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    I'm interested in any stories you've heard or witnessed about bands/musicians doing or saying stupid/insensitive things, funny things or bat **** crazy things on stage. I'll start with one of hilarity and insensitivity that I heard recently: Apparently during their "Bomber" tour, Motorhead...
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    This will give us a chance to all check out each others band pages, put a name with a face, hear your music & maybe make it out to a gig! If its a facebook page... lets give each other a like! I'll start it off! My band is. The Hillbilly SiNs my band page is www.facebook.com/TheHillbillySiNs...
  3. Off-topic / Miscellaneous
    It was at the Somerset KY Battle of the Bands, probably around 2007, and midset, the bassist for a rather overweight band jumped into the air with the intent of landing in his power stance. Upon hitting the ground, he tore his ACL and was down for the rest of the set. He did finish the set on...
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    So for christmas I got a RG7321, and i;ve been playing around with it for a while now. But i'm getting bored with playing the same 2 songs i know on a 7 sring, so i'm reaching out to you guys for help. I need some good 7 string songs, regardless of difficulty and tuning.
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    Or not so new but at least you think people should know about them ;) Solstice Coil (Israel) TesseracT (UK)
  6. Polls
    I looked and i didn't find a poll like this one. There's many bands that have been through the test of time, but some more or less than others. Which bands do you think should call it a wrap and just accept their role in history? Comment below and back your opinion up!
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    Hey guys well as we all know 2010 is coming to an end soon.I searched and didn't see a thread like this so my questions is, Who made your favorite album this year?You can make a top five top ten anything you want.Looking forward to hearing what everyone thought of the music that came out this...
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    Whilst browsing the adverts on jemsite i noticed a bass for sale, not unusual you say. However i did notice that this Bass however was i a particular DVD that i own "Onslaught live Polish Assault" and the user name was such that it could only be one man. Jeff Williams of UK Thash metal legends...
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    hi all wondered what song or tune artist whateve first inspired you to play guitar i had a lot of musical input but the one track made me wanna play was money for nothing what a riff. www.myspace.com/robhayesrockguitar :wink:
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    Does anybody know any good local bands playing this weekend around Denver?
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    Hi, i have a band in costa rica wich name is axioma i would like you to listen to it a give your opinion, maybe a record deal, you know that kind of stuff myspace.com/axiomacr[/url]
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    My search returned no results so.......Whats you favorite bands???
  13. Players, Bands, Sounds, Tours, Lessons & Theory!
    hey guys, my names connor and im 16 years old and im in a band called Arcane Haven. www.myspace.com/arcanehaven check us out and tell me what you think. thanks
1-13 of 13 Results