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    So im on vacation at gulf shores for spring break, came across this old bar with live music thts really amazing! It's called the Flora-bama because it's on the Florida/Alabama line. I was just wondering if any members have been here! It seems to be a very popular place and I gotta say the...
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    Hey guys, Just wanted to fill you in on some new down here in Alabama. We've just been hit by who knows how many tornadoes killing (as we know of right now) 53+ people. Tuscaloosa (west of bham, home of the University of Alabama) was slammed by an F4 tornado, killing 15 and counting. Cullman...
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    We finally get a nice Christmas tree and some crackhead sets it on fire trying to steal the copper. Thanks Alabama, another great year in the memory books :roll:. http://thefistfulofwords.blogspot.com/2010/12/todays-1000_16.html#more