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    Always wanted one of these ever since the Ibanez Racer X ads in Guitar Player back in 1988! Stumbled over one on eBay and couldn't hit "BIN" fast enough! :grin2: Arrived today and wow what a stunner, and in great shape for a 32 year old guitar. Came perfectly set up with fresh strings...
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    Here's a rare one I just brought. Since I have a collection of 540P/PII's this is one I really wanted as it's the rarest of all the PII's, but I pretty much chalked it up as one I'd never find. I ended up getting lucky not only to find one, but to find one in brand new/unplayed condition.
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    PROJECT GUITAR !!! If you've always wanted a 540PSH / 540Pii in a non-factory color, this is for you. Ibanez 540PSH MADE IN JAPAN in the year 1989 This is also known as the unofficial Alex Skolnick model. While this is often referred to as a 540Pii this is actually a 540PSH. This is for...
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    Ibanez 540PSH MADE IN JAPAN in the year 1989 This is also known as the unofficial Alex Skolnick model. While this is often referred to as a 540Pii this is actually a 540PSH. In overall great shape, but does have a few dings here and there (see pics). This guitar plays and sounds awesome and is...
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    For sale: 1990 Ibanez 540P (a.k.a 540PII or Alex Skolnick model). This is an original; not a clone (45mm nut, ultra rare F3 pickup, etc). These guitars are very had to find, and five alarm is one of the more desirable and difficult colors to find (it's very bright neon orange or orange/red...
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    If anyone has one of the mentioned guitars and wouldn't mind selling, please text me 260-413-1054 thanks
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    I have something incoming so there has to be something outgoing. 1987 540P in Magenta. Body has a couple of small, filled dings on the face but the sides are clean, no big dings out of the edges. Frets show/feel wear and the Edge trem has some decent wear. I was going to get a new trem and such...
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    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Ibanez 540p, 1987, made in Fuji Gen by Ibanez. Wizard neck, Alder body Modifications (if any): volume pot changed, otherwise all original, still with the original backstop and beehive volume knob. Frets just leveled and polished. Accessories...
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    Selling the prize of my collection - got this guitar when I was in GIT back in 1989. All original, except the F3 pickup which is new; the original was lost, so DiMarzio made one custom for me to replace it. The paint has started to age to a cool cream shade of white. The neck is straight, and...
  10. Pickups & wiring
    I'm trying to wire a 1988 540p and I'm not sure how to wire the 3 way mini switch for the bridge pickup humbucker. Does anyone know what each position is supposed to do? I'm assuming one of the positions is for humbucker, one position for coil split and one position to shut the pickup off, is...
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    I have a 1988 Ibanez 540p Roadstar Series Pro. with IBZ/USA pickups. Edge tremolo, wizard neck. 1 knob which is a Beehive Volume knob and individual toggle switches for each of the three pickups (1 double, 2 single) any Idea what its worth? I believe they only made that guitar the 1 year of...
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    I'm looking for an IBZ F2 pickup. I'd prefer something in really nice condition with the labeling still intact and enough lead wire for me to install in the bridge position. Please let me know if anyone has anything. Thanks.
  13. Tech: Setup, Repairs and Mods
    Trying to figure out if this is the correct neck on my guitar (1988 540P). The markings say WALRJ (as seen in the picture below). It has 22 frets as it's supposed to. I was told it's the original neck, but the 88 catalog shows mini dots on the fretboard...this has bigger dots
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    Hi, I'm looking to buy a 540PII or 540P ('89 or '90...Alex Skolnick style, not the earlier 540P). There are a couple I have been looking at but the price is a bit higher than I'd like to spend. I haven't ruled them out, but want to see what else may be out there. If anyone has one they would...
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    Got it a week ago and ordered some red stuff to put on it. When i got it, it was pretty scuffed up, i wet sanded it down and buffed it to a glossy shine, changed the pups, switch, knob and tip. Put on a big brass block too. The knob is a custom metal anodized in red, pretty nice. Humbucker...
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    Hi folks - grew up with Ibanez (a 540p which I sorely regret selling...if anyone on here has it, it's the violet pearl one with EMGs and cosmo black hardware!!). Now on an EBMM Steve Morse, but jonesing hard for the JS.
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    I have a 1987 540p. I've had it a few years and all it's done is sit in the case. Long story short I prefer 24 frets so I never really got into playing this guitar. I feel bad it just wasting away in my closet as I'm sure someone out there could really appreciate it. I love the original wizard...
  18. Pickups & wiring
    hello, i'm working on putting together a project 540p and i had a question about how the original wiring routing was done. did Ibanez run the wires under the center of the pickups? i dont see any channels/cavities in the body for the wire heres my body
1-18 of 64 Results