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    As the 'endorsements' thread had a few car mentions, I thought I'd start a new conversation about them. I've been a lucky boy, and had some interesting cars through my life. My top three have been: Renault Clio V6 This car I really regret selling. It was an utter hoot to drive, a real joy...
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    Howdy all, I joined the forum a short while ago and have just been reading threads for the most part, I saw that I need to post here before posting anywhere else (was attempting to contribute to an OT question regarding PC problems). Anywho, I'll try to contribute/participate when I can :) I...
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    well guys just sold my mercedes 2003 sl55 AMG, to buy my wife a new SUV due to a new born baby, i'll miss that car owend it for the last 5 years.
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    Curious to know what sort of car you guys drove when you first got your licence!! Heres my very 1st car .... An 1972 Holden HQ GTS coupe with a boat ancor 253ci V8 :)
1-4 of 4 Results