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  1. All Other Guitars (including Prestige)
    Back again to annoy everybody with another '80s Solo Cover. This time It's Here I Go Again. Hope You guys like it!
  2. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    Hey everyone! Right now I have a POD HD Pro X and a Tonelab SE and Im looking into getting an Axe Fx, recently a Axe Fx standard popped up locally for $900 canadian. I was wondering what you guys would think of jumping on this one or saving up/paying more for an ultra or a II?
  3. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    So, what should i buy? I want be able to play silent with headphones and want decent sound. I like Pod HD Pro sound, but what about fiillings? I heard, that Axe's feel more natural, than line 6, but i heard only about high tier models. What about Fractal Audio FX8 Mark II for example? Almost...
  4. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    Got a axe fxII markII with maybe 5 hours play time and still has has the plastic screen protector on it. I can text you pictures so pm me if interested. New condition. 1700$
  5. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    I'm on the fence between the new Line 6 Helix and a Fractal Axe Fx. I found these four videos about them but I still need more information. Thoughts? Videos I am referring to can be found on youtube if you type the search words Fractal Vs Helix
  6. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    Hey all! Anyone around these parts have an axe fx or a kemper and if so, shout your name and what ya got. If you're feeling especially frisky, post a pic of your rig because I'm huge into amp modeler pr0n. You know, as long as you don't mind me drooling at your stuff ;) (side note: i don't...
  7. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    I got a nice clean axe fx standard, I'm sure everyone knows what these things can do. I'll take 1100 shipped PayPal gift. Only ship in the US No trades Pics coming soon....
  8. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    title pretty much says it what do you guys think? all on a Dimarzio PAF8 in an RG2228
  9. Players, Bands, Sounds, Tours, Lessons & Theory!
    Few months ago a good friend of mine asked me to borrow my guitars for a small improvisation. He never played 7 string guitars until then. After few days he shows me the results: Enjoy.
  10. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    Well, that's the deal, my dad is travelling to USA, (I'm from Argentina) so I have to choose one...... I have an ibanez gio which I hate so I really need a new guitar. and I have a pod hd 400 which I believe is faaaaar inferior to an axe fx 2. I might later get a descent guitar here but not a...
  11. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    first atttempt at dialing in a clean tone on my axe fx... im way over my head
  12. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    I have an Eleven Rack which came with the Pro Tools 10 bundle. I have all of the original packaging and all of the manuals, disks, iLok, etc...I will help the new owner register with Avid. The 11R was used in a home environment (non smoker) only and was mounted in a rack. No scratches, front...
  13. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    I'm looking to buy a Fractal Audio Axe-FX Ultra or Standard. Please get back to me if you're looking to sell one. Call or text: 203-313-5618 I have some rack gear to trade or we can do cash.
  14. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    I'm selling my guitar rack. Everything in has always worked perfectly for me and sounds freakin' amazing. This has been my absolute favorite set up in the 22 years I've been playing. You will not be disappointed with this rig. It includes a Mesa 2:90 power amp, Rocktron Velocity 300 Touring...
  15. Players, Bands, Sounds, Tours, Lessons & Theory!
    Hi, One of my best guitars, the RG 3250 MZ, great high gain sound with Di Marzio pickups and the thinner neck I've ever played... Enjoy this video with Axe FX 2... Don't hesitate to quote and comment and if you like, subscribe the Fret-Time Youtube Channel.
  16. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    Fractal Audio Axe Fx Standard w/ extras It's less than two years old and comes with the latest firmware. I'll even include an M Audio 2x2 Anniversary Midisport (with midi cables), Gator 4U rackcase, and a Behringer Miniamp Amp800 4 channel Stereo Headphone Amp. Only thing worth mentioning is...
  17. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    Hi guys, I need some help understanding Amp Modelers such as the Line 6 Pod series, 11Rack, AxeFX, etc. I understand that they emulate amp sounds and effects, but are they meant to simplify the gear that one has to lug around? Replace the single amp sound with a wide variety of tones? Or are...
  18. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    Want to buy Axe FX Standard. Location - Tallinn, Estonia (European Union) Price - 1000€ Contact - [email protected] or PM Martin
  19. Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic
    I own the following or recording only. Pod xt pro T c electronics g force Eventide harmoniser Tc electronics 2290 I am very tempted by the axe fx but would like to know whether or not to sell up and buy one or would my current set up be more or less te same. What I am trying to say is is it...
  20. Players, Bands, Sounds, Tours, Lessons & Theory!
    Me playing one of my original tunes. Im using my MusicMan JP6 through the AXE FX Ultra directly into the computer. Let me know what you think. J
1-20 of 31 Results