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  1. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    These are custom wound for a lefty and are black! Asking $75 each shipped as you will not find these easily. These are JUST over 30 days old so I cannot do the Dimarzio exchange and are in like new condition (installed once no lead cut) and have original case they each came in. Also, I am...
  2. Pickups & wiring
    I've got an area 58 and an area 61 and thinking of putting them in my RG560. Wich humbucker do you think would be a good match in the bridge position? I'm thinking a low output vintage sounding humbucker. How about the Air classic humbucker?
  3. Pickups & wiring
    I'm getting a Dimarzio area 58 in the neck and a Duncan P-rail in the bridge. At this time I'm leaving the middle alone but am considering the Dimarzio Area 61. I'll let you know how it sounds. Has anyone else tried the SD dimarzio combo.
1-3 of 3 Results