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    So folks, its just struck me after posting in the what happens after you die thread that i have a job where by its varied and i'll see things that quite alot of people most won't during their lifetime including the things that are sometimes classed as taboo. I'm a multi-skilled service engineer...
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    Hey guys, My goal is to get a job in corporate finance or funds management. I'm studying a bachelor's degree in commerce and was thinking of majoring in finance and economics. I really enjoy learning about both finance and economics. After doing some research it became apparent that it might be...
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    you started playing guitar . I've played in some cover bands as dio,whitesnake,bon jovi,europe and journey. Today I'm playing only in dream theater cover and working on my instrumental album wich will be released next year. Music brought me some really amazing friends.Music brought me brothers...
1-3 of 3 Results