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    Hi all, Just received a Crybaby 535 from eBay, no problems with it but i'm having some difficulties finding which model it is. It says 535 on the bottom, has Crybaby on the front and a 6 position pot on the side, where as the newer one has 535Q on the front and a fully adjustable pot. Can anyone...
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    I bought this about two years ago and it's been used literally for less than 30 minutes. No joke. I never really played with it and it has just sat in my bedroom. Never gigged (obviously), never played outside...just a few times for a few minutes. Still has the plastic on the bottom of it...
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    The 535Q is the Swiss army knife of wah pedals, but you probably know that already if you're looking at this ad. Pedal is in good condition for it's age. Pics available on request. Asking for £70 posted to mainland UK, £60 if you collect.
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    Great wah pedal but I've been in a band for 6 months now and just can't find a use for it in my music so it has to go, in favour of a new delay pedal which I'll use a lot more. I've barely used it and it comes in excellent condition, boxed with instructions (still even has the protective...
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    I realize that as with most things, it's a matter of opinion, but I want to know what YOUR opinion is. Which do you prefer? Your wah pedal in FRONT of the amp, or in the FX Loop?
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    as the title says i have a dunlop crybaby 535q, barely used. i still have all the original box, plastics, covers, docs. everything. i even still have the receipt and shows i bought the pedal for $130 new with the dunlop power suppy. it still sticker on top. no scratchiness, no issues, just have...
1-6 of 6 Results