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    Well, it was once a Japanese made PS-4 from 90s. But i've swapped its pickups, electronics, knobs, tremolo, finish and finally the neck. Now all i need is a wig :) 004 by Baris Sahin, on Flickr 002 by Baris Sahin, on Flickr 001 by Baris Sahin, on Flickr 003 by Baris Sahin, on Flickr
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    I bought this guitar brand new for $1200. They stopped making the DK2M because they were taking away from the sales of Jackson's higher end models. This guitar is in great shape as it was played about a total of 2 hours. The "Blue Bengal" paint scheme was a limited run, so you rarely ever see...
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    Gorgeous guitar, perfect in every way. Just bought it but it really doesn't suit my kid's style - not enough like a JEM or a MM Petrucci for his tastes. Was purchased in late November, was only played to check it out. Everything works perfectly and there is not a mark or blemish on it, strings...
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    Brand new (leftover '08 model) USA Made Jackson RR1 with molded Jackson case. Hangtag, tools, owners manual/warranty, tremolo arm included. Absolutely mint and not a single flaw. $1700.00 paypal (gift/personal option) INCLUDING insured shipping to your door ConUS. No trades please.
1-4 of 4 Results