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  1. Pickups & wiring
    I'm picking my first set of DiMarzio pickups, and have decided to go with the Super Distortion, but I don't know what neck pickup to choose. I was thinking of getting the D Activator Neck, but I've heard they're thin and boring high-output pickups. I have maple body and neck, with an ebony...
  2. All Other Guitars (including Prestige)
    I'm sure there are many different brands and models. I know of most of the Ibanez, Charvel, Peavey, Kramer, Carvin, BC Rich and other brands. What I'm looking for right now is something very 80's in looks, preferably of good quality. A few examples...
  3. Pickups & wiring
    I just got a great new (to me) 1998 RG550 from a fellow Jemsiter. I installed a Breed in the bridge thinking it would be perfect because of the warmth it (the Breed) dispayed in my Rosewood fretboarded RG370DX. The 550 is still too bright for my tastes, probably not used to the maple board...
1-3 of 3 Results