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  1. Bridge Pickup Too Bright
  2. Ibanez BL500 electrics required
  3. Titan 7 vs Rainmaker, Custom 7 bridge replacement advices
  4. Which high gain single coil is closest to the EVO
  5. SA260FM weird push/pull pot
  6. Enjoy my DiMarzio HHH Custom Wiring
  7. JEM switch info
  8. JEM77P BFP Volume difference between pickups
  9. Pickups for an Ibanez 540r
  10. Jem90HAM Wiring -About to Go Nutty
  11. Alternate Jem pick up selector options....What did you do?
  12. Schaller-S type switch vs YM-50 wiring, help please
  13. Pups replacement
  14. Humbucker wired as single coil
  15. DiMarzio Titan vs BKP Brute Force
  16. Dimarzio dp58
  17. support needed HH,5-way superswitch, 1Vol, 1Tone (push/pull)
  18. Dominion Air Zone Or satch pickup
  19. HSH pickup recommendation for Ibanez SV5470A
  20. Is this Dimarzio real or fake?
  21. Beginner wiring help.... SOS
  22. 3 Humbuckers split coils which cancel at all positions
  23. What makes the Ibanez wiring unique?
  24. Ibanez RG370FMZ with EVO'S AND AIR NORTON S
  25. Potentiometer and switch recommendations for RG350dxz
  26. Left handed rewire
  27. Coil splitting in a HSH guitar
  28. DiMarzio pickups on Ibanez rg370ahmz
  29. seeking purple single coil covers for dimarzio / ibz usa
  30. Does anyone have a wiring diag for a SV5470J?
  31. Does anyone have a wiring diag for a SV5470J?
  32. DiMarzio pole piece colours
  33. Ibanez 7 string pickup identification
  34. Titan neck in the bridge. Neck pickup recommendations?
  35. Passive pickups - is wiring same for every brand?
  36. Questions about installing DiMarzio w/ Ibanez V7 and S2
  37. Does JEM Jr have VLX91?
  38. H-S-H EMGs wiring help? Ibanez RG550
  39. Air Norton + Breed = Good Combo?
  40. Direct Mount Pick Ups Won't Screw In
  41. 1990 UV7 Pickup Wiring
  42. Who does this? 12 pin volume pot!
  43. Ibanez RG5120M wiring diagram needed? Help?
  44. HSH, Series/Parallel wiring questions...
  45. Reversed polarity Breed
  46. Ibanez Super 8A pickups?
  47. Pickup swap w/buzz is NOT pickup swapping drunk
  48. RGA42 Wiring
  49. Safe pickup combo for newly acquired used rg
  50. RG140 Wiring Diagram Required
  51. How to connect guitar to outdoor bluetooth trolly speaker
  52. Help with wiring and switch choice
  53. Did I wire pickups out of phase?
  54. ground like hum on Ibanez RG652AHMFX
  55. Help with Pickups RGA8420 JCustom
  56. Front to back route
  57. HSS Strat pickups
  58. What screws to purchase?
  59. Roadstar II Humbucker Wiring
  60. Good Bridge Pup to match with HFH in basswood RG/Jem
  61. RGA 32 wiring diagram
  62. ibanez fgm100
  63. UV7 Wiring Diagram
  64. S5570 pup swap?
  65. 3 Wire EMG designed Ibanez humbucker with 3 way switch wiring? RGR321EX
  66. Question about Ibanez V5 pickups
  67. Need help wiring!!
  68. Ibanez 540 P 1987 wiring schematic
  69. Pickguard on RG520 QS? Possible?
  70. Direct Mounting Pickups? How to do so properly?
  71. Splitting coils with a Dimarzio humbucker that has a bar
  72. RG Wiring Question Please help. Been searching forever!
  73. RT650- Defaulting to Single Coils?
  74. Rare prototype custom Ibanez Hum+Single/Triplecoil, handmade by Hoshino USA
  75. Ibanez RG570 Replacing a V8 with SH-6 or TB-6
  76. SD with VLX91 switch help needed!
  77. Help: has anyone ever had a push pull pot do this?
  78. Guitar volume control with detent?
  79. Dimarzio pickups in RG550 Genesis
  80. Ibanez FR365 Pickups change
  81. 5 way selector switch problems
  82. Prestige SV5470a PU change for SD’s
  83. Dimarzio Super D vs D-Activator
  84. Satriani Pickup Height?
