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550 ibanez
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    Hey All , 1st My Black RG 550 , 1998 japanese . It has a screaming demon in the bridge , quarter pound in the middle and a ibz V8 in the neck . edge trem . non original case , the body has its share of dings . The neck is excellent ! frets have plenty of life . the tone pot was removed when it...
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    Had this up for sale once or twice before, but never could get myself to do it..But now since I've moved to 7 strings I don't have much time to play this one. Guitar is phenomenal. Tonezone bridge and Paf pro neck. Fret's have hardly any wear rate them about 9/10. Only imperfection is a small...
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    I can pick up this today for $500 with original case. Serial number checks out. Worth 500?
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    Pretty much as it says.In the market for one in playable condition. Show me your wears :P
1-4 of 4 Results