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angled jack

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    Hi Thought I might make a thread about my first guitar project. It's going to be a black and silver Jem with mirror pickguard, Cosmo hardware, ebony fretboard with holoflek vine and with Sustainac Stealth Pro installed. I made three photoshop renderings to choose my design. I liked the one...
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    hello, im sure this has been asked before, but do all of the jem 555's have the angled output jack on the side by the strap button??? i saw one and it had a jack on the bottom like a les paul or something like it...... any help is greatly appreciated thank you mike
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    At last it is finished, and it came out sweet!!! I just had to share my excitement... Please let me know what you guys think.... It is not only candy for the eye, it sounds amazing too!!! One of, if not the best playing and sounding guitars that I now own.
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    I love neck thrus and nekid (natural finish). Lets see those pics. I will start this off.
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    In another thread someone wanted to see some pics of this recent refinish, so here it is. This is a 470 model. The 470's didn't have a recessed route for the cavity plates, so I put that in. I also plugged up the original jack hole and put in two angled jack holes. One is for the regular...
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    (not sure if this is allowed to put this,.) Look at what someone did to this Jem, Its pretty wierd. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/msg/462080175.html
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    Hey guys I have a few questions im hoping you could help me out with, first off has anyone ever seen a swirled strat before? Ive been looking forever and havent found any. And im wanting to see if I can find someone who can do a good swirl and all I know of is sims custom shop but ive sent them...
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    ...what would it be? What would it look like? Hardware? Colours? Photoshops are a must in this thread. Cheers.
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    I was wondering if any you know what the JEM, UV or even JS Prototypes became ? There are a few that are known to be in proud owners' hands but many other for which apparently there is no traces left. At that time, the few that are know from my side are : * JEM GMC : hold by a US Jemsite...
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    My next purchase will be a cable. Any recommendations? It has to be something highest quality. I like the coiled stuff, they're so convinient.... straight to angled jack or just the cable I can assemble myself. let me know what's out there, where can I buy it etc.
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    Having recently purchased a couple of new Jems and a UV777 I was suprised to see that one of the Jems had a 'fit' defect and the UV had a slight blur/smudge 'finish' on the pinstripes that follow the beading. This being on top of numerous Ibanez guitars that I've bought over the past 5 years and...
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    Okay, so I guess it's time to start an official thread. My IbanED one has been temporarily disconnected. As some of you know I build Replacement Bodies and Necks for Jem and RG bodies. Legacy One started because I know how frustrating it is to have to wait for custom build parts. Watching...
  13. Tech: Setup, Repairs and Mods
    I'm so happy with this one, I felt I should start a new thread for it. The combination of sun light and my cheap camera makes it look a little orange but it realy is red. So here goes:
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    Well, this is my custom guitar. Cannot explain how could i did it. So, i'll show some pix.
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    I have the chance to buy a pgm800 at a pretty good price... The thing is, in order to buy it, i have to sell two of my ibanez guitars, my only two guitars... I have no problem with letting one go, but i dó like the other one. This is really hard for me, because i really LOVE a pgm800. This...
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    this is project #3 starting out. yes, #3. if i wasn't busy enough with projects #1, #2 and aleady planning out project #4, not to mention keeping up maintenance on my regular stable (Elvis, Blackie, ect), i'm starting project #3. it is always so much fun to imagine the different ways to finish...
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    I just noticed (in the OT) that jjemmer777's Jem7brmr with vine is up for best Jem Custom award. Can't have that going on while it's perfectly obvious that my custom 'flo' runs circles around his 7brmr.;) All kidding aside, this is the result of a two year in-between-other-jobs-project and I...
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    So I'm considering starting a new fabric project to complement my existing red RG520, but I wasn't sure what kind of fabric to go with. Today, I remembered a fabric web site that someone here found a while back that had some really interesting-looking swirl fabrics. So, as long as I was...
  19. Tech: Setup, Repairs and Mods
    i'm working on a custom RG (565?560?) and the mods so far include: filled mid-single cavity, filled tone pot hole, routed monkey grip, filled jack, side angle jack routed. the body has been sanded and sealed and is ready to proceed to the next steps: body finish, installing electronics, neck...
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    Hello I am going to build my own guitar over the summer the only thing is that I dont know how basically it is a 24 fret gibson lp looking thing ok it is going to have a set neck everything else is basic enough except for controls but first i need a place to start are there any websites...