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    Avid Eleven Rack - This Eleven Rack does not include the Pro Tools 11 Software. Includes Eleven Rack. Ships in the original box with USB cable, power cord, and has the Eleven Rack Expansion Pack Pre-Installed. This does NOT include Pro Tools software This Eleven Rack includes the Sweetwater...
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    Looking to trade my perfect condition Avid Eleven Rack with the Expansion Pack installed for a Pod HD Pro. Let me know what you got... thanks, Mike
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    I have been away from the forums for a couple of months and since then have added an Eleven Rack to my studio. I mainly record my own music and friends in my home studio and was looking for something that sounded great, integrated to my DAW and not break the bank. Check, Check and Check…. I...
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    Should I get an Eleven Rack? Am I going to need a bunch of extra expesive stuff to go along with it to make it happy?
1-4 of 4 Results