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    Hi guys, I'm new here. I just sold my PGM800 and i'm keen to purchase a PGM 10th or 90th Anniversary edition. Hopefully someone is looking to part with theirs - I'm located in Australia but will pay shipping costs. Regards, Ernest
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    Do you think it will be 2018 or 2020? 10th and 20th fell on 8s but the 25ARTs were 2015.
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    Hi all! I haven't posted on here in ages, but I hope everyone is well. I was trying to time this post to hit around 1:00 PM this afternoon (US Eastern Daylight Time, 12:00 Noon Central Daylight Time) but ran into some issue affecting my internet connection. Why the timing? Well, if my...
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    Dead mint collector condition JEM 20th, nice swirl, OHSC, EU sale preferred due to rosewood content. €5000 includes UPS shipping in EU Pictures: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nw7psnokakzmdk1/AACvht2HZMNTeVrDCu12ocbPa?dl=0
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    FS: Jem777 SK Anniversary Shocking Pink Guitar For sale is my mint, new condition Jem777 SK Anniversary Shocking Pink Guitar. The guitar has a total of 3-4 hours of home play on it. Has all the case candy and everything a new Jem comes with including the Vai pass, Vai picks, the Ibanez mega...
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    From Ibanez with Steve Vai:
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    According to a guy who attended the Glasgow Evo show this year, Steve told him that the Jem 777 in Loch Ness Green, Desert Sun Yellow and Shocking Pink is to be re-released to celebrate 30 years of the Jem. Somebody might have posted this this, but I certainly can't find it. Anyway, might be...
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    As there is such demand for Chromeboys and JS10ths, do you think Ibanez would do another run of them for the 30th anniversary? (I think it's the only way I'll be able to get one!)
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    I have an excellent condition JEM 10th Anniversary guitar, with COA & case candy, signed by Vai (have photo of him signing it which will be included with the guitar), in a 20th Anniversary limited edition Ibanez case. Interested in $4500 shipped or will also consider trades or partial trades for...
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    So 2016 is getting very close and I can't wait to see what Ibanez have in store for the 30th Anniversary Jem :D Does anybody have any idea when they will release details of what the 30th will be???
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    Ibanez Celebrates the Thirtieth Anniversary of The Classic Ibanez George Benson Jazz Guitar, released in 2008. This is a Super Rare Guitar, Made in JAPAN. Only 30 of these were made Worldwide. It's in mint condition, rarely if ever played. Includes inspection stickers, instruction book...
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    Hello ! its my first post here. im looking to Buy this shredder. anyone selling it ? also i need it shipped to Bulgaria. thanks !
  13. S1xxvfgr


    S1 25th Anniversary Fluorescent Green
  14. Rg550xxbk 20th Anniversary

    Rg550xxbk 20th Anniversary

    RG550XXBK 20th Anniversary
  15. Jem 20th

    Jem 20th

    JEM 20th Anniversary
  16. Jem 20th

    Jem 20th

    JEM 20th Anniversary
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    Unloading continues... 50 pieces world wide - that's the quantity, so You're looking at a pretty rare guitar. Release date was 2002 and it was to celebrate the first decade mr. Paul Gilbert had enjoyed having an Ibanez signature guitar. Specs: Body material - Mahogany with Hard Maple top Neck...
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    Collectors grade condition, totally mint, like travelling back in time. Comes with certificate of authenticity, signed 8/02/96, usual case candy. Original receipt from Guitar Center. Serial is 096!! Case is also mint. . Located in Sweden, will ship it anywhere in the world but preferably...
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    Hi! I am considering selling my Suhr 10th anniversary. Do any of you think the value of the guitar is going to increase since its a limited edition model? Should I wait selling it for some years?
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    Two anniversary models for sale, both in great state. PM me and i can send detailed pics and explanation. * Jem 10th, OHSC : AUD 3,800 * Jem 90th, non original hard case : AUD 1,800 (AUD = Aussie $) http://s756.photobucket.com/albums/xx202/cyril185/jems/ Of course i'm selling them separately...