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    I have a 2001 RG570 (root beer metallic, with AANJ) that finally needs a re-fret. I would like to replace the frets with wire as close to the original as possible. I am able to measure with a caliper and find that the "width" is .110" (2.8mm). But because the neck was leveled and re-crowned...
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    Hi Everyone, So, i'm helping a buddy buy his first shred guitar, but he's on a budget. I happened into a pawn shop today and saw this RG: I can't figure out what this is. I was thinking early RG370DX, but that quite fit. It seems older, at least 10 years or more. Some of the notable...
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    Hey. Anyone ever buy one of those unfinished Ibanez replacement bodies on the bay from the seller perleguitars001 ? They are unfinished Ibanez copy bodies, various models, that fit RG AANJ Wizard necks. Was wondering if anyone knew anything about these or hand any experience with them. Thanks
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    can anyone tell me what yr the aanj came out, and how many yrs aanj/rg's were produced with edge/ floyd rose type trems? is the list long? perhaps just quote the last yr you could buy a rg with a edge and a aanj neck. thanks
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    Looking for an early nineties wizard neck for an rg project. Ideally I'm looking for a two piece wizard neck (no bubinga stripe) with aanj.
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    Hey dudes, i have a JS1000 which i love to death, however i'm looking for another guitar to gig with (i got the JS signed and i'd rather not sweat all over it, lol). I'm thinking about getting a new S prestige but not i'm not sure on what the differences are between the 2170 and the 5470. I...
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    Please, look at that : 230276593568 the seller says it's a S540 but you can see a non-AANJ neck with the "Custom Made" inlay at the 22th fret !!!! and a piece of binding is missing at the bottom of the fingerboard ! what do you think about that ? Is it a customized one or a real (unknown for...
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    i have an ibanez rg-370. i was wondering if i could get a neck from an ibanez jem and put it on. i really like the vine inlays. i was also wondering if could mod the bridge so i could have one of those whammy bars that has the twisty thing on it. so i can tighten the bar. or replace the bridge...
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    Got the basswood, and cut the main shape. Doing some of the routing tomorrow...will post pics at some point. Looking for a suitable neck to fit a standard js neck pocket. Also need an edge trem...preferably lo pro or an original edge. I know I should have posted that part in the classified...
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    Does anyone know what the screw lengths are for a Jem non AANJ (ie. heel joint) neck? Ive tried using the screws from an AANJ neck and find the longer screws are too long and risk screwing into the fretboard. Also are the screw lengths for the heel joints all supposed to be equal as opposed to...
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    Hi folks, I'm just starting out on my first guitar-build project and this is my first post here, so I'd be grateful of any help you may be able to offer! The starting point for my project is a 2001 S470DX AANJ body (if I remember correctly it's MIK). The body is routed for the Lo TRS II, so...
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    I need to buy a RG body: - All Access Neck Joint - Made in Japan - Front Routed (1550?) - Paint condition irrelevant (I prefer a cheaper one!) - AANJ neck screws not mandatory, but those would be a great plus! I use paypal, and I do have a regular US address for shipping (altough I'm in Chile)...
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    its an old 777dy and its amazing. best guitar ive ever played. i cant put it down. but i cant figure out what year it is. the serial number on the neck plate is 160267 thanks
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    i am looking for an rg body for a project and am having trouble. if any Australians have a rg body with aanj and rear route please contact me, also i am looking for a rg aanj neck with rosewood fretboard, sharktooth inlays and non-locking nut thanks
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    Hi all; just thought I'd share the final results. I started this project back in November and couldn't have gotten here from there w/o the artistry, craftsmanship, knowledge and expertise of: - Herc Fede (Fede Designs), a proud new father, provided the body and swirled another masterpiece...
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    I'm embarking on my first project and through a mixture of naivety and simple bloody stupidness have come upon my first hurdle.. I bought a cheapo body off the bay which it seems is either an RG220 or 320 - the seller wasn't sure but since it's routed for two humbuckers I was happy enough with...
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    Hi I'm after a Jem neck for a project that I'm doing on one of my guitars I'm building. They seem very hard to get hold of indeed as they dont seem to wear out. I dont really want to compromise, I want a Jem neck but I am having big trouble sourcing one! I dont really have a preference on...
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    So the body is going to get stripped and stained, blackburst, with dark red in the middle fading to black on the outside. I figure I'm going with the original Edge, or a lo pro version. But the neck, ahhh the neck. I want something SUPER cool, but the neck humbucker comes right up to the edge...
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    Looking for an Ibanez AANJ Neck 24 Fret / locking nut. I am not set on any one type or style, but must be made in Japan. PM me with what you've got available, and the price. Thanks!
1-19 of 247 Results