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  1. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    For sale is the last of the twins. It's a neck-thru Ibanez prestige RG220A Ash body, the stock pickups were removed and all black Dimarzio crunch lab and liquifire pickups were installed. Sounds great! Sustain forever on this thing. This ad is for the player, the mint one is gone. I'll get...
  2. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    I own two of these, this one for sale is close to mint, 9.5 out of 10 condition. I'll get pics taken of this beauty and posted in the thread sometime today or when time permits. Comes with original Team J.Craft hardshell case. These were a limited edition and only 250 were made. Asking $1100...
  3. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    Previous deal fell thru, so Im relisting. Im not going to list all the specs and stuff. The thread I had before had all the info. Asking $500 Paypal'd and shipped PM or email at [email protected] http://i1000.photobucket.com/albums/af123/loudblackguitars/a88d8a8c.jpg...
  4. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    Got a 2006 RGT220 BBQ, made for the 2006 Winter NAMM show, limited number made. Typical RG Prestige specs. Currently loaded with EMG 81/60 Solderless combo. Condition wise its 8/10, as the satin dents/dings easily and theres a spot worn where my pinky sits near the bridge pickup. Frets are in...
  5. Off Topic Lounge
    Best BBQ Sauce I just tried Blue Front sauce and really like it. Do you bbq masters have any other favorites to recommend?
  6. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    Up for sale is my 2006 Prestige RG20061 Rotisserie Limited Edition guitar! This is a neck through RG that has been stained to look like it was burned, if that makes any sense ;p Here is a snippet from Rich's site where he explains it better than I, "RG20061 - This is an RGT220A that has been...
  7. Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear
    Hey guys I'm looking for a new bridge pickup for my LP. I want one of these two models: DOUBLE BLACK or ZEBRA Rio Grande BBQ w/ 4-conductor wiring or DOUBLE BLACK or ZEBRA (Vintage Glossy Bobbins) Dimarzio 36th Anniversary PAF Bridge DP223 w/ 4-conductor wiring Pickups and pedals I have...
1-7 of 7 Results