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    Looking for one for the Bridge of a '91 RG770DX RR. If anyone has a fully functional one with which they would part, pls PM. Thanks.
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    Hey guys! hope you're doing fine :) so, maybe tomorrow I'll be a member of the RG family. I'm going to see a RG750, White, 1991 with hardcase. The guitar is original, except for the pickups which has been upgraded to Paf Pro and Tone zone. The seller claims that the bridge is a Lo Pro Edge, but...
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    Hi guys, wondering if you might be able to help me suss out a price for my Ballback. Got it right from the guys in prototype at the Hoshino Factory in Bensalem, PA way back in the day. I rocked it all through the late 80's/early 90's and as of late, it's been in the corner reminding me of the...
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    Very weird, looks to be a 750 in Five Alarm from Bensalem. Just went up on the Bay
1-4 of 5 Results