason.
  224. Can someone clarify these pickup terms to me pls?
  225. Identify this pickup please
  226. Can I do this?
  227. '91 540RHH wiring help w/3 way switch
  228. Series/Parallel+Coil Tap on HSH?
  229. modifying a pickup by changing the magnet
  230. tone options, series/parralel and phase?
  231. Coil split with 5 way instead of parallel?
  232. Middle pickup replacement for UCMD...
  233. question bout 5 way switches
  234. TRicked out ibanez mods?
  235. Seymour Duncan Custom Vs. PAF Pro
  236. What single coil to use? (HSH)
  237. Whats the tightest pickup on earth?
  238. My jem is different wired from the others.....why?
  239. Dimarzio D-activators + S570B ?
  240. Problems after EMG 81/85 conversion
  241. RG4EX1 Stock Bridge Pickup Wiring Diagram
  242. Hong Kong Dimarzio/IBZ sets
  243. need help again its a little different this time
  244. pickup help
  245. Quick Q on F-spaced vs Reg
  246. re-wiring pickup confiuration on S470
  247. RGT42BP parts??
  248. emg hz help
  249. identifing my pickups
  250. Timmons style wiring help