  85. What type of pickup selector switch for an RG550?
  86. Let's talk pickups and types of wood...
  87. potentiometers good and bad
  88. Rg 570 genesis, fishman?
  89. working on the JS ..paf pro or paf pro
  90. Ibanez RG620X - Piezo Circuit
  91. Coil Split Question
  92. Gut shots of rg421 wiring
  93. Ibanez rg421ahm quantum wiring
  94. Volume Knob Wont Work
  95. Dimarzio SD
  96. Ibanez 5 way wiring
  97. DiMarzio V51 Vigier Neck Pickup
  98. Ibanez RT HSH wiring help with pictures
  99. Dimarzio Area pickup in HSH configuration
  100. grounding question
  101. Fernandez 401 sustainer wiring questions
  102. 1990 JEM 777 DY wiring
  103. Fred/Mo JOE/ Norton - least "aw" sound
  104. Pickup housing for single coil
  105. what 3-way switch to get?
  106. Need help identifying a Dimarzio pickup
  107. Ibanez 3 volt IBZ-LZ active pickups: white wire does what? Can they run at 9 volts?
  108. INF 1 & 2
  109. Mad Hatter Terminator kit?
  110. Early 90's Blaze II, is there a bridge version?
  111. RE: JS1 Wiring Pics Anyone?
  112. removing humbucker cover Dimarzio
  113. PF200
  114. RGA121 Wiring Issues
  115. Pickup identification
  116. Ibanez RT wiring diagram
  117. What will match better with Air Norton?
  118. RG550: HHH Rewire and Rethink
  119. new pickups not right
  120. H-S-H with Pan Pot
  121. Some questions about the Cruiser
  122. Single coil output jem 70
  123. Jack socket for SR-500 bass.
  124. Old Ibanez RG450 Stock Pickups Problem
  125. Toggle switch for a Ibanez JS2K Crystal Planet question
  126. JC RG8520 pickup wiring
  127. Dimarzio Fusion
  128. Andy Timmons AT100 wiring
  129. Ibanez 2 Humbucker S Series Wiring
  130. Recommend a switch for HSH
  131. Ibanez RG staggered or flat pole piece heights on single coils?
  132. Sa160 and DiMarzio
  133. Need help wiring a 2C pickup on a 5 way RG switch!
  134. PGM 200 Wiring diagram
  135. Why my neck of stock humbucker of Ibanez RX 180 Japan sounds thin and weak?
  136. changing mind on pickups...
  137. Single Coil S1 vs Dimarzio/Ibz RG-S
  138. What model of Ibanez 7 String has pickup set of V77D and V87D?
  139. Pickup Recommendations Genesis RG550
  140. Factory PUP combo in Ibanez JPM spacing
  141. Pick up swap for an SZ4020
  142. Thornbucker: Any thoughts?
  143. Pickup swap...RG570
  144. Flying fingers
  145. Clueless about pickups but don't like my current one
  146. JEM77FP pots and capacitors?
  147. Neck pickup shootout: Evolution vs PAF Pro in a RG550RFR
  148. Middle Pickup Suggestion for RG550
  149. Waking up a dark/dull sounding mahogany RG
  150. 1989 Floral Jem wiring assistance please
  151. 1989 Jem Wiring Assistance Please
  152. Musicman axis pickups in RG550 middle pickup advice?
  153. DP155 into various RGs
  154. My Custom DiMarzios Just Arrived!
  155. How best to use these pickups in HSH format
  156. what size (not value) pot for RG770
  157. Anyone Use Pickups Other Than Evos On Their Jem7vwh, Specifically DMs?
  158. RG1570 and Dimarzios
  159. JEM 7VWH 1993 evolution pickups problem
  160. RG pickup change - Tele sound?
  161. Fishman Fluence battery pack for RG.
  162. Pickup and wiring options for RG360 (I think)?
  163. HSH with VLX91 (V7/S1/V8) schematics
  164. Parts for '89 540s
  165. Pensa MK1 Diagram?
  166. Pensa MK1 Diagram ?
  167. Newer Quantum wiring
  168. H s H 5 way switch wiring without single coil
  169. so about those 7 stringos
  170. Quarter Pounders with Evolution bridge or..?
  171. Covered pups ok for RG570?
  172. Gravity Storm/Dark Matter vs Dark Matter 2
  173. Ibanez factory phase switch wiring
  174. colored Dimarzio's in Europe?
