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  1. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    Hi guys. Not sure if this is the right place, but here goes. I bought a THD hotplate once and then stupidly sold it. I was wondering if any one had or knew where to find any schematics for one? I am planning on building my own. I know they were really popular because they incorporated a fan...
  2. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    First up is a Weber Mass Attenuator (100 W). It has under one hour of use and is in excellent condition. You can find more info about it here: https://taweber.powweb.com/weber/mass.htm Asking 170$ plus shipping and paypal. Second is a Fernandes FSK101 sustaining pickup. This was bought for one...
  3. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    Just got myself one of these, yet to test it, looking forward to it though!
  4. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    i bought four cables and tried them and am not using them.2 jazz 11 foot guitar(sound good for other styles to) ...cost around 100 59$...spidif cost 24.99-15.99...xlr studiolink 29.99 sell for 19.99...digitech badmonkey 25$...behringer vamp 2 with powersupply 65$... weber minimass 50 watt cost...
  5. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    I'm looking for one, used, or new. will pay fair price. Let me know.
  6. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    For sale is my 3 year old Ultimate Attenuator by Magus Innovations. I've owned a Marshall Powerbrake and used a THD Hotplate and found they both killed my tone and flattened the sound. This tube-amp attenuator has been the first I've heard that does exactly what it says it will; attenuate...
  7. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    This one is for all the Aussies looking for an attenuator. I'm actually selling this through Gumtree.com.au, you can find all the details there: http://sydney.gumtree.com.au/c-Stuff-for-Sale-musical-instruments-Weber-Low-Power-Load-Dump-Attenuator-W0QQAdIdZ153813168
  8. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    240v 200 watt Ultimate Attenuator for sale. Perfect working order, excellent cosmetic condition. Used a handful of times. £250 shipped to mainland UK. No trades.
  9. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    I've had this unit from new for about 3months. It's the most transparent attenuator i've tried - This thing rocks! I'm selling my soldano soon to buy a combo. Not gigging so would a smaller combo for bedroom playing :) This is full UK spec (240v), It includes the Plexi Switch and 200 watt load...
  10. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    I'm looking for a Weber Mass or Load line attenuator to buy. Must be in the UK as I don't want to spend a lot of money on shipping. Ideally would want something under £50 but send me your offers and I'll see what I can do. I might even be interested in other dummy loads/attenuators.
  11. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    SUPER MINT THD 8 OHM(PURPLE) POWER ATTENUATOR. less than 10hrs of use, no chip, no scratch, works perfect. deep and bright switches to give you an extra crushing depth or searing highs, recording line-out output, and built in noisegate. if you're wondering what it is, its basically used as...
1-11 of 12 Results