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Pickups & wiring

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  1. I bough a new X2n Having difficulties installing it.
  2. IBZUSA tell me everything
  3. gonna do my wiring tomorrow anyone need pictures?
  4. Pickup suitable for metal and hard rock
  5. Compare Dimarzio DP402 Blues to DP409 Heavy Blues
  6. So I need new Pickups...
  7. Exactly how do Duncan and DiMarzio recommend pickups through their pickup finders?
  8. PAF pro 1 coil not working?
  9. 540s 3 switch pup wiring diagram
  10. Crunchlab vs Seymour Duncan JB for certain tone...
  11. what size cap should I put on my tone knob
  12. Dimarzio B4, B2 & N2 Pickups
  13. Replacing Pickups INF1/2 to Dimarzio Evolution
  14. pickpup starting to die?
  15. opinions on 7 string pickups for basswood guitar?
  16. NPD! New F2's from DiMarzio.
  17. can a high power pickup damage an amp?
  18. What pickup do I want? (A.K.A. Ibanez V2 Vs. ?)
  19. Tone Zone + 047Uf
  20. When curiosity killed reason.
  21. Can someone clarify these pickup terms to me pls?
  22. Identify this pickup please
  23. Can I do this?
  24. '91 540RHH wiring help w/3 way switch
  25. Series/Parallel+Coil Tap on HSH?
  26. modifying a pickup by changing the magnet
  27. tone options, series/parralel and phase?
  28. Coil split with 5 way instead of parallel?
  29. Middle pickup replacement for UCMD...
  30. question bout 5 way switches
  31. TRicked out ibanez mods?
  32. Seymour Duncan Custom Vs. PAF Pro
  33. What single coil to use? (HSH)
  34. Whats the tightest pickup on earth?
  35. My jem is different wired from the others.....why?
  36. Dimarzio D-activators + S570B ?
  37. Problems after EMG 81/85 conversion
  38. RG4EX1 Stock Bridge Pickup Wiring Diagram
  39. Hong Kong Dimarzio/IBZ sets
  40. need help again its a little different this time
  41. pickup help
  42. Quick Q on F-spaced vs Reg
  43. re-wiring pickup confiuration on S470
  44. RGT42BP parts??
  45. emg hz help
  46. identifing my pickups
  47. Timmons style wiring help
  48. RX350 pickups changing... any suggestions?
  49. rga pickup help
  50. Soldering Irons
  51. Does the crunchlab crunch more in the lows. or highs?
  52. What pu's for Schecter Loomis?
  53. IBZ C1 and F2 out of phase, need a little help...
  54. S7420 with EMGS to Crunchlab/Liquifire with brand new pots questions.
  55. passive to active question
  56. Would this pickup combination sound good?
  57. Versatile pickups for an RG
  58. Total noob here. Is this a ground wire coming from the trem?
  59. Question about "ORIGINAL FLOYD ROSE"
  60. Pickup Replacements
  61. What is the output of an Ibanez S1 pickup?
  62. Bare/Drain wire too short?
  63. Coil split SD pickups and 1MEG push pull pot
  64. Dimarzio pickups like Gibson 498T
  65. RG1451 (Hardtail) Neck PUP Spacing?
  66. Clean/light crunch pickups for an RG
  67. Duncan SH-4 vs Dimarzio Tone Zone
  68. Wiring diagram help!
  69. Single coil options?
  70. Fretless Bass Wiring Buzz, Setup by shop. HELP PLEASE
  71. Help! Need wiring diagram '88 540s 3 mini switch
  72. Output Lowering Switch
  73. Pickup Replacement for RG350M?
  74. humbucker wiring coil tap issues (clearer diagram)
