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    Up for grabs is my Carvin V3 100W head in excellent condition. This is a killer amp priced to sell. The V3 features 3 channels with independent EQ, each with 3 modes and an EQ expander. It also has a solo boost and 2 independent effects loops (1 serial and 1 parallel). The power section also has...
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    And kills it! This is arguably the most flexible and extras loaded lunchbox out there. It has nearly everything the full size V3 has at half the size and power. Carvin
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    Hello. I know I asked this question before but i'm seriously torn between the two decisions. Especially since now, the V3 is $1300 and the Legacy is $1450, both for half stacks. Wut i'm wondering is, is the Legacy's tone worth that much more than the V3's versatility? ALthough i do know that...
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    Hello! I am currently in the decision between going for a Legacy 1 or V3. ALthought I know that the v3 is very versatile, I'm a big Steve Vai fan, and although i'm not striving to imitate his sound entirely, but it has that nice lead sound so i'm trying to wiegh between the V3's versatility and...
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    Hi, I just bought a carvin v3 head off this scumbag punk and this thing is turning out to be a complete nightmare for me. After reading all the great reviews on harmony central and around the web, my curiousity got the best of me and I gave in, $600 later and a massive headache, I completley...
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    So I just got my custom Carvin V3 head in jungle red with the diamond plate grille but I found out from the invoice that the 412 cab with vintage 30s is out of stock. :( What I'm wondering is this. I don't have another cab, but I have my Peavey Bandit 112. Is there any way I can rig the V3 head...
1-6 of 6 Results