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    Howdy! Here's one semi-rare Universe, that I'd be ready to part ways with. It's a silver dot/all black Universe from 1997 (UV7SBK). Not that many were produced. I'll review it quickly... BAD: - re-painted headstock -> had some wear and tear, so the previous owner decided to paint it again...
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    I bought this guitar almost 3 weeks ago and finally got around to doing an NGD. It's a 1997 J-Custom s3040bs and came with the original case bearing the same Reg. number as on the headstock. It was bought in Dublin Ireland in 1997 and I bought it from the original owner. There is a little...
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    I have this curious MIJ Ibanez I want to find info about
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    Hello Jemsiters- There's a black '97 MIJ Blazer reissue for $200 in my area. Looks like a killer deal and I've been interested in trying a Blazer for a while now. http://charlotte.craigslist.org/msg/2782448114.html Not mint by any means, but that's not my thing anyway... Thoughts? -Gaucho
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    Hello, my name is Bryan and I'm addicted to Ibanez guitars, specifically Fujigen ones made here in Japan where I currently reside. I have six guitars now, 3 of them Ibanez; an '09 RG 1527, a '10 SDGR Prestige 5005OL, and I recently found an RG that I'm a little confused with. It's a '97 MIJ...
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    Original 1997 Ibanez RG1822 J Custom After £980 inc postage. Beautiful guitar, the top really is comparable to a 10top PRS when you see it, I cant get pictures that do it justice. It really is a beautiful guitar. Its basically built like a Jem, but with more versatile hardware. Either way...
  7. All Other Guitars (including Prestige)
    I've found one for sale, the serial number F97... but seller said he'd bought it 4 years ago. I tried looking for '97 J-Custom but didn't see anything close. black headstock with J-Custom inscribtion, Lo-Pro Edge.
1-8 of 9 Results