  75. Ibanez RG350EX - Pickups Question
  76. Ibanez Gambale FGM300 - Push/Pull is wrong...
  77. humbuckers with coil tap issues
  78. Metal Pickups for Basswood?
  79. Fellows, i want to wire my guitar like this.. help! (2 dimarzios, 5 way switch)
  80. Very confused about the tone knob.
  81. ARGH!!!!! in a quandry!!! 80's tribute guitar
  82. RG420 EG wiering ?
  83. Is this 5-way switch missing a circuit?
  84. Need a few parts.
  85. Wilkinson pickups on Ibanez RG
  86. Changing Dimarzio D-Sonic
  87. DiMarzio CrunchLab orientation - hear the difference
  88. Replacing V7 and V8
  89. Crunch Lab demonstration
  90. Duncan JB vs DiMarzio CrunchLab metal riff shootout
  91. EMG single coil for neck
  92. Blaze Custom Vs Blaze Bridge
  93. Bad idea?
  94. wiring / ground issue
  95. not a usual pup request thread, need help
  96. Recommend some pickups for a S320..
  97. What pickups for sc420?
  98. Is my 5 way wired wrong? Ohms query.
  99. Electronics genius needed!!
  100. The best single coil PU in the neck position ?
  101. 496R/500T on RG550R?
  102. Crunchlab vs D sonic. Which one?
  103. 2 conductor and 4 conductor pickup wiring using a 5 way selector switch
  104. may have wired my guitar wrong...
  105. Any Dimarzio pros out there?
  106. Dimarzio pickup size
  107. Evo neck vs Breed neck vs AN neck vs PAF pro
  108. DiMarzio D-Activator 7 set
  109. Who likes their stock V7 & V8 pups?
  111. Fender Deluxe Players Strat Wiring?
  112. Active to Passive?
  113. New neck pup for RR5?
  114. Any DiMarzio that would suit the middle position?
  115. Changing stock pickups with Crunchlab/Liquifire plus pull/push knob for single coil
  116. Wiring help please!
  117. Weird sound... help!
  118. I can't read schematics!
  119. A wiring question
  120. Pickup wiring for red/white/bare not red/white/black/green
  121. Suhr Pickups in a Jem?
  122. wiring question
  123. Neck pickup?
  124. Push/pull pot Killswitch wiring
  125. DiMarzio Norton vs Mo' Joe
  126. how does the new vs older IBZ/usa dimarzio pickups?
  127. S470 pickup wiring
  128. can i wire a tone knob like this?
  129. 5-way switch VLX 53?
  130. VLX91 in S570DXQM
  131. Crunchlab or Tone Zone
  132. Need advice: pickups for Ibanez RG470 MiK
  133. just tried a IBZ/USA F2 and WOW
  134. who can make a pickup?
  135. Stewmac Megaswitch tip?
  136. has anyone used the DP-216 Mo'Joe ??
  137. 5way switch or 3way?
  138. Your favorite Ibanez stock pickup
  139. HH pickup wiring
  140. Blower Switch Wiring
  141. Looking for vLX91 basic H/H diagrams
  142. Pots for Sh1-59
  143. I want some advice on about a pickup upgrade for my churches GSA60.
  144. Possibly getting a custom Fireman made; what pickups should I get?
  145. Long Leads
  146. need help with diagram
  147. Replacement pups for an RG2550, which DiM?
  148. need wiring help on my HSS strat
  149. Wiring and component help on S520
  150. Question about "Dimarzio DP228 Crunch Lab"
  151. stereo wiring
  152. Two humbuckers at once
  153. Metal covered pickups and 2 wires vs 4
  154. Same pickup in Basswood and Mahogany body
  155. Anyone with experience of G&B piickups?
  156. Specific tone. What pickups (youtube link included)
  157. dimarzio pickup wiring help : /
  158. wiring for a 1990 Rg 570
  159. RG550 neck pickup F spaced or not?
  160. single coil mid????? which dimarzio?
  161. Pots for Evo's and Basswood
  162. SD JB SH-4 in Prestige bridge yes or no?
  163. Why are EMG's so disliked?
  164. head full of spaghetti hoops
  165. Need some help with new pickups
  166. What kind of Pups are in a 1982 Gibson SG standard?
  167. DiMarzio Area '67 wiring
  168. Are these the original pickups?
  169. DiMarzio Tone Zone/Air Zone: best type of guitar?
  170. Pickups for sale
  171. Wanna rewind your own pickups?
  172. pickup selection help: Dimarzio Evo2 and Breed combo?