  175. PFR 4 Bass Pickup HElP !!
  176. Universe Pickup Recommendations?
  177. Wiring question
  178. Looking for info on DiMarzio pickups.
  179. EMG & Fishman Fluence HB's splittable?
  180. Breed vs Super 3 vs PAF Pro For Bridge In Alder
  181. Please help! Fernandes Sustainer
  182. Dead middle pickup?
  183. Confused with wiring diagram in RG1570 (upgrading to SD pickups)
  184. I have no idea what I am doing
  185. Replacement Bridge p/u for RG2550
  186. Schaller 5 way switch
  187. air norton-which coil when split?
  188. Bare Knuckles for rg3120
  189. Paf 36th bridge in neck vs. Air norton in neck
  190. Recommend me sum dimarzio buckers! Plz!!
  191. Fender humbucker in an ibanez RG
  192. I've Got the World's Only 7-String DiMarzio PAF Pro?
  193. Ibanez JS2400 Wiring Schematic
  194. Mixing Seymour Duncan and DiMarzio - Output match?
  195. Switch wiring question
  196. Steve vai ibz/dimarzio pickup mod
  197. Pickup and wiring upgrades for Ibanez RG321MH
  198. 87' RG550 Stock Pickups Question
  199. Ibz/dimarzio pickup change
  200. Bare knuckle vs dimarzio Pickups
  201. VLX91 / EP1112 on a rg350?
  202. Wiring for Seymour Duncan
  203. Supposed to be on of the most easiest wiring diagram, hard time
  204. What mod with EVOs?
  205. Pickup selector for Jem BFP
  206. EMG wiring help!
  207. where does this wire go? rg350m
  208. Identical 7vwh's sound entirely different! Why?
  209. My free software for easy wiring diagrams
  210. Similar new pickup to Ibanez Axis Single 2 (AS2)?
  211. Fake EMG pickups
  212. 1987 Ibanez Radius 540R Wiring
  213. Ibanez Jem77FP- 88
  214. Can Bareknuckle Juggernaut with standard cover be fitted to my Ibanez RG7421?
  215. Jem Jr with H/S/S, possible?
  216. Gravity Storms in a Mahogany RG???
  217. F Spaced pickup or Standard for neck of RG550
  218. TERMINATOR-EVO System
  219. Need Help!! Evo Jem Capacitors
  220. Can anyone identify these pickups?
  221. Most tight alnico 5 Humbuckers that Dimarzio has?
  222. I just got a cheapo GFS humbucker and I love it
  223. Bridge humbucker recomendation
  224. 87/88 540s Wiring, Very confusing
  225. Guitar doesnt have the eletronics cover plate
  226. Pickups for Ibanez RG (Maybe Dimarzio Evo? Or Breed?)
  227. Import/Japan 5 way switch wiring
  228. Dimarzio Breed For Metal?
  229. CTS push pull pots
  230. Evo2 neck and bridge wiring options
  231. Ibanez V2 pickup
  232. Pickups for an RG1570 (6 string basswood trem with maple neck/rosewood board)
  233. cool tone capacitor article thought i would share and a question
  234. Evo's in a mahogany body?
  235. Wiring setup for 5-way superswitch + push/pull HH? (Like Herman Li's Egan)
  236. Pickup choice help - custom build
  237. Pickup Swap for my JEM
  238. Warman pickups
  239. V6F pickup wiring help...
  240. Dimarzio Chopper (Neck), Dimarzio Fred (Bridge) 1 Vol (coil tap), No Tone, No Switch
  241. Pickups for Ibanez RG370pbz 2016??
  242. RG920MQM - Super 3/Evo bridge or Fishman Fluency Moderns???
  243. Help! Paul Gilbert Fireman FRM100 Wiring Diagram & Parts List
  244. Can you help me complete my diagram? (Push Pull volume pot Coil tap HH)
  245. Need help wiring my jem jr. Pickups
  246. Messed Evo DP159F Bridge and Dimarzio UK seller
  247. PAF Joe & Mo Joe Help
  248. Changing EVO's
  249. Replacing a warm and muddy Tone Zone in an SIR70
  250. Guthrie Govan Charvel Wiring