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    Up for sale is my Bugera 333 Infinium head and Jet city 4x12 cabinet £499 I have had both head and cab from new and the reason i am selling them is because i am not currently in a band and also having a young Baby i never get time to use them, They have never been Gigged and are in full working...
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    Been a fan of this site for a long time, use to own a couple Jems in the early 90s. Im a 37 year old metal head who has played guitar over 25 years. I own everything from vintage Les Pauls, John 5 Teles, Dime Razorbacks, etc. Bought this 333 in mint condition used at Guitar Center in Charlotte...
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    The great band
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    So, my other guitar player and I play nothing but Ibanez for our band (3 S series, 2 RGs, 2 Roadstars make up our usual gig arsenal). However, one of his current roommates (he is living in NYC for a few months) is selling off a bunch of stuff he doesnt want to take with him when he moves...