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    as we get older (beyond late 30s) our physical potential peaks and begins to decline has anyone hear noted any changes to their playing ability as they age? obviously we're not using large muscle groups or boosting our heart rates much, but I guess it would make some kind of sense that...
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    Just realized that I have always imagined most users on here as older guys. But I guess alot aren't! How old are you? Ill start, I'm 21!
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    Just trying to find out about my ibanez date of manufacture. I have read and been to all the sites that show how to do this but my guitar has no letters in the serial number. 2030923 made in korea. The guitar was given to me second hand in 1995. Hope someone can shed some light
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    Just been on my mind for the past few months. There are so many awesome shows that go on in and around the Boston Area. But the age limits baffle me. There is a festival called Together and some of the events are 21+, which is ok because they are serving drinks and stuff. But there are other...
1-4 of 4 Results