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bruce dickinson
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    Hey, this is my first real Youtube video where I'm not simply noodling, can you guys critic it for me so I can get a better idea of what everyone out there is looking for in terms of tone, style, technique...because to me it all seems decent, I just want to open my mind to what everyone else is...
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    This guy was awesome. Basically Scuzz TV in the UK used to have a mascot of sorts called MulletMan. Really creepy brummy guy but very funny at times. Saddest part of all, is that there WAS guys out there that are like this (still is!) He had a side-kick called 'Lucky Larry' but he wasn't as...
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    I just got my gold ticket for the Sydney show for $150 aud. I've been waiting to see them since about 1985, so I'm super stoked :) Anyone else going to see them in Australia? Rock on!
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    http://shop.vans.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product2_10001_12601_10101_363001_-1 Iron maiden can't be fought but Iron Maiden can be bought.
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    Check out Outworld's latest video: http://www.outworldband.com/musicvideo.htm The new singer is unbelievable. You can hear the Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson influence clearly, but his style is still original. As for Rusty, no intro or comment necessary. The guy's iconic. I just bought the...
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    I was just on Ibanez website and watched a video of Herman Li lead guitarist for Dragonforce and he uses a Ibanez prestige S series thought you guys might dig them!http://www.dragonforce.com/main.html
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    Do Americans have accents? Or do you have accents? Do you think we sound funny? To us of course, british accents are adorable, and we mock you all the time. If I hear a girl talking with a british accent, I always imagine a really hot girl talking. Like Elizabeth Hurley or Kiera Knightley. It...
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    Newest album was leaked onto the internet today. If you know how to get these things, this is a heads up for you. Not telling how to get it.
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    From IronMaiden.com http://www.ironmaiden.com/homepage.php?section=0&subsection=0 Im quite excited to say the least :). Who else is looking forward to this?
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    I'll be there Hallam FM Arena, Sheffield, Mon 18 Dec 2006. Saw them last uear actually at Earls Court, ****ing umbeleivable! Their support act is Trivium who will be interesting to see what all the hype is about too :) Anyone else going? UP THE IRONS !!!
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    Hey Just got the mix back of me and my friends latest song "Ark of Boyd" What do you think? www.planetcarl.com/music/ark.mp3 cheers
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    Ok guys, if you could have a night out on town with anyone of your choice, where would it be and who with? Here's mine, London (which I already go to) but the guys I would be drinking with are, Bruce Dickinson (even all the Iron Maiden guys if they can make it), Eddie Van Halen, Joe Satriani...
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    Went to the Tommy Vance tribute concert with Judas Preist headlining last night at the Royal Albert hall. It was amazing! Great line up with Boned, Ian Gillan and friends, Scorpions and of course Judas Priest! Even Bruce Dickinson came on stage to say a few words in tribue of Tommy Vance with...
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    should i get an rg 1570 or 1527 is my first question and my second question is should i get a guitar or a car first...i'm about to turnj 17
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    http://www.5ball.de/swf/fun/ and also don't like techno music :)
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    Just read what these Ozbourne creeps tried to do to Maiden at Ozzfest. What a bunch of lousy bastards. But Maiden stood tall. Respect. Up the Irons
  17. Ibanez JEM, UV, JS & Other Signature Models
    Sorry if this has been done before but I'm having a huge dilemma trying to decide between these two models as my new axe. I know technical features-wise, there aren't a lot of differences, except for the pick-ups and body material. The JEM7VWH costs $2000 and the RG2750 costs $1000. Is it...
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    http://www.cnn.com/2005/SHOWBIZ/Music/08/24/music.ozzfest.reut/index.html WTF is going on here? Why does everything always have to turn into a damn soap opera?
1-20 of 26 Results