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abalone binding
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    Hi ya folks, Here is another youtube video with my Awesome sounding Carvin custom shop DC600. enjoy!
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    I just went to the guitar show in Chicago and ran into a custom builder that goes by abyss guitars. His custom work was just stunning!!! His inlay skills are incredible. He's expensive I think? As I dont know how much custom guitars normally go for his start at $5500 and go to about $15000. If...
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    Hello all, GAS Attack time... This time sell before buying :) easier way to deal with the ole 'Trouble and Strife' ;) I'm changing my recording setup and want to move some goodies around to facilitate the change in modality. I'm selling my Mark of the Unicorn (MOTU) 1224 unit with 324 Pci card...
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    I've owned dozens of Ibanez guitars over the years and this is my last and favorite. Thought I'd post it here first before hitting the broader world with it. From the best I understand, this was part of a limited run in '99 that ended up in Guitar Centers in Texas (hence the nickname: "Texas...
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    Here's a few pics of my newest one...just arrived today. The top end Peavey V Type. Not a single scratch on this one.......absolutely perfect condition!! By uberthrall By uberthrall By uberthrall The one thing that jumps out at me about this one is the neck. Very similar to a Les Paul.
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    There was a thread on here a little while back about Epiphone Lp's. The general feeling is that if you can afford a Gibson then that's probably best as you'll have to try out a good few Epi's before you get a keeper and even then you'll need to do a few mods to it. My feeling is that I've also...
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    End of November, already! And we didn't get much news about what is going on in Fujigen plant for 2008. So, this is a call to anyone who could have picked here or there pieces of info about next year line-up. Please,feed my GAS!
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    this is the story that goes with this guitar, I thought maybe someone would have a clue about it.. has a huge Sun inlay on the headstock with no name, it's set neck with abalone bindings any help would be appreciated
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    Hello. I have always loved the Ibanez S3040PL, but as many of you know, it is extremely rare. So, I went to RAN guitars custom order page (www.ranguitars.com) and made a guitar. It is extremely similar to the S3040, except it is neck thru, 24 frets, features red LEDs, and has an original floyd...
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    Great condition with mild wear on the bridge plating where you normally rest your hand while playing.... Great condition otherwise. quilted maple top Their detailing is outstanding with abalone binding, gold Grover tuners, and crown inlays. And they play & sound as great as they look, with a...
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    Hi everybody!! I love my 8470 BX, its a great guitar and I like the maple binding on the fretboard... But mine is 9 months old and the binding starts to look a bit dirty... Impossible to clean it properly... with lemon oil or with cleaner... I think that with time it is going to become less...
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    I finally got my RG20th DY almost 10 days ago and just had a chance to sit down and give it the once over: restringing, a few stainless steel screws in the proper places, Dunlop strap locks, ect., basically get it up to stage ready level. What a sweet axe !!! 8) I brought home a Fender G-Dec 30...
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    I've been building guitars as a hobby for about 2 or 3 years. This is my latest re-creation of an Ernie Ball Music Man EVH style guitar. I haven't stained it yet, so use your imagination because this will be a very dark blue. Swamp ash body with 1/8" figured maple top. The pickups are a Tone...
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    I am curious to know if an rg7321 neck would fit and universe body, mostly cause I could get ahold of one for cheap (probly cheaper than just buying a neck) and just order a universe body and take it from there with adding the appropriate hardware.
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    Who here owns a ukulele, of any sort? Today as I was in town I wandered into Hobgoblin (a folk instrument store in Leeds), to enquire as to whether they had the appropriate tuning pegs for my crappy old ukulele (which is missing 2 pegs, and only has 1 string, and terrible intonation), they did...
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    ...what would it be? What would it look like? Hardware? Colours? Photoshops are a must in this thread. Cheers.
    aaa maple abalone binding abalone dots access neck joint air norton neck alder bodied alder body alder strat andy timmons angled jack atd swirl basswood body beautiful guitar birdseye maple neck black headstock black pickguard breed bridge bubinga neck clear coat coil split coil splitting cosmo black hardware custom jpm dimarzio air dimarzio air norton dimarzio blaze dimarzio blue velvet dimarzio breed dimarzio evolution bridge dimarzio paf dimarzio paf pro dimarzio pups dimarzio steve dimarzio strap dome knobs dot inlays double cutaway double edge bridge double edge pro duncan distortion duncan invader duncan pickups ebony fingerboard ebony fretboard eddie van halen edge bridge edge zero evo pickups fingerboard radius flame maple binding flamed maple floating bridges fret maple fret maple neck fret markers fret neck gibson robot gmc swirl gotoh tuners graphite nut green dimarzio humbucking pickup ibanez paul gilbert ibanez trem ibanez tremolo jem neck jem style body john petrucci jumbo frets locking stud locking studs locking tuners magnetic pickups mahogany body maple binding maple fingerboard maple fretboard mounted pickups neck pup neck shape neck thru paf joe paf pro combo paf pro neck paul gilbert pickup cover pickup ring pickup rings pickup switch pickup switching piezo bridge piezo pickup piezo pickups piezo system ply pickguard pro combo pro edge trem pro edge tremolo pro neck production model pyramid inlay retainer bar reversed headstock rosewood fingerboard rosewood fretboard scalloped frets sharktooth inlay sharktooth inlays signature guitar sperzel locking sperzel locking tuners stainless steel frets steel frets steve morse strap lock strap locks strat body strat style super strat swamp ash tobacco sunburst trem arm tung oil tuning system van halen walnut neck wilkinson trem wizard prestige wizard prestige neck zachary guitars zone bridge
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    I sit up everynight looking for pics of rare Ibanez guitars and I came across this pic. I definately have to say it is the coolest J Custom I have ever seen. If one of you guys out there know where to find one of these let me know so I can start saving! I dont know how to post the pic itself on...
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    ESP EC-1000 or a Gibson Les Paul Studio? And why? Cheers.
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    I bought a cheap RG350 just to test a couple of things on it. Now I wanted to test to modify it to a "chromeboy" ;) I'm just in the beginning of the progress now, but here is a couple of pictures of what I have done so far, I think it can be pretty cool when it's done :) There is alot of work...
1-20 of 64 Results