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    It really is getting on my nerves now!! I love Les Pauls....and i always will dribble over them for as long as i live. Recently i have noticed though however that if you havent got £1000 to spend on one....you might as well not bother! Les Pauls are getting way too overpriced now. And the way...
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    I was pondering this one day. It seems that signature stuff does not sell very well compared to non signature stuff. Now maybe I'm not very educated on the idea but it seems that the Les Paul has had the biggest success. And in a way I think that has to be an exception because it's done way...
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    In the October Guitar One Neal Schon has a Les Paul prototype with what appears to be a Floyd Rose and a more accessible neck joint. If anyone hears anything else about this thing, please post it.
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    Ok this has to come up sooner or later if it already hasn't; what signature guitar do you like and/or own? ESP/LTD KH-502(like and tried) Epiphone Zakk Wylde Les Paul (own)
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    Hey guys, I love Les Pauls, I dont feel the same thing playing other guitars , the thing is that i love hardrock e metal, and I play these sounds with my band, a whammy bar is needed in a lot of songs , and i like very much players like steve vai and malmsteen my biggests influences now, let me...
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    2512240657 A Korean made RG with a tribal paint job at only $2199! 2511274607 One of Ed's customers 2511703405 10th Anniversary. Anybody got an extra decal? 2510707810 Come on, stick it right here. ;) Go find some more and share with the rest of us!
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    Hi guys!! I thought we'd do a less controversial topic this time around... I'd like to hear about your favorite rig setup ie: What guitar you use, amps, effects..in what order do you like up your effects/pedals... I think we can learn from each other on this one!!!
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    I have seen the les paul black beauty with triple pickups, i wander if that would sound cool on a ibanez, just wandering if anyone has thought of it, and why i dont see a lot of guitars with triple pickups??????
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    dimarzio's:roll: there are many who say that duncans are superior to dimarzio,in tone and quality,but i have to disagree :twisted: I tried both in many different guitars and the dimarzio's sound warmer to me? and have a more "signature" tone to them? how about you?
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    I finally got my new guitar. I had been looking for one for quite awhile. I had gone through all the choses, Jackson, Ernie Ball, Tom Anderson (used of course), and then settled on Ibanez. I also own an RG 570 which is the guitar that is being replaced as my main player. This RG 3120 was had at...
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    For years I've been banging on a Les Paul, not even thinking about trying a Jem because Steve Vai, though an EXCELLENT guitar player, just wasn't a hero of mine. I'm really into Ace Frehley because when I was a kid, it's his guitar playing that got me jumping up and down on my bed playing air...
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    I was at my local music shop and they had a white Gibson Les Paul with a Floyd Rose. When did they make these? Are they worth more than a normal Les Paul? Does anyone have one?
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    On the Universe is it worth that amount of money or are you paying a lot because Steve Vai designed it? I can get a UV with case for between $1400-$1600. Good Deal? Thanks a Bunch
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    K. It's been a year on a cheaply made mexican fat fender strat ripoff.  And Im lookin to buy somethin i just dont know what.  Does anyone have any sudgestions as to what to look for?
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    Hey, if you were offered a mint JPM4 for your mint Jem7vwh would you take the trade? I hear JPMs retail value are just as good, but since they are discontinued, does this add to their value? Rich Kevan, Glen, is that true? ANYWAY, who would give their mint Jem7vwh for a mint JPM4???? Thanks...
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    Hi, I wanted to know if trading my mint 2000 Jem 7VWH in mint condition for a mint 1997 Gibson Ace Frehley Les Paul is a good idea? I don't  know how much more a Les Paul is worth than a jem but i think it is more than a grand. and if i ever didnt like the trade, since its worth more, i could...
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    I have no idea. I wonder if that person knew what an innovation it was.
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    I had nothing to do today, so i started thinking of a list of the most famous and desired guitars in the world. If you guys could choose one, which would it be? Here's the list (reminds me of Gone in 60 Seconds), feel free to add any guitars... Vai's EVO and Green Meanie; Satch's Black Dog...
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    I have a Yamaha Pacifica running through a DSL401 at the moment. I use a Crybaby as my only effect, or if I get quirky, my Zoom 3030. Not the most impressive rig by any means, but it does the job for me. Until I find a band that doesn't want to play Blur and Stereophonics (ARGH...
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    http://www.edromanguitars.com/obscure/home_wrr.htm The second one down on the left. How hard would it be to do something like this to a strat? And have it hooked up to a kill switch that kills the lights and the sound for some really cool effects?