  173. removing bridge humbucker?!
  174. Doubt about Blaze wiring
  175. Bobbin colors
  176. Same pickup model but different resistance?
  177. dimarzio wiring for 1humbucker guitars?
  178. inf 4 and 4 pickups question
  179. V5 wiring diagram? for '85 PR1660?
  181. NPUD (new pick up day)
  182. READ THIS THREAD!!!!!
  183. Opinion on Filtertrons in a Shred style guitar - aka - Vigier, Jem, Soloist etc....
  184. trying to find the right pickup for me
  185. Problem Wiring
  186. air norton vs air classic, vs ?
  187. Question about "Dimarzio Tone Zone"
  188. alnico vs ceramic magnets
  189. HSH IBZ versus V7 S1 V8
  190. reversing the neck pickup in a JEM 7v
  191. What does "scoop" mean?
  192. Kramer Pacer Custom 2 Wiring Help
  193. Michael Kelly Patriot Supreme Coma zzzz
  194. Pickup replacement help!
  195. Killswitch Buzzing
  196. Crunch Lab for instrumental rock?
  197. Lace Alumitone Deathbucker?
  198. my guitar still got the noise plz help
  199. Tools needed for changing pickups?
  200. Neck pickup to match Evo2
  201. Adding a P/P to coil split ??
  202. A custom H S H that includes Les Paul in the middle
  203. the best pickup for me.
  204. How to check if new pickups are working correctly?
  205. 60-cycle hum removal
  206. D-Activator neck, in UV bridge position
  207. New pickups for S7320
  208. RG 1570 sounding muddy - wiring help needed
  209. Best pickups for Swamp Ash?
  210. Passive Seymour Duncans, Push/Pull with EMG PA-2???
  211. Crunch Lab users...question
  212. Who has replaced the stock pickups in a Peavey Wolfgang?
  213. wiring diagramm 1V 2T little problem
  214. NPD: Dimarzio Timmons set (Strat + video content)
  215. Hum-Sing to 5-way super switch help!
  216. Kirk Hammett EMG Wiring Help
  217. PAF Pro bridge demo...
  218. Guitar wiring help!! H-S-S series-parallel
  219. EMG vs EMG-X
  220. Replacing the bridge pick up
  221. DiMarzio Breed
  222. RG550 Pickup Decisions
  223. PAF Pro on Bridge, too much treble?
  224. Dimebucker wiring help!!!
  225. coil splitting question
  226. Wiring mistake
  227. Replacement pickups for a K5 bass
  228. Replacement of V7 in neck, RG 1570
  229. replacing pup in rg410
  230. Extending pickup leads
  231. Help needed on arx320 pickup wiring!
  232. Pickups for: IC200, RG1570, EX360
  233. quick superswitch grounding question...safe to seperately ground switch?
  234. Pickups for Mahogany S guitar?
  235. Single coil neck Pickup
  236. Need a fuller sound, recommendations?
  237. help with an Ibanez pickup.
  238. What middle pickup HSH combines with Joe Moe and PAF Joe?
  239. Ibanez Wiring vs. DiMarzio Wiring HSH
  240. Building guitar.. NEED HELP (sheilding)
  241. What middle pickup HSH combines with Joe Moe and PAF Joe?
  242. BC Rich Gunslinger Retro wiring diagram (1 pickup, 1 volume)
  243. dimazio duel sound tap?
  244. Muddy Les Paul. Clear pickups?
  245. AR 200 Wiring diagram
  246. V7+V8 set vs. DiMarzio set
  247. New pups for RG2570evsl
  248. can't get parallel to work
  249. New bridge pickup on RG350 EX
  250. air norton air zone combo sounds weak on my guitar..or is just me.