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black pickguard
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    Hi everyone. I just won an auction on ebay and am the proud owner of an rg550. It is either coral mist or heather pearl Im not sure. Made in 87 in the Fujigen factory according to the serial number. It has a black headstock with black pickguard. I can't wait to get it in the mail! My main guitar...
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    http://s401.photobucket.com/albums/pp99/shockwave1192/ (pics 80 photos).. got a little camera happy. :-P Hey every one I moded my jem 77vbk, took off the mirror pickguard, took out the pickups. Replaced with a Black/white/black pickguard loaded with A Mo joe in bridge and a Paf joe in neck...
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    Recently added an Ibanez 580B Ballback to my collection. It's in very good condition and sounds very deep and warm. Cleaned this puppy up, and all left to do is change the strings and remove the piece of wood that locks the trem (previous owner installed this). Here are some pics:
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    hey all, here's pics of my jem7vwh smashed up after my wife and i broke up. Looking at ordering a new body off ****, as the neck amazingly is still in good condition, also pickups and edge are fine. She smacked it of a concrete patio 3 times. It only came apart with the third strike.
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    Selling off my Music Man SUB 1 guitar with a new music man fitted case. The guitar is in great condition with only 2 small cosmetic issues on the guitar. There is a small chip on the top of the headstock and part of the sub 1 logo has been sanded off. so instead of saying sub 1 on the headstock...
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    I managed to pick this lot up at the weekend from our favourite site. Needs rewiring, setting up and I have a set of evos which are going in. It came with the DY neck neck on, but I think I'm going to leave the jem neck on it ;)
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    Just found this on a Brazilian popular auction site... Roughly translated, that's what the guy wrote: WTF ??? 8O
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    Does anyone have any idea where I could get either a clear or black pickguard for an RG760 (H-S-S)? I don't need to pay 75$ for some fancy-schmancy custom job; just a plain, ordinary pickguard will do. :p Thanks in advance!
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    hey, the title says it all. i have been on the hunt for the sweet 7 string green dot inlayed black on black pickguard universe. if anyone sees one around, or has please let me know!! it would be greatly appreciated. sorry if i posted in the wrong section, this is my first time on this...
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    Body by Chris Woods Paint by Patrick Sims The rest by Ibanez Special thanks to Rich for getting me the correct pick guard. Sorry, I am not a photographer.
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    So what do you think guys (Rich please chime in!) is this a real BFP??? :confused: 290225329562 it has a black pickguard, and seems to be front routed...?!? So what is your take???
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    i bid on a black pickguard on evilbay and i should have won but the auction has ended and there is no sign of it. shouldn't a message come up saying whether i won or not.
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    Hey Jemsite! Well earlier this year i scored myself a very nice gibson studio with flame top for slightly over 1k CAD. It was a very nice axe, but i decided to put her up for sale, but i asked a lot for her that way it would discourage low ballers and find me some great serious offers...
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    I'm calling this project "PMC-inspired" since I know it won't be right, I just enjoy the look of those guitars and figure I might as well enjoy what I got... So here is my 91 Jem777SK "collection of parts". I got it in boxes and in a horribly-repainted state. Some people did not like the...
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    My guitars. (More pictures) :) More pics (with strings on the new cripple): http://www.jemsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=75376
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    I am nearing the completion of my custom Ibanez guitar and need a black pickguard preferably 3ply but I need to find one that is in good condition or new in the U.K. Can any one suggest a supplier that can sell me one for about £10...................
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    Hi Folks, I arrived at the concert (March 16th) at 8:25pm, about 5 minutes before Maiden went on, so I missed the opener. I'll put this in point form since I'm feeling lazy now: Attendance - well, I don't know the sheer numbers, but the general floor admission was about %50 full, and the...
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    So, I started thinking that maybe doing a swirl on my own, ain't the best idea after all. Thought about a solid colour RG/JEM. My dreamguitar is a JEM777VBK and so I started making new colours one with Virtual JEM. Here's what I've now...
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    As new RG350dx (I think) body in white, spectacular condition with rear cavity cover - still has film on it. AANJ - have fitted a prestige neck to this body to check. Factory wired, ready to drop in pups - (still has switch, earth wire, jack socket, jack plate, tone and volume. Black chrome...
1-20 of 315 Results