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    In mint condition, used for very few hours. Includes certificate of authenticity, manual and hardcase. I have changed the bridge pickup for a Lundgren M7, but I also include the original pickup, a PAF 7, in case you want to bring it back to its original condition. Free shipping to any EU...
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    I have been looking around to some ibanez 7 strings. i am thinking of adding one to my collection whats a decent serie to step in too.
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    Hey guys I just released an acoustic EP called DNA-Acoustic Suite. Here's video I did of Neutron Star from the EP. I used my Ibanez AJ307CE for the EP. Check it out, let me know what you guys think Dana www.danadechaby.com
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    Hello foooolks!!!!
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    Hi guys ! I'm the happy owner of a 2027xVV I've put the AN7-TZ7 combination a few months ago but the bridge PU doesn't satisfy me ! My favourite 6-strings PU is the Kent Armstrong Motherbucker What is the nearest one for 7s ? thanks for your help
1-5 of 5 Results