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burnt transparent blue

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    Hi, I'm gonna buy a JS100 soon, and other than upgrading the electronics, I was thinking about possibly swapping out the Edge Pro 2 bridge for an Edge Pro, or somwthing better, because my friend says Edge Pro 2's are not good. The whole Edge bridge business is new territory for me. Would an...
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    Hi, I am selling my JS1000BTB (Burnt transparent Blue). She is in perfect condition... I take care of my baby's. Has had a proffessional fretlevel from a luthier. Plays smooth. And with low action. Shipping with UPS is an option, if you pay for it that is ;) Price 900 EURO (950 euro if you...
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    Hello all & welcome. Any new, regular or returning member can feel free to introduce themselves here :) .. glen related threads: * Jemsite Users Nicknames (usernames) - just curious.. * New members: Locations please!
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    Hope someone can help. I did the classic trip over the lead and knock my beautiful new JS1000 in Burnt Transparent Blue over, resulting in 3 marks on the side of the guitar about 4mms each. Can anyone direct me to someone who might be able to repair it (in the UK). I'm concerned that the...
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    Wow. I guess it's kind of like a JS-1000 "Lite". The neck is slim and fast. The frets are medium sized and clean. It lacks the original FRED in the bridge (it has a Seymour D.), but is otherwise darn near perfect for a 12+ year old players' guitar. Seems like there be a lot of JS-100...
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    hi i was just wondering waht you guys think of my sites js section http://www.geocities.com/big_dark_room/guitars ignore speling mistakes that is all being taken care of. i just wanted some imput also if i have used any1s pics and they dont want me to please let me know.
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    Searched the forum for this, but it didn't turn up anything. Anyway, I am looking to buy either a new or used JS1000BP soon and have noticed a big difference between a 98, 99, 00, 01 & 02 models, but have yet to see any difference in bodies, necks, pickups or etc. From what I can tell, these...
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    Hi everyone! Finally I can afford my DREAM GUITAR---JS 1000 burnt transparent blue. However, I saw RGT3120 trans. violet just as good, if not, BETTER! I only can afford one of them(barely), can you guys help me out on choosing between these two? The specs, the playability, the tone, the...
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    A good friend of mine said I should see if someone would trade me one of the JS1000 BTBs for a couple of my guitars (Strat and Jem).  What do you guys think of the Burnt Transparent Blues?  I just thought I'd ask your opinion before I go selling my guitars or trading them for that matter.  I had...
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    Any picutres much appreciated
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    Choose which JS finish you prefer.  It's as easy as that.  I think I already know what the main response will be.
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    I have read MANY times here that Jem owners would say that a 555 is not a real Jem.  My friend owns one and people tell him sometimes "Sell it, and get a real Jem" or something similar to that I suppose.  Would you people say the same about a JS 100?  Saying that the 100 is not a real JS?  Or is...
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    My new JS 1000 has finally arrived, 2 months after the expected delivery date.  I can honestly say that this is the nicest guitar I have every played.  I love the neck, and the finish is just beautiful.  It's a BP.  I named it Celeste in honour of my grandmother who is in the hospital right now...
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    Ok~ On the american Ibanez site the JS1000 comes in white and black pearl. On the japanese Ibanez site the JS1000 comes in Transparent Burnt Blue which I really like. So, is the JS1000TBB purchasable in america?  Can it be shipped to USA or somethin?  
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    I have a few questions about the JS series guitars. First off- What would be the prices in US$ for these JS guitars? Crystal Planet Chromeboy JS1000 BTB Also, on the american Ibanez site ( www.ibanez.com ) the JS1000 only comes in Black Pearl and White, however on the japanese site (...
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    I notice that 92 JS1 Red and White are the only JS models with matching color headstock.  Am I right? Those seem to be hard to find these days.
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    Hey! What's the difference between theese two guitars? Are there any tech difference? Finish- difference? What is it? Can't find a reasonable answer anywhere, so you guys (girls?)  (mostly Rich i guess)  are my last hope...lol