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    Up for sale is a gorgeous 2620 QM that was originally a European only model. A guy I know had 3 Euro market Ibanez guitars and I got my hands on this one. Color is sapphire and this model has a quilt maple top, 3 way toggle, edge pro, and ultra wizard neck profile. This is in my opinion an...
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    I am looking to get my first Ibby. Although I think I would really enjoy RGD2620, I don't think I could swing the cash. That said, I have been looking at the RG2620 and RG2610. ( I can get a used one for a good price ) Are they basically the same guitar with the 2620 having 2 pups instead of...
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    there is a new RG 2620 in IKEBE. Is that Ibanez answer to ESP? I wish they release red and white versions.
1-3 of 3 Results