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    I want to trade my 1990 MIJ RG550 Coral Mist Metallic for an RG520QS in Trans Blue in very good+ condition. Pics of the 550 are in this thread: http://www.jemsite.com/forums/f18/ngd-1990-rg550-coral-mist-metallic-117015.html As far as I know all hardware is original; trem bar is new as of...
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    Dilemma. I know what many of you will say but want opinions anyway. Back in December I traded my 1997 RG520QS (the mahogany RG, Wizard I neck, original Edge trem) for a 1990 RG550 in Coral Mist Metallic. I never fell for the 550. Sure I enjoy it and it's a slick instrument. But honestly...
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    Available from next week. Body in deep blue,£80 Neck £100 No hardware at all.
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    Engl E520 for sale predecessor to the E530. Made in the early 90s and my model is as new condition, these units are rare and you dont see them for sale very often. They are more versatile then the E530 and have stacks of gain. 1 unit rack space, 3 channels Clean, Rhtythm, Lead, all...
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    Up for sale here is a MIJ RG520QS with a subtle, yet beautiful Blue Quilted Sapele top. Frets are in great shape, neck simply rocks, honest wear on the body. $450 via Paypal. You pick up the fees, I'll pick up shipping to the CONUS. No case included, but I can snag a new RoadRunner HSC for an...
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    Hi, I have a near mint condition Ibanez sz520 up for sale and it also comes with an Ibanez gigbag. I'd like to get 275$ plus shipping. Here is what American Musical said about the guitar. Ibanez SZ Series Features Thru-body, staggered stringing compensates for different string thicknesses...
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    I got this piece of furniture on the account of a GC **** up. But I guess it worked out pretty good. A couple weeks ago I was browsing GC's online used selection and came across an early 90s RG550 in purple. It was listed for a fair price so I called them up and provided my card info and...
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    I got the chance to buy either a R520QS which looks to be in excellent condition or an Rg570 (2 available). One of the Rg570's is silver and the other is cherry sunburst. Rg520QS @ $299 Rg570 Silver @ $299 Rg570 Sunburst @ $399 (w/ case) Decisions.........
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    Cleaning house a bit. Can't decide which to keep so I'm letting you guys decide. I'll sell two and keep one. I don't have anything thing in mind trade or $$$ wise, just gasing for something new. Lowballers don't even waste my time or yours. All made in Japan. All stock. All 100% w/OHSC & whammy...
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    I'm looking for an AANJ MiJ neck (Preferably Custom Made on 22nd fret) to match a Walnut Finish (WNF) S520 body. I'm seeking one with the Bubinga stripe on the back that also matches the WNF body. Posted is a photo of the neck. Please let me know if you have one for sale.
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    Here is my 2000 RG520 Quilted Sapele in Transparent Blue. The original Edge trem, H-H pickup setup, and mahogany body really set this RG apart. Made in Japan. Now, it is a player and is priced accordingly. It has some chips and dings, the most serious being on the back bottom edge (see...
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    Hey guys. I'm considering buying a well used Ibanez, more accurately a RG520IX. I guess it's a rare model, since I can't find much info about it. The guitar was made in 1995, and looks like this: (the one to the right) As you can see, it's pretty well used. The guy who is selling it wants...
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    Anyone heard of this before? I thought they only came with dots. Does Ibanez do customs?
1-14 of 14